Why Didn’t Sukuna Kill Mahito?

Sukuna did not kill Mahito because Sukuna had his own intentions and he found the abilities of Mahito to be useful to serve his own agenda.

Sukuna has always been known for his strategic thinking. He likely saw a lot of value in Mahito’s abilities, which can play a huge part in disrupting the Jujutsu world and creating chaos.

Now, this aligns perfectly with Sukuna’s objectives. Therefore, preserving Mahito’s life allowed Sukuna to further his plans indirectly through him.

The Role of Mahito in Sukuna’s Long-Term Plans

1. Strategic Manipulation: Sukuna values Mahito for his ability to control and corrupt the human soul, which is a very important thing because it is key to creating chaos and weakening the societal structures that the sorcerers in the Jujutsu Kaisen try hard to protect.

2. Recruitment Tool: Mahito’s unique power to transform humans into curses can be used to get new curses or recruit several people who can serve under the Influence of Sukuna. And this army of curses could be very important for Sukuna to create conflict on a large scale.

3. Psychological Warfare: Mahito has a cruel nature, and his tactics of creating fear among human beings serve Sukuna’s interests as he is also in the business of psychological warfare.

Why Did Sukuna Spare Mahito?

1. Utilizing Mahito’s Potential: Sukuna recognizes the strategic value in Mahito’s unique abilities which are important to affect the upheaval of the human world. By being able to keep him alive, Sukuna made sure that his tool remained in play to further destabilize the world of Jiu Jujutsu.

2. Maintaining Influence: Keeping Mahito in play also allowed Sukuna to influence the realm of curses and the overall Jujutsu world. Also, Mahito’s actions continue to spread fear and destruction, similar to Sukuna’s intentions.

How Mahito’s Abilities Complement Sukuna’s Goals

1. Soul Manipulation: Mojito can manipulate souls, which allows him to create more curses from humans, increasing the cursed energy within the environment. This becomes utterly beneficial for Sukuna to use it to his advantage.

2. Creating Discord:  The attacks that Mahito apply normally target humans’ emotional and psychological well-being. This will serve as an important advantage for Sukuna because it will allow him to create unnecessary chaos and weaken the supporting bonds of the Jujutsu Kaisen world.

3. Experimentation and Evolution: Mahito’s soul manipulation techniques lead him to constantly try to push the limits of what curses can do in the world of Jujutsu. And this aligns perfectly with Sukuna’s interest in changing and expanding the curse techniques.

4. Infiltration: Mahito’s ability to corrupt and convert individuals through shadows is very important in Sukuna’s plan because he will need people inside the human organization to disrupt the organization internally. And this is convenient for Mahito as he can easily infiltrate human society.

5. Amplification of Fear:  So, finally, Mahito’s very existence and the fear he puts in signifies the general sense of fear about curses, which can vastly increase the general cursed energy in the environment around him, feeding into Sukuna’s strength and Influence.


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