22 Best Anime About Acting For Modelling Enthuciasts In 2024

The two sectors, modeling and fashion, are highly competitive and closely linked. Both are carried out rapidly, and they show rigidity occasionally. They have issues with some features, including a few heterogeneity and size equity can be considered.

Despite the issues that these industries have, models and designers persist in chasing their ambitions.

There are several superb anime films for both character portrayal and promising and experienced players. However, the question is, which of them genuinely deserves your time? This lineup levels the top anime shows that revolve around the theme of the acting field. It consists of both elderly titles and recent ones. 

Skip Beat is one of the most worth mentioning from acting anime themes. It narrates about Kyoko Mogami. She is just 16. She felt heartbreak when her crush let her down. But she was brave enough to turn despair into a driving force. To make him learn the hard way, she grows into the crown idol in Japan ahead of him.

In addition to Skip Beat, we have another splendid anime that revolves around actors and the performance craft: Millennium Actress. This one integrates the olden with the modern ones throughout a career reassessment.

Haven’t you seen your most beloved anime yet? If not, you can include it in the lineup and let the subsequent ones opt for it.

1. Love Stage

Izumi Sena, a college student, naturally belongs to a tribe of glamorous world public figures. He struggles to escape from the pressure of pursuing the same path as his ancestors. Instead, he aspires to evolve into a manga artist.

Despite his hesitancy, Izumi stumbled upon casting the main character in conjunction with a famous personality, Tyoma Ichijo, who was too quick to be obsessed with him. When Izumi steers through the hardships of acting and his freshly developed affection for Ryoma, he reveals his real devotion and personality.

2. Urahara

Unluckily, Urahara stays moderately unnoticed; however, it is a delightful anime to watch for the one searching for a style-centric anime series. It is important to remember that Utahara also serves as a mystical girl series. It is vibrant and cheerful. Urahara plays out in Japani’s fashion hub, Harajuku.

The trior stylish girls Rito, Mari, and Kotoko are getting ready to launch a temporary fashion house and pastry shop called “PARK.” But it didn’t go as they planned. Meanwhile, the appearance of an unusual alien species disrupted it, which began to drain the life vigor from their lively city.

To react to this scenario, the three girls unite with a magical girl to safeguard their treasured Harajuku.

3. Heartcatch Pretty Cure!The Movie: Fashion Show In The Flower Capital … Really?! 

This movie, inspired by a TV show called Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, has a team of powerful female dramatic personae, known as “The Cures,” who safeguard Loup-Garou. Loup-Garou is a guy who ruined Baron Salamander’s intentions of crashing the universe. However, protecting the world from enemies is not their sole job.

They also take part in the modeling and fashion design industries. For their fashion show performance, they are expected to venture to Paris.

Apart from being lovable, enjoyable, and captivating, this movie also displays the odds in its combination of animation flairs. The principal protagonist keeps up with a Kawari artistry trend. While the characters in the rear scene seem authentic, the setting and entities transform from 2D to 3D and vice versa.

4. Uramichi Oniisan

Uramichi Omota was a gymnastics enthusiast before becoming a TV anchor for youngsters. He is a notable person of Uramichi Oniisan. The anime can be called a black comedy. It shows the struggles and anxieties of the characters as they try to maintain composure even if they are dealing with personal difficulties.

Although Uramichi hosts a jovial toddler show, he is confronted with misery and has a negative perspective on life. The broadcast presents the concerns of mental well-being, transitioning to adulthood, and the tension of society’s life that comes with it.

For those who are fans of black comedy and society’s judgment, Uramichi Oniisan is a highly recommended show as it has a unique approach that adds to the entertainment sector.

5. A3! 

Here we have got A3!, which is an awesome anime for acting. This will allow you to get to know the finest dramatic presentations. Mankai Company, as we can guess from the name, is an entirely male theater institution in which artistic individuals are categorized into four teams: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Unfortunately, the company’s manager vanished out of the blue, putting the company on the verge of halting because of unpaid debt. Currently, the manager’s daughter is giving the best shot to bring young male artists on the board to restore the company.

6. Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu

Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu, this anime revolves around the affection between two players, Junta Azumaya and Takato Saijou. Saijou is a renowned artist Azumaya dismissed as the “Most Huggable Man” and somehow a newcomer to the profession.

Nevertheless, they seem like an adversary; as time passes, they start showing affection for one another to the extent they begin to date.

This anime navigates through the tough times of stabilizing the personal attachment with career duties in the ruthless entertainment sector. In addition to that, it also addresses the concerns of one’s self-portrayal, desirability, and security.

Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu is a fabulous choice for those fascinated by mystery or the leisure sector.

7. Smile Down The Runway

To some extent, Smile Down the Runway is a fresh supplement to the lineup of style-rooted anime. When it possesses its softhearted and sentimental instants, the episode looks at the unrevealed existence of the modeling and fashion sectors.

Chiyuki Fujito, who has a good appearance, faith, and a nice fashion taste, represents her father’s modeling company and gives her best shot as a crown model. Despite her good qualities, being a bit short was an obstacle to her dreams coming true. Her height is 158cm, which makes her unqualified for casting.

But with an unexpected buckle of chance, she can make it to the prearranged IKuto Tsumura, whose desire is to be a fashion creator. But, he couldn’t get the capital and favorable time to paint his dreams with color. This is where both of them come to a conclusion in which they start cooperating to delve into the thug universe of fashion.

8. Oshi No Ko

The luminous statue anime gives the crowd an outstanding interpretation of the entertainment sector and is known as Oshi No Ko. It goes along with a physician who dies one evening. He is reborn in another body as Ai’s son, an artist named Aqua.

After leading a satisfying life with Ai and his sibling Ruby, Aqua watched when someone killed Ai. He is convinced that his father could take accountability for his and Ai’s death. And Aqua swears to make him answer for his careless actions.

Apart from its existence as a statue-focused anime, Oshi No Ko provides the audience with the lives of actors, Youtubers, and directors. Instead of Solney focusing on the main characters, the story also gives attention to developing and adding depth to the characters that are not the main focus.

To mention some, Kana and Akane’s characters are treated with the same intensity as the play’s central personalities, which provides the audience with a clear perception of the highs and lows of their professional journey.

In addition to breathtaking visuals, astonishing melodies, and sentimental keynotes, Oshi No Ko is worth watching.

9. Gokinjo Monogatari

Paradise Kiss inspires other series, likely sharing characters, themes, etc. The series, which has 50 episodes, goes after Mikako Kuouda. She is a fashion creator who began to examine her early days of friendship with her male comrade, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, soon after observing the attention he gets on his appearance.

The way the episodes show the difficulties shared among love, profession, and friendship makes it so empathic, and the successful display of 3D characters remains an important add-up.

Despite that, it also portrays a clear dynamism technique investigating the likelihood of brightness, appearance, shade, natural body segmentation, painting, and odd case composition.

10. Glass no Kamen

Here, we get a captivating anime about a teenage girl named Maya Kitajima. The anime is known as both Glass no Kamen and Glass Mask. Maya Kiajima paid-desires to act and is determined to make her dream come true.

Throughout the story, it’s shown when Maya faces several difficulties like strong competition, lack of confidence, and betrayal.

This anime illustrated the sacrifices someone would make to keep their career alive. It’s portrayed as they give attention and time to the profession before their desires. It covers the ideology of digging into what matters the most to you, and the advantage of possessing a supporter.

Glass no Kamen is a perfect match anime for anyone excited about the entertainment sector, with its delightful storyline, emotional profundity, and proficiently cast characters.

11. Kageki Shoujo!!

Kageki Shoujo is a cool anime that can submerge the audience in the acting world; it gives an attractive inspection of the theater sector. It happens entirely in girls’ educational institutions for presenting plays and revolves around the life of Ai and Sarasa. These two are diligent artists with different characters and histories.

This anime profoundly portrays that one should be victorious in this profession. It gives an inclusive insight into the complexity of acting, starting from the rigid practice to the uncountable repetitions one should pass through to succeed.  

Moreover, this play portrays the actors’ difficulties in the theater sector, such as lack of self-confidence, stage fear, and performance tension. The way it gives focus to each detail is unparalleled. This anime is unquestionably worth watching for anyone who would like to be an actor like Kagek Shojoui.

12. Kodomo no Omocha

Kodomo No Omocha is an optimistic and adorable anime that narrates the venture of a young actress named Sana Kurata. She has complex relationships with almost everything we could say, like with her family, friends, and even in her profession in the entertainment sector, all of which are touched in the narrative.

The difficulties that young artists face in keeping the balance between career life and personal time are perfectly illustrated through this play. It delves globally into crucial issues such as family, the worth of working for what we want to achieve, friendship, and self-affirmation.

For anyone who is enthusiastic about the business of entertainment and is captivated by the story of youngsters searching for their path in this universe, Kodomo no Omocha is a highly recommended anime to watch.

13. World Dai Star

As with K-pop statues, this series is believed to be the one on a planet where artists could attain huge fame by performing on the Dai stage. Over time, the Dai stage became the right place to get a massive supporter. Several gorgeous ladies started casting for it.

Among them, Kokona Otori, the protagonist, took a step forward in casting Dia on stage to make her vision of being a World Daily Star come true. Nowadays, it’s fascinating to watch her grapple with her fellows, who are exceptional at dramatic art, dance, and music.

14. Skip Beat!

Kyoko Mogami, a girl who is just 16, walked behind her friend from her early days in Tokyo, whose name is Shotaro. She was there supporting her friend’s vision of being a great musician. Unfortunately, things didn’t go in her favor. She got rejected and left alone.

With a broken heart and an avenging attitude, Kyoko concluded joining the entertainment sector as an artist. She plans to dull the achievements of her betrayed friend. As Kyoko should keep her natural identity, getting to know her true intention about acting and making good connections with her colleagues was not easy.

 She couldn’t be seen at the top because she was under the shade of her encouraging friend, Setsu, and her competitor, Ren Tsuruga.

15. Paradise Kiss

Here, we see that the Neighborhood Story and the Paradise Kiss have a common timeframe. The Neighborhood Story was there many years before the Paradise Kiss began. Though the latter started a long time after the first had ended, the audience could watch familiar characters appearing several times during the play.

Rather than just wanting to be a designer, Paradise Kiss goes around with Yukari Hayasaka, a disciplined high school scholar only concerned about her scores. That’s the way she looks from a distance. Yukari is too worried about her home and school life. She would do whatever she could if it made her dogmatic mother happy.

However, she turned out to be captured in the fashion industry by the time when students from Yazawa Art cast her as a model for a runway presentation.

16. Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san

This is the most enjoyable anime, and it addresses the interesting field of filmmaking and the entertainment profession. Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san focuses on the story of Pompo, an expert in filmmaking, and her supporter, Joelle.

The good thing about this anime is that it portrays everything one should go through in filmmaking to the audience. Starting with the screenplay, auditing, and editing the movie. 

Among the concerns that have been addressed, the importance of art, the value of coordination, and the need for determination are worth mentioning.

With its adorable characters, full of humor and insightful expositions, Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san is a highly recommended anime to watch for those who have enthusiasm for the entertainment sector or for those who like the art of filmmaking. 

17. PriPara

The 140-episode-long TV show is made on an arcade game with an identical name. Currently, it’s counting the days until the new episode is released and the launch of a smartphone game. PiriPara is the title of the TV show where ladies are cast to be statues.

The most favorable time was when the antagonist, Laala Manaka, gets a PriTicket of another statue and then joins the play.

This anime elevates the presentation of the show to a higher degree. The sparkling colors, gleaming setting, sound production, kawaii costumes, vibrant hairstyles, vigorous dance moves, and automatic 2D and 3D animations create a delightful moment that can mesmerize their audience throughout the globe.

18. Kaleido Star

Kaleido Star would be enough for a person who would like to watch a show with a passionate and influential main character. Kaleido Star mainly focuses on the story of a teenage girl, Sora, who has a vision of being part of the universally acknowledged circus group, Kaleido Stage. Sora has faced several difficulties in achieving her goals. 

Having a strong sense of purpose and commitment, Sora overcame her problems. 

This leads to the belief that hard work, self-confidence, and a high-powered mindset will pay off and help one’s dream become reality. In addition, Kaleido Star portrays the cooperative aspect of acting and the value of joint work.

Moreover, the anime presented its circus threat as a team work in which every performance should rely on each other’s backing and faith. As a result of her association with them, Sora was able to attain very good teamwork and verbal expertise. 

Apart from addressing common difficulties, artists also deal with criticism and denial; sometimes, they are forced to get along with pressure. For ambitious actors, Kaleido Star is a must-see.

19. Princess Jellyfish

Tsukimi Kurashita was fascinated with jellyfish following a significant vacation with her late mother at the aquarium. Her mother connected jellyfish wavy arms and Disney royal gowns with their twisting and spiral appearance.

That comparison made Tsukimi more interested in jellyfish as it connected her memories of her late mother with something visual. At some point, she interacts with a gorgeous, elegant, and stylish lady, at odds with her usual self, who is revealed to be a guy.

Their relationship grows into a cheerful journey that delves into dignity, self-worth, beauty, and gender roles. It’s common to encounter numerous references to contemporary culture and many changes in fashion styles. Because of this, personal exploration becomes much easier and is a fun process.

20. Sennen Joyuu

The Millennium Actress, In Sennen Joyuu, is about Chiyoko, a professional artist who faces difficulties in middle childhood. While interviewing Chiyoko, the storyline focuses on a documentary filmmaker who has found a complicated and interconnected set of memories and emotions from Chiyoko’s past. 

The best thing about this anime is its ability to change the audience’s perception of the universe because of how the story is projected. It delves into the most sensitive notions, such as life’s temporariness, aesthetics’s worth, and the necessity to discover one’s spot on the planet.

Sennen Joyuu is the most recommended anime for anyone enthusiastic about entertainment or eager to know mankind’s status. The anime has a creative theme, awesome animation, and a deep notion.

21. Nana

Several works that gained popularity on TikTok during the 2020 anime and manga boom have rekindled public interest and praise. One of them is the romance animation series Nana from 2006. It focuses on the music industry and shows how her interest and passion for fashion inspired Ai Yazawa’s characters.

The two women with the same name, Nana, who met unexpectedly on a train and moved into the same Tokyo home, are the main characters of this anime. One is named Nana Ozaki and is fond of the real Vivienne Westwood punk-inspired clothing line.

Vivienne Westwood is the designer and producer of the accessories she wears, which include her globe pendant and fortress ring. These pieces are from her collections from the 1990s and early 2000s.

22. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue, an anime film, delves into the less transparent facets of the entertainment industry. It exposes some disturbing realities concealed under the success and celebrity facades. Young pop idol Mima decided to give up her band so she could pursue acting as a career.

However, it has never been simple; she started to deal with terrifying delusions, some of which even bordered on intimidation.

The anime portrays the sentimentality effect of triumph in the entertainment industry can have on its performers. Moreover, it addresses the topics of portraying women as objects of physical attraction and the essence of identity on its own.

Perfect Blue, with its detailed storyline, astonishing visual elements, and controversial topics, is a must-see anime for those interested in mind-bending thrillers.


This concludes the article! You undoubtedly have this amazing assortment of the best anime about dramatic art. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. You will learn about the differences between the real and fictional worlds by exploring these episodes.

Furthermore, they conceal their identities while maintaining their well-known and endearing image.



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