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Best Anime Cat Girls That Will Make You Say Nya~

“Nya” what do you understand by it? Any guesses? Does it sound like a feline voice, or is it evocative of the tender and demanding nature of girls?

Well, we are just on the right track! The Anime world has these tender characters called “Nekomimi” Girls to adore you with their cuteness and affectionate nature.

“Nya” word is a Japanese transliteration of the Cat sound, or you can say onomatopoeia of it. Most of the bird names are made from their sounds such as Cuckoo name from its sound Cuckoo.

Here, the word “Nya” is made from the Cat sound “Meow” to create an audio-sensory image in the mind of the readers.

Just as the sound suggests, the anime characters exhibit the physical characteristics of feline creatures. They have cat-like ears, tails and facial features to make them appear like a cat.

Apart from the visual effects, the behavioral effect is almost synonymous with feline nature. Most of the Nekomimi characters “meow” like a cat and show tenderness and affection like feline animals.

Besides these characteristics, their magical traits add beauty to their existence. Some of them have magical lives, magnificence like a superhuman, inherent insight, and agility like Cats.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s witness, one by one, the feline characters that rule the hearts of anime lovers.

17. Blair


Blair appears in Soul Eater anime as a supporting character. She has violet hair, amber eyes, cat-like pointed ears and a triangular face. She wears a pointed, crooked black hat, and her attire calls for her witchy character.

She is known for playing pranks and is a highly affectionate nekomimi girl. This is the description of her human form. However, she swiftly turns into her feline form.

Besides these traits, she has superb magical powers such as nine lives, extreme speed, and supernatural abilities.

16. Ibaraki Douji (Onigiri)

Ibaraki Douji (Onigiri)

Imagine a Nekomimi with two red horns on the head, golden and red stranded hair, wearing a red robe and a perfect cat-like face, who looks just like an alien goddess. We are talking about none other than Ibaraki Douji from the Onigiri Online anime series.

She has the charisma to attract any novice viewer. Her looks easily speak for her unique role in the series. She is extremely fond of drinks.

Her liking for drinks has led her to her profession of selling a variety of drinks. Besides selling alcohol, she has an eye for making different liquors using various methods.

Her optimistic nature, daring attitude, and promptness complement her feline look and reserve her space in the Best Anime Cat girls list.

15. Koneko Toujou

Koneko Toujou

Koneko Toujou is a lead character in the anime named High School DxD series. Her facial features talk about her Nekomimi character. Her small triangular face pointed feline ears, and white hair will instantly flicker the cat image in your eyes.

She seems to have a disturbing childhood, and the emotional trauma is truly reflected in her introverted personality. She chooses to keep things to herself.

Despite these controversies, her funny way of talking using the feline sound “Nya” after every sentence adds glitter to her cold personality.

Besides her adorable feline looks, and way of talking, her interest in gathering cat-like stuff makes her character be referred to as Nekomimi girl.

14. Cyan


Cyan is a cute little feline featured in the “Show by Rock” anime series. She appears to be a high school student in the series. She is a shy, soft-spoken and mostly silent girl in the series.

She opts to keep things to herself and resist to fight for herself. Her frightful nature can be correlated to timid cat-like behavior.

Talking about her physical traits, she has short black hair, green eyes, and a short stature with cat-like pointed ears. Her liking for music has paved her way to learn Guitar. She appears to be the lead Guitarist of the band.

Her feline looks definitely speak for her Nekomimi character in the series.

13. Ichigo


Ichigo is a lead character in the Tokyo Mew Mew anime series. The series telecast the five genetically mutated girls with animal DNA to gain superpowers and fight against the invading aliens.

Ichigo is shown as a very affectionate girl with a protective nature. She always thinks about her friends first and is always ready to fight for them.

Her magical form reveals her canine ears and long tail. However, her looks exhibit feline features, and her fidelity and faithfulness toward her friends speak for her canine nature.

Her strong feline features make her a strong character in the Best Anime Cat Girls list.

12. Eris


Eris is a feline character in the manga series named Cat Planet Cuties series. She is a feline originating from Captain Planet. She is an alien who came down to Earth to explore the planet.

The story highlights her love interest for Kiko. Many other Nekomimi girls treasure feelings for him, and this makes the situation a bit complicated for Eris. After she revealed her feelings for Kiko, things turned out to be smoother for her.

Her strong demand for justice, combating skills backed by Catian technologies, and cute feline look make her a strong representative of Nekomimi girls.

11. Millianna


Are you fond of tattoos on your face just like Millianna from the fairy tail manga series? She is a cat girl who can take feline characters to the next level. Her remarkable tattoos on her face and on the back speak for her charming personality.

Just like other anime characters, Milliannna has faced hard times in her childhood. This emotional despair does not hold her back from being a cheerful and vibrant person.

There’s not much to say; her looks definitely make a solid place for her to be in the top Cat Girl anime characters.

10. Nozomi


Nozomi is a lead character in the Love Live anime series.

Think of a stray cat in a bakery shop; does it sound odd to you? Well, only kind-hearted bakers can unveil the courage to take it in a bakery. The Tauzuki Takumi girl from the Love Live series takes Nozomi to her shelter. She runs a bakery with his sister.

Nozomi is an abandoned cat girl, and her past is not known. After Nozomi’s adoption, Takumi is her only hope in life. Like other cats, initial days are filled with struggles for her to adjust in the new surroundings.

Her adorable looks definitely make her place in the Best Cat Girl character.

9. Chaika 


Have you seen a child like a cat girl turning your eyes with dismay? Well, she is not a kid but a full grown adolescent Nekomimi with distinguishing characters. Chaika is a cat girl from the Cat Planet Cuties series. She is an Analysis Squad leader of the Catian crew group.

Her cat-like ears, gray hair, mystical eyes, and pretty looks, followed by her energetic vibes, speak for her feline character in the series.

8. Leone 


Leone is a cat girl from the Akame ga Kill anime series. Her supernatural abilities are a gift from Lionel. Her long ears, yellow hairs, and amber-colored eyes make her a perfect representative of Feline creatures.

Her childhood reflects the struggles of a common girl. Unlike the fortunate ones, she had to take up jobs in her childhood to earn a livelihood. Her initial struggles have made her more affectionate and impartial.

Her looks, combined with her tender nature, adore her place among feline anime lovers.

7. Kuune


Does the name sparkle glitter in your eyes? Kunne from Cat Planet Cuties is a famous Nekomimi who rules the hearts of millions of anime fans.

She is known for her innocent nature and naivety in the series. She trusts her friends blindly and almost believes everything they say. She is quite clumsy in her dressing sense.

She is often found in eccentric attire in the entire series, even in the official meetings. Her silliness makes her character more enjoyable to her fans.

6. Ao Nanami

Ao Nanami

Want to meet a catgirl who has the ability to not only read the mind but also broadcast it to others? She is Ao Nanami from Yozakura Quartet Series. She is a resident of Sakurashinmachi and works at Hiizumi Life Counseling Office. Gin Nanami is her elder sister.

She is a feline girl with short blue hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She is usually found in a black dress. Her cat-like ears resembling antennas make her a Satori of her kind. Her image truly reflects the essence of being a cute cat girl in the anime world.

5. Nuku Nuku

Nuku Nuku

Quite contrary to her origin, she has captured the attention of her viewers. She is a Cat girl featured in the All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl manga series.

Nuku Nuku was created artificially by Kyusaku Natsume, a genius and father of Ryunosuke. Ryunosuke found a stray cat in the city and was on the verge of death.

Looking at her pathetic condition, Kyusaku transplanted the brain of that cat into an android schoolgirl, which he had invented. This is how Nuku Nuku came into being.

Completely aware of her birth, Nuku Nuku considers Kyusaku his father and Ryunosuke as his brother. She is quite possessive when it comes to protecting Ryunosuke and becomes her bodyguard.

She is an intelligent cat girl with feline characteristics to completely secure her place in the Best Anime Cat Girls list.

4. Tsumiki


Long hairs are one of the noticeable beauty traits of girls. And when these hairs are colored purple, it instantly catches viewers eyes. Meet one such cat-girl named Tsumiki from Place to Place manga series.

Don’t confuse her looks for her naiveness, she may prove you wrong with her fatal combating skills. She is found to be a loving and caring person with an affectionate heart in the series. Yet she finds it odd to express her feelings and keeps it to herself.

3. Kiruya


Excitement and fun are ingenious characteristics that attract mankind. Whether we indulge in it or visualize such acts, it has a tendency to make your day!

Meet one such Kiruya cat girl from a manga series capable enough to release dopamine from your brain.

You will always find her sneaking into the room or busy finding something. Her funny ways, wiggly tail, and frank nature make her every act adorable.

2. Yoriko


Cat transforming into a girl, it’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Mostly, it happens in fictional life, and the anime world does not fall behind in making an interesting story out of it.

Magic is a compulsive element that brings transformation and imparts beauty and mystical elements to the character.

Here, Yoriko is one such Nekomimi who got converted to a human being after encountering magic. Even though she appears to be human, she closely possesses cat-like features and struggles to give up her feline nature. She is one of the most adorable Cat girls in the anime world.

1. Alicia


Alicia appears in the Sword Art Online anime series. She is the lord of the Cait Sith race. Her bell collar on the neck is a distinguishing attire amongst feline girls. She has golden hair, a brown tail, and cat-like ears to appear like a cat in the series.

Her combating skills are not as good as those of her colleagues in the series. She realizes her love for Kirito. Her feline charm often fails her to win his heart. She appears to be an easy-going and carefree Cat girl in the series.


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