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13 Best Water Pokemon I Bet You Didn’t Know About

It’s funny how people belittle water and its abilities. I am not talking about drinking water but about water-type Pokemon like my personal favorite, Wailord [ if you say otherwise, you are a moron ]. Water is superior to all other Pokemon like Fire, Rock, and Ground,

which are undoubtedly amazing and popular throughout the game and ruthless battles. Waters’ abilities allow them to withstand steel strikes, making them THE guardians to stand beside when battling against Fairy-type Pokemon.

When you hear the name water, you best believe it’s there to dominate, making it one of the best Pokemon throughout the mainline game. If I were given a chance to be a Pokemon trainer character, Crusher Wake would be my first choice without a second thought.

Without delay, we shall prove why water might be the Pokemon of choice. The ten highly ranked water Pokemon ever brought to battle are listed below, ranked from inferior to superior [I will only include one Pokemon from each evolutionary family ].

1. Milotic


Rated least among the greatest is Milotic, who was sent off to battle by Palmer.

We all know Milotic for its unique appearance, which is the strongest in the Hoenn region. He can learn various moves, including water type and ice type moves, although it tends to center its offensive strength into its special attack as its attack stat places at least on our list.

Given its average attacking stat, Miloc makes up for it by relying on its special attack. Considering attributes like Pokemon’s bulk and defensive stat, we can still consider it a challenge in battle and not to be taken lightly. As it can withstand multiple strikes before passing out, challengers usually take many turns to earn the victory.

Feebas, a Pokemon considered weak and unattractive, later evolved into a Milotic, proving that looks can sometimes be deceiving.

2. Lapras


Ranked 12th is the majestic Lapras. Without wasting time, let’s dive into his qualities.


  • Its shell armor protects it from damage by critical hits
  • Lapra’s water absorption makes it immune to water-type moves
  • Rain dance move activates hydration, restoring health


  • A sheer cold move puts the opponent to sleep with just one hit
  • Singing starter move gives it leverage in battles
  • Perish song, if used properly, benefits Lapras; otherwise, both Pokemon, Lapras, and opponent faint. 
  • It also learns a variety of special moves and STAB [Same Type Attack Bonus]


Mating lapras with stun-fisk results in little Lapras that can master Fissure. Trained and taught sheer cold gives it an additional one-punch KO

It can master dragon-type and psychic moves, sleep talk, and curse (Ghost-type).

Technical Mechanics 

  • it can master thunder and thunderbolts. Lapras with water-absorbing abilities and thunderbolts are unstoppable when fighting against another water-type leader
  • Lapras master moves like ice type is an advantage facing grass types Pokemons
  • special moves like psychic, bulldoze, and Giga impact can be mastered
  • In case your Lapras has hydration, rain dance can be mastered, too
  • A total of 5 hidden machines can be learned for use throughout the game
  • The involvement of a Move tutor in Lapras training further accesses it to more moves: ground, steel, psychic, dragon, water, normal, ice, and bug.


I feel like Lapra shell armor adds a sense of calm strength and unmatched confidence in battle

I bet by now you think Lapras doesn’t deserve 12th ranking, but wait till you hear about

3. Suicune


Coming in 11th on our list, Suicune is one of the few Pokemon that did not evolve but was resurrected by the legendary beast Ho-Oh. Its stats are vast and impressive, helping it withstand challenges.

It’s generally considered bulky and tank-like, structure-wise, stressing its defensive and HP stats. Still, Suicune’s stats can not protect him against heavy blows compared to other tanks.

It’s considered a legend, but by ancient standards, Suicune ratings are not what one would expect. It’s unable to access most of its special water, which moves easily. But still, non-legendary enemies won’t stand a chance.

Did you know that Suicune has the power to purify dirty water?

4. Politoed


Given a king rock to hold and trade, Poliwhirl evolves into a Politoed.

Its stats are generally lower than average water starters, but due to the use of the hidden ability drizzle, its strength is greatly increased. This ability pours rain on the battleground during its battle, and since it is a water Pokemon, its water power moves are enhanced.

Hence, it relies on rain as its original form of offensive stats are not impressive.

Politoeds trainers usually access its dominant moves by Technical Machines [ TM ] and Technical Record [ TR ], although they are few. Because of its defense, special defense, and HP, Politoed can take a number of blows and still be standing. But speed-wise, I am personally disappointed.

5. Blastoise


Also known as Kamex [ only in Japan, though ] is Blastoise. A Pokemon breed in the Nintendo and Game Freaks Pokemon franchise.

Yes, you heard me right. BLASTOISE was the first water tank in Pokemon. Its reputation and legacy still stand in this present day and age. So, pay some respect to its name the next time you mention it. If possible, call it “King Blastoise.” Its stats and great moves really give it the power to destroy anything on its path.

To prove why you should call it “King Blastoise, “the greatest Pokemon trainer, Red, saw its potential and decided to actually own one. Another trainer with it is Gary Oak. Trainers with Blastoise are not here to play games and not to be toyed with. So, bringing an average Pokemon to face it is a waste of time.

Admit it, Blastoise is just amazing and almost flawless, like you have a giant tortoise with Cannons of high pressurized mechanical water placed inside its shell, which seriously bruises enemies while also protecting itself by standing on the other side of a castle wall.

I trained him well and armed him with iron defense, aqua ring, and toxic and rapid spin to witness its peak performance in PvP.

If Blastoise was made a steel type in Gen 2, thinking about it literally blows my brains out. I guess it was really for the best not to do so.

6. Starmie


Starmie the starfish comes in 8th on our list.

It is one of the first generation Pokemon in the Pokemon series.

Despite its long history, most of you might not know this Pokemon as it has always been in the shadows of other greater Pokemon.[ be honest. Did you know Starmie? ]. Well known for its flash-like movements, other stats are lower compared to other Pokemon.

Its low HP really makes it vulnerable to serious attacks; hence, it is its only weakness.

Defensive and attacking-wise, Starmie doesn’t disappoint, as its water/psychic dual type gives it the right weapons to get the job done in battle.

Starmie is available in Pokemon sword & shield included in the isle of Armor expansion, making the rise and stand out among other water Pokemon. Its movements include psychic, hydro pump, and cosmic power. Through TMs, it can learn electric and ice moves, too, improving its flexibility.

7. Omastar


Surprising how many fossil Pokemon from Gen 1 are high up the list [I guess it’s the memes of Omastar and Omanyte racing down a mudslide raising its status among fans ]. Pokemon are obtained as a fossil from Mt. Moon, and players can bring them back to life anytime in the game.

In general, it doesn’t have that special thing that makes it interesting that much. 

Its best-learned moves are a simple selection of moves. Examples are hydro pump, shell smash, and protect

The Pokemon universe has tons of talented female trainers, but these have stood out as its strongest.

Enter “Twitch Plays Pokemon”. During their community and chat-driven game of the original Pokemon games, they chose the Helix fossil. Thus, Lord Helix became a long-standing popular Pokemon meme that continues to this day.

8. Gyarados


Of all the famous Pokemons in the region, Kanto has proved to me that it’s worthy to represent the region. It started off as a Magikarp [and we both know how useless it was]. It later evolves, after level 20, though, into the powerhouse Gyarados.

It has a physical stat as high as 125 and a special defense of 100. Gyarados also has a reasonable HP and physical defense. Yes, these are the only stats that show that it needs to be ruthless on the field.

Just like any water-type Pokemon, its weakness is electric-type moves. Its special attacks include a waterfall and dragon dance, allowing it to endure damage in battle. Its history and evolution really touched me. Like it came from nothing and evolved into something outstanding

9. Palkia


Palkia was introduced in the fourth generation alongside Dialga.

It is counted among the circle of legends, so its powers are obviously superb. Its stat span and water/ dragon dual typing really bring out the best in it. It has the ability to control space, as Dialga, a physical attack-focused Pokemon, allows it to access this special attack if it focuses.

Palkia is both water and dragon type. Therefore, it faces challenges when facing ice-type Pokemons in particular. Although it’s still capable of putting up a good fight, Palkia is armed with a number of nuclear attacks like a hydro pump, spacial rend, and Draco meteor.

It can learn coverage moves like thunder and fire blasts. All of its stats are above 100, besides its HP at 90. Arceus boosts Palkia’s speed to 120

Amazing right?

10. Vaporeon


The very fact that Vaporeon is one step away from the top 3 reveals a lot about it. 

Nicknamed showers in Japan are well known for their very bulky structure and make up for their weaknesses with dig and ice beams. I remember one time, a friend and I challenged each other. He took the level 100 Torterra, and I tried Vaporeon for the very first time.

During the game, he used a Frenzy plant, and I went for the ice beam. After the dust settled, Torterra was down. Imagine. Personally, I am intimidated by its build alone. I wouldn’t be shocked if it chewed you up and spit you out with its 110 special attack stat.

Sometime back, when I used to play the first versions of Fire, water, and Grass, I would always pick Bulbasaur, even if Squirtle was a choice, too. Then, one day, while strolling, I found Eevee capable of evolving into one of three-tier evolutions. I later changed Eevee into Vaporeon after I had deserted Blulbasaur. I don’t regret my decision because Mega Blastoise is extra. 

Like we are talking of Vaporeon here. Where have you seen water Pokemon jet-streaming bubbles? Its HP stat begins at 130, just like Lapras [ you are probably wondering why I rated Lapras so low on my list, right? Remember its four weaknesses, and you will get your answer]. Both their move pools and styles are just appreciated. 

Why would I choose Vaporeon over Lapras?

If it so happens, Lapras faces one or even two of its weaknesses, and its shell armor is done. On the other hand, Vaporeon can easily face electric or grass types with dig and ice beams. If only ground and ice skills were added to vaporous skills.

11. Horsea Line

Horsea Line

Finally, we are down to the top three best water Pokemon.

At 3rd are Kingdra and Horsea Pokemon. Generation 1 is Horsea and Seadra, and Generation 2 is Kingdra. Horsea the Sea House is one of the few underrated water-type Pokemon. It is difficult to really find one as easily as other water types. By trading, it evolves into a Kingdra.

With an even stat line, it utilizes its physical and special attacks, making it challenging to anticipate its moves during battle. If I were to bet on water-type Pokemons, his odds would be unmatched. Don’t be too charmed by the fact that it’s a seahorse because it later becomes a great Dragon-type, swift as the wind with dangerous attacks.

Best learned moves.

Kingdra benefits from its water/dragon typing as it can access powerful moves like dragon pulse attack, status moves, dragon dance, and hydro pump, which is accessed at level 51 in Pokemon sword and shield. Due to this, Kingdra attains an even Stateline as both its speed and attack stats rise. 

Just between you and me, I can openly say I hope to one day find one. 

12. Totodile Line

Totodile Line

I hate crocodiles, but this one is just an adorable tiny fellow

Pokemon Todeline Feraligatr of the second-gen comes.

It has been accessible since the dawn of the game as one of the first Pokemon selections. Totodiles begins simply, but I can’t really describe it as powerful. Now, what is really fascinating is its final evolution, a mighty Feraligatr. 

But before Totodile evolves to its final state, it evolves into a Croconaw at level 18 [ middle evolution ], then finally, at level 30, it into the mighty Feraligatr we all know and love. And of the three starters, it just might be the strongest. It also evolves much quicker than them.

 Best Learned Moves

As we all know, it’s a pure starter Pokemon [ water type only ]. Its set of moves just has a few unexpected elements. For it to learn moves like fighting type move and hydro pump, it has to be at least a level 70 Pokemon, which really requires your patience. Moreover, this doesn’t mean it’s weak. Believe me, I have witnessed its greatness.

In the last main game, Pokemon Ulta Sun & Ultra Moon, Feraligatr is present, and its special attack combo is on another level.

13. Wailord


Fun fact: this is the largest Pokemon I have ever come across in the entire Pokemon game series.

Obviously, I think the largest Pokemon earned the first rank.

Debut: Generation 3

Come on; we are talking about a whale-sized Pokemon weighing 877.4 pounds at 47 ’07”; hence, it’s well known for its enormous eye-catching size.

They move in groups [ pods ] and seek prey as a unit. I can’t imagine seeing a warlord approaching; now imagine a group; that’s like watching infinite enemies approaching. Like, who really has the guts to face a warlord in battle? WHO?

Best learned moves

Its normal-type body size gives it access to many moves, like the flying-type bounce and the steel-type Heavy Slam. After level 49, the warlord unlocks the hydro pump, and at level 54, the Water Sprout.

Heavy slam increases its advantage against its opponents [ which are obviously way smaller than it ]. However, the difference between it and its opponent’s size should be considered. 

For an assured win, the warlord is the go-to Pokemon, although I wouldn’t recommend it against Snorlax.


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