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Best Reincarnation Manga With OP Main Characters

The whole process of reincarnation makes Isekai anime stand out and exceptional. Different characters come back differently after their reincarnation and sometimes with different abilities. It is up to the character to decide how to use their abilities in a good or bad manner.

It is unfortunate that some of them became villains and villainesses after reincarnation. It is common to find a person seeking reincarnation in this manga.

Some characters even hide their abilities and use them behind closed doors. Let’s not waste time, fellas; let’s dive into the list that I came up with today:

20. The Dungeon Master

The Dungeon Master

I have good news for those looking for a reincarnation manhwa with a mixture of fantasy second bonus life. y, here it is. This manhwa is about Oh Juyoon, who got a second bonus life.

Unfortunately, he got reborn in a different world full of aliens that he had to fight. Will he survive the fight? Let me know in the comment section below.

19. Saga Of Tanya: The Evil

Saga Of Tanya_ The Evil

This manga is derived from the course of the First World War. It consists of a girl who is a soldier, and her aim is to get promoted and have a high position.

Despite being strong and capable, she does not expose herself to fighting too much. She impresses just to make herself noticeable and fit for her desired position.

This young soldier desires to retire when promoted and acquire the rank she wants. She avoids engaging in things that leave her life at stake. The most important thing that she prioritizes is her safety.

18. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End

This is the top reincarnation manhwa of all time and has the subject of magic. In this manhwa, King Grey was murdered due to the issues concerning his power.

He was undoubtedly the most powerful among everyone else, which made him superior. He was fortunate to have a nice family and a good life after reincarnation.

17. Again My Life

Again My Life

It is a manga about a man who works for a state or government organization. He was also responsible for starting legal proceedings and then proving in court that the suspect committed the crime he was accused of.

This guy was on a mission to get a cruel and oppressive ruler. Unfortunately, he was killed in the process.

The most interesting part is when he reincarnated and remembered everything; now, he swore to go after his catch. Will he succeed this time around, or will history repeat itself? Don’t let curiosity kill you; get your copy today.

16. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

This manga focuses on a guy by the name of Mikami. He has a job with little or no chance of career development and advancement into a better position.

Mikami got stabbed by an anonymous person, but I feel like it was something good for Mikami’s benefit. I think that way because he was reincarnated as morally repulsive and evil.

15. Mo Dao Zu Shi

Mo Dao Zu Shi

I don’t know how to tell you about this hilarious Chinese manhua; it is exciting. The fact that someone who was a founder of something great like the Demonic Sect is reincarnating in a lunatic body.

Honestly speaking, guys, you might not find this fun, but I start laughing whenever I think of this manhua.

However, the sad part of this manhua is that Mo Dao Zu Shi did not die an ordinary death, but he was back-stabbed. In this manhua, after his rebirth, he is looking for the people behind all that and takes his revenge.

14. Skeleton Knight in Another World

Skeleton Knight in Another World

This show confuses me up to today. How can someone sleep and wake up in a recently played game? I also need some clarity from you guys, so don’t forget to dive into the comment section and explain your point of view.

The manga greatly focuses on Arc, a boy who becomes a powerful gamer after reincarnation. It is something great that he remained low-key with all that he had and was capable of doing. He lived a cool and calm life, almost like he didn’t exist, and kept a very low profile.

13. I Raised An Obsessive Servant

I Raised An Obsessive Servant

Are you looking for a manga with beautiful, cute, amazing girls mixed with handsome, elegant, and hot dudes? If you are looking for one, this manga by the name I Raised An Obsessive Servant is the perfect match for your search.

Only one thing about this girl amazes me: imagine that she doesn’t have any supernatural abilities, but her brain is exceptional.

The first step Yurina took after her reincarnation is bold: imagine being friends with the person who killed you.

I won’t be able to stand their presence, but anyway, at some point, we need to befriend our enemies to get them close. Are you curious to know about what will happen next? Grab your copy and enjoy.

12. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Would you risk your life for something that will work only after you are dead? Anyways, to cut the long story short, that is what Kim Gong-ja is willing to do.

He is a F-rank hunter, but he is one of those who dreams big, so he wants the S-rank. Do you think the rank is worth the price, which is his death? This manga shows how people would sacrifice something that seems a lot in people’s eyes, but it’s worth it to them.

11. Why Would A Villainess Have Virtues?

Why Would A Villainess Have Virtues

This is one of a kind because it includes many genres, including reincarnation, romance, action, and whatnot. This manhwa’s main focus or the subject matter is centered on a girl named Charlotte. This girl’s old life is not pleasing and dull because of a certain emperor who made her life miserable.

I know some of you are now worried about whether she can make it; no worries, fellas, this girl is extraordinary. She is more than strong so that nothing can stand in her way. Charlotte knows how to put a sword on its work, leaving no stone unturned.

10. Let’s Buy The Land And Cultivate It In A Different World

Let's Buy The Land And Cultivate It In A Different World

The person whose life this manga is centered on never amazes me. He willingly and intentionally hid his supernatural abilities from those who sent him.

Why did they summon it? These people wanted to recruit these corporate workers on the battlefield. This worker’s abilities were not combat abilities but very useful.

He possessed abilities that gave him the skills to use any tool for any task, which is amazing. He had to hide his powers from the people who summoned him because he didn’t want to engage in battle.

This worker wants to live peacefully and in a quiet, cool manner. His abilities helped him live the desired life, and everything is flowing well.

9. The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

The fall of a hero, as always, is a shock and, somehow, a surprise. It is fun how one who had planned and prepared to conquer a certain land was forced to flee to Earth. The coming of the Devil on earth and the start of working at a certain food restaurant was not by choice.

Working at a fast food restaurant was the only way to earn a living on Earth. To my surprise, he is so comfortable and content with his new life. Do you think he is really satisfied with his life, or is he planning on something? Don’t forget that this guy is not as he portrays himself.

8. I Failed To Throw Away The Villain 

I Failed To Throw Away The Villain

This manga is somehow sad but very interesting. It consists of a certain girl who is trying so hard to leave a villain by the name of Reinhardt. The only way she could live her life was to abandon Reinhardt. Do you think she can succeed ?

It’s so serious that’s because Reinhardt is so much into her and could do anything possible to keep her. Reinhardt wants this girl so hard, and he is ready to go miles for her, but it is the other way around for the girl.

The girl is also ready to do whatever it takes, in every way possible, to abandon Reinhardt. Will she succeed with her? Will the spirits she summoned help her?

7. Jobless Reincarnation

Jobless Reincarnation

This manga focuses on a guy who is beyond powerful and the heading character. This guy goes by the name Rudeus Greyrat and is reborn in a world full of magic.

He is one of the most talented people when it comes to magic. Rudeus possesses the most powerful magic, leading to his rise to a great position. He ensures he handles his magic accordingly to prevent danger and harm.

6. Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

It is one of those manhwa that are partly sad as Hyuk Woon Seong is betrayed and killed by his clan members. His clanmates also killed Hyuk’s master. The moment Hyuk was reborn, the only thing on his mind was to take revenge for his death and his master’s.

Hyuk Woon Seong was reborn in a different clan but still swore to make those people pay for his death. Are you looking for an amazing manhwa with a mixture of reincarnation and martial arts? Well, Chronicles of Heavenly Demon is the perfect match for you. Don’t waste time. Grab your copy and enjoy.

5. The Precious Sister Of the Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister Of the Villainous Grand Duke

It is one of the most touching and heartwarming isekai manhwa. Imagine what Anisa went through on her quest to save herself from the hand of her villainous stepbrother.

To save herself from the fate of her destiny, she was supposed to befriend her stepbrother. I bet this is a hard task, almost an impossible mission. What do you think?

This girl had to devise a plan to change the flow of the novel so that she could save herself. Anisa was fortunate enough that she had some supernatural powers.

She faced some problems, challenges and difficulties in escaping death. Have you ever heard of supernatural powers which clean devils? Well, those were Anisa’s powers.

4. Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods

This manga revolves around a boy named Nie Li, who is too thirteen years old. Before this boy’s reincarnation, he was killed by a certain Emperor, and all in his mind was to take revenge.

Do you think he will overcome the Emperor? The information and abilities he has from his previous life help him to prepare for the battle. In this manga, the main character is reborn with powers which enable him to win over everything.

3. Deliverance of the Counterattack

Deliverance of the Counterattack

This manhua brings out a complicated and complex story of a boy his boyfriend betrayed. It was not enough. After the boyfriend’s rebirth, he returned as Xu Ci Nian’s little brother.

The moment he learned about it, he started his quest for revenge and vowed to himself that no matter what, he would take his revenge. Do you think he is being heartless, or is it fair enough? Don’t forget to make use of the comment section below.

2. The Eminence In Shadow

The Eminence In Shadow

In this manga, most characters willingly hide their abilities and want to use them behind closed doors. What could be the reason behind this awkwardness and weird behavior? They did some important things at the time, and it remains unknown who did it.

It seems like these characters did not want to draw people’s attention and attract crowds. The main focus of the manga is centered on Cid, who was reborn in a magical world.

It is fun how he continued working behind doors even though he was more powerful. He then had some disciples of himself who followed him.

1. Cling To Me

Cling To Me

This is one of the most interesting and hilarious manhwa, and it’s one of its kind. It focuses and is centered on the leading character, who is a female by the name of Arabella.

Fate has decided Arabella’s death, and she is trying so hard to change. It might sound fun, but it’s really serious; no matter how many times she is reborn, she dies in the hands of the rebels.

Arabella is now trying to find a way to escape her death this time and live longer. Do you think she will succeed with her plan? What plan does she have?

Well, she has found a way of making the rebels like her so that they can spare her life. She is even using her powers to help the rebels so that they can spare her.


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