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21 best Yuri manga: Much More Than Pure Romance

Don’t be troubled trying to understand what yuri means; let me tell you what it means. Yuri manga and anime refer to the stories of female-to-female love relationships.

In simple terms, this just means lesbian relationships. These manga and anime are more favorable to the LGBTQ community.

In most of these Yuri manga and anime, the main characters are lesbians and are also after females despite them being females. These anime and manga consist of all relationships, both sexual and non-sexual, between women.

Some audiences find this manga and anime odd and weird, but trust me, this is where you get top-notch romance. These anime and manga contain the most romantic moments, as the characters are sweet and cute. Let’s dive into today’s list without wasting much of your time.

1. Roi Heya No Futari

Roi Heya No Futari

Romance at school still stands to be the best romance ever. What do you think, am I right? This manga revolves around the love story of the two girls, Resine de Poisson and Simone D’Arc.

What else do you expect when the two were roommates, despite their different personalities, as one was shy and the other was wild? It has qualified to be in the first position on my list because of its uniqueness.

However, there was a problem when these two lovers’ colleagues started spreading news of their relationship. Do you think these two will be shaken and think of something else? Your opinions and thoughts matter; don’t forget to hit the comment button.

2. Nazuki No Miko

Nazuki No Miko

Kaishaku’s Kannazuki no Miko takes the trophy when discussing complex yuri manga. This Yuri manga consists of magic, robots, and the traditions of Japan.

It is complex, and others fail to understand the whole story, which is why I love it. Two priestesses of different virtues are reborn as high school students where they fell in love.

The two once fought with eight villains, and their energy remains unmatched. At some point, I feel like they got their energy from their relationship because these two were so romantic.

3. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick

This is one of the best and most decent Yuri manga stories. It is also one of the most simple manga stories, without any complications, and easy to follow.

Despite its decency and not having sexually tempting scenes, what else do you expect when two people are in love? There are a lot of kissing scenes in this manga. Takayama Haruka and Sonoda Yuu are so much in love, and their relationship is one of a kind.

4. Beauty and the Beast GirlBeauty and the Beast Girl

It is so unfortunate that the main character of this manga, Lily, is blind, but despite her blindness, she is in love. Heath is a monster that lives in the forest, wishing to be friends with humans but scared that she will terrify them.

Don’t ask me how she looked when I said she was a monster; what else do you expect? Have you ever heard of a cute monster? No, so it’s clear that her appearance was scary.

This manga is short and morally decent; it will leave you wanting more. Grab your copy today as soon as possible and enjoy.

5. Hello, Melancholic

Hello, Melancholic

The way Hibiki notices Minato Asano and wants her to join the school band is so sweet, and it is somehow a romantic gesture. Despite Asano being Hibiki’s junior, she made feel good and gave her the care and love she deserved.

I love the way this manga was written without seeing women in sexual terms or making them sexually exciting. This manga will become your favorite due to its amusing and exciting nature.

Most of the characters in this manga are well-portrayed, and I bet you will fall in love with them.

6. Chiho Saito

Chiho Saito

This is one of the series with an outstanding women-to-women love relationship. Utena Tenjou is a tomboy; you can never know she is a girl until you are told.

I love how this girl is portrayed to be characterized with all princely traits despite being a woman. She was just a carbon copy of the prince. Even the way she knew how to play with a sword was exceptional. It is also one of those manga with happy endings as she finally got the hand of the Rose Bride.

7. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo - Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

This show comprises only a story’s basic or essential elements, but it is the best with girls’ love stories. Sawaguchi Mai and Kawamura Reo are two girls in a relationship and a power couple.

These two love stories started with confession and into a real love relationship. The show consists of some sexually-provoking and tempting scenes.

However, the scenes are kind of decent, and they are not as revealing as other hentai genres. This one is a must-watch for those who watch shows like Sakura Trick. The love-making scenes in this show will leave you content as they are so romantic and satisfying.

8. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

Are you looking for the best anime for our LGBTQ community? Well, this one will not disappoint. There is also something about You; she was emotionally attached to Touko.

This anime is based on a love story of two girls, Touko Nanami and Yuu Koito. It also contains a few clips that are sexually arousing and tempting.

Bloom Into You is a relatable series as it starts with Yuu Koito failing to understand the concept of love and how it goes. It is amazing how she found out that Touko also feels the same way for her, and Touko confessed her love for You.

9. Yurikuma Arashi (Yuri Kuma Arashi)

Yurikuma Arashi (Yuri Kuma Arashi)

In this anime, at first, humans and bears live in the same world, and everything is okay until they separate. The problem started when bears became so hungry for human meat, and this could result in the reduction of humanity.

The crash between the earth and the meteor resulted in the division between the two worlds. There was a clear distinction between the two worlds: a wall created during the crash.

A girl by the name of Kureha hates bears so much since a savage bear killed her mother. The anime is full of emotional moments as Kureha meets a girl who is tender. Sumika is beyond being kind and ready to go miles for Kureha.

10. Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl

Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl

This anime revolves around two girls, Oouguma Satomi and Mizuki Kanda. These two were grown-ups in physics, and even their thinking capacity was on another level.

Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl is an anime developed from failure to understand disagreements and quarrels. It’s fun how Oouguma fell for Mizuki, thinking he was a boy, only to discover he was also a girl. Are you seeking a Yuri manga with comedy, sweetness, and drama? Well, this one will not disappoint, trust me.

11. Hello!! KINMOZA (Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic)

Hello!! KINMOZA (Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic)

Most of the relationships ladies are jealous of now imagine a relationship between two females. This anime is full of comedy that will keep you hooked and laugh throughout the show.

Jealousy can ruin good things and cause some damage and misunderstandings in relationships. The story behind this anime is a great one with a real slice of life, which makes it relatable and easy to understand.

There are five girls whose lives are the major concern of this story. These girls returned from the previous season, and they are cute. Their actions and everything about them are also pretty cool because of their appearance.

These girls are high school students getting into different relationships and misunderstandings. Are you looking for a high school Yuri anime that is not complicated? Well, grab your copy and relax.

12. Adachi To Shimamura

Adachi To Shimamura

Have you ever been in a situation where you fall for someone and they nearly break your heart? It won’t be like they don’t love you, but by then, they will not have realized that you are both in love.

Well, that was the situation that Adachi was in since Shimamura took a long time to fall for her. The love between the two girls is strong to the extent that they even bunked classes together to be together. It is amazing how the two started as friends and later became lovers, sharing great moments.

13. Whispered Words (Sasameki Koto)

Whispered Words (Sasameki Koto)

This anime has a nice flow, and it is not complex as it starts slowly, which will give light laughs and increase as it continues. Sadly, you love someone, but they love someone else and just consider you a friend.

Nothing hurts so much like being someone’s crush who is with someone else, and when they are hurt, they come to you for comfort.

Ushio was Sumika’s classmate and also was after girls, but she wanted cute and good-looking girls. That was the problem for Sumika since she was practicing karate, and it’s not cute for a female to practice karate.

For Sumika not to lose Ushio, she just had to be there and stick around as a friend since Ushio wasn’t falling for her. The drama unfolds when both join the same lesbian club and have better expectations.

Despite being both in the same lesbian club, Ushio was looking for someone else, while Sumika wanted to get Ushio. It is sad how Sumika’s efforts go in vain, as Ushio seems not to see that she likes her. This anime show also consists of comedy capable of giving you great laughter.

14. Futaribeya


This is one of the manga genres featuring appealing young women in fun everyday situations. It consists of girls doing great, cute stuff and feeling the excitement and mystery associated with love.

This manga will not give you room to think a lot, but it will help you relax your mind as you read. The two main characters are roommates and have opposite personalities.

These two share romantic moments, and the atmosphere is full of passion for each other. At first, it all started as a friendship, but I know you want to know more; grab your copy and have fun.

15. Love Death.

Love Death

The love that grows from friendship is super strong, unbreakable, and unstoppable. Two young girls in this manga are friends, and as time passes, they fall in love.

The two girls are so much in love that their desires are too extreme. Despite its ridiculous premises, this series contains hilarious moments to make your day. What do you think about these two girls’ relationship? Don’t forget to share your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.

16. Gokujou Drops

Gokujou Drops

Because of this manga, I realized that being predictable can not stop it from being amazing. Maezono Komari wants a place at a dormitory for girls only, but to get it, she has to serve Himemiya Yukio.

At first, it is a master and servant relationship, till it turns into something else. This manga is full of sexual impropriety moments as well as some kind of dirty jokes related to sex. Maezono Komari’s relationship with the rich girl Himemiya Yukio turns out to be one of the super romantic relationships.

17. Maria-Sama Ga Miteru

Maria-Sama Ga Miteru

Some certain rules and concepts are passed on from the elder sisters to their young sisters in this anime. The setting of this anime is at an all-girls institute named Lillian Girls Academy.

Despite being a first-year student at this institute, Yumi Fukuzuwa loves Sachiko Ogasawara. It all started as a crush and became a deep romantic love story between the two. It also consists of a little bit of comedy. The setting of this snk6is so lit and gives the audience satisfying scenery.

18. Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood

Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood

This manga is developed from a good story that brings out Sophia and Akari Amano. It is a romantic one. Despite Sophia being three hundred and sixty years old, she is cute and soft.

Even though she is a vampire, she doesn’t look like a monster and is tender-hearted. These two, Akari and Sophia, live together and share an awesome friendship full of love. This manga is also the best picky for those fond of relaxing stories. Grab your copy and enjoy the relaxing and satisfying story.

19. Simoun


My first time watching this, I was out of words, seeing everyone born with the same gender. In this drama, everyone is born female, and they will decide the gender they want at seventeen.

It’s not like when everyone reaches the age of seventeen, they will have decided whether to be female or male. This is a military anime where if one has not decided which gender to take, they must be pilots in certain flying ships. Aaeru is made a pilot after the enemy has taken down their squadron.

There is also another woman who has just lost her partner. This woman’s name is Neviril, and Aaeru is after that lady and wants to win her over.

The anime is full of emotions that will make you hold your breath momentarily. This drama is amazing, especially from the moment Aaeru and Neviril became popular.

20. Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana)

Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana)

This is one of the happiest yuri anime as the two old friends reunite and have to carry on with where they ended up. It is something like a continuation of a friendship full of romance that was unfinished business.

Fumi Manjoume is an introvert and a very smart girl when it comes to studies. This girl reunites with her long-time friend Akira Okudaira, who attended a Girls’ High school.

The name of her friend is Akira. The two resumed from where they had left from since their childhood. This anime portrays the reality of the lesbian community and the various stages of growing up.

It also deals with the rejection of lesbians at some point and the reason why they are rejected. Have you ever felt that you are the only one putting effort into a relationship to work?

It is also part and parcel of this yuri until the two main characters meet and decide to make it work between them. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

21. El Cazador De La Bruja

El Cazador De La Bruja

Unfortunately, the character whose life is the major concern of the anime is suffering from memory loss. However, that is what the whole anime is about since she is on a mission to discover what happened to her.

Elis also has a helping hand from Nadie, who is a skilled shooter and well-equipped with the knowledge of guns. Eli is also full of abilities, which include the ability to raise objects and cause them to float in the air, etc.

The two girls are bonding so well; their relationship is something else you could have never imagined. Are you looking for an anime romantic series spiced up with some action? Well, this is the best picky for you.


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