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15 Best Swimsuit Hentais to Get You Erected

We are all aware of how everyone looks sexy in a swimsuit; now imagine the anime school swimsuits. Viewers ‘ discretion is advised before you venture into today’s list because some of the content will leave you hard.

The reason is that some scenes are not censored, so you will see it all as it is. There are also some viewers who are already imagining a lot, lol. We all know what anime school swimsuits look like; they are just clothes.

I know I’m not the only one who is always eager to see what is covered and hidden under the cloth. The Anime world is blessed with hot and charming beautiful chicks that will make you hard in a jiffy.

Let’s not waste time, my fellas; get into today’s business and have fun. Without forgetting don’t forget to let me know your preferences in the comment section below; your suggestions mean a lot.

1. Strike Witches

Strike Witches

What else do you expect from this series when ladies are the ones to be equipped with the Striker Unit? The strike unit was a device invented in order to fight against the aliens who were mercilessly devouring humanity.

The girls would even use their magical powers in order to stand the aliens. Striker Unit was the only device able to stand the technology of Neuroi.

Now, there is a girl by the name of Miyafuji who decided to join, but she did not train. What do you think about her? Will she disappoint her fellow witches, or will they make it through?

2. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

Some secrets remain concealed until it’s the right time for them to be revealed. This series has a war setting whereby the European Imperial Alliance forcefully enters Gallia.

The Imperial is well equipped and prepared for this, as they even make it appear that the opposition does not exist. Welkin Gunther and Isara, his younger sister, were the ones to first see this whole thing and geared up for it.

At this time, the Imperial forces were already running through the town. Gunther and his sister joined hands with other local military forces. As the war got tougher, some long-ago secrets were revealed, and there was a Squad Seven that had to protect Japan.

3. Nama Lo Re: Furachimono The Animation

Nama Lo Re_ Furachimono The Animation

I have no right words to describe this series, but it’s packed with amazing stories. There is a girl in this series who could do anything to get fucked by her friend’s boyfriend.

Mei is getting fucked very well by her boyfriend in the bathroom, and her friend saw it all, and now she wants some. In order for her to get the cock, she started blackmailing the guy till the guy finally gave in.

She even puts on a more attractive swimsuit than Mei’s to draw Mei’s boyfriend’s attention. It wasn’t a big deal for the guy. He gave the little snitch what she deserved.

4. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass_ Lelouch of the Rebellion

This series is not a bad one, but it is kinda complex, and if you don’t pay attention, you won’t understand the storyline. Anyways, who cares about the storyline as long as there are sex scenes we covered lol. Let me not waste much of your time; this series revolves around a boy named Lelouch Lamperouge.

He just found himself in great danger amid the rebels’ Britannian and Area 11 armed forces. Japan was the one that was called Area 11 by then, and it was fighting for its independence.

Thanks to a strange girl, C.C., who made it possible for him to escape. She gave him some powers, and now the setting free of Japan is on Lelouch’s shoulders.

5. Mizugi Kanojo The Animation

Mizugi Kanojo The Animation

I have a perfect match for someone looking for an anime series with girls in swimsuits trying to provoke their boyfriends into action. We can’t deny that these girls are horny, especially Mizuho.

The fabric that is rubbing against her has turned her on, and what else do you all expect? These girls have tried all ways of styling their swimwear to get their boyfriends into fucking them. Worry out about the sex scenes; I think this is one of the series with many sex scenes on our list today.

The sounds and moans Mizuho produced clearly show how much pleasure she was getting. I don’t understand what she meant by wanting to be compensated by Hiro when she was just provoking him.

It all started when Hiro asked Mizuho to start swimming to reduce weight. It wasn’t difficult for her since Hiro himself worked at a pool and would invite her there.

She would come to open her legs so wide and sit in a position that drags Hiro into masturbating. Mizuho joins Hiro in the pool, and Hiro is the one to come first, and then they have to do the real thing.

6. High School DxD

High School DxD

This is one of the best anime with a flexible plot. In this series, a guy named Issei got reincarnated as Road. He is now the head of a house, and every female character in this series likes him.

This series is sexually arousing, provoking, and tempting, so make sure you are ready for the content. Issei seems like he is obsessed with touching boobs, and it makes him feel good.

I also want to know why, but all I can tell you is that his girlfriend killed him on their first date. What do you think could be the reason behind his girlfriend killing him?

7. Shiofuki Mermaid

Shiofuki Mermaid

Are you looking for a series with hot sex scenes with a girl in her swimsuit? Well, worry no more; your search is over. Here is an amazing series that will turn you on in seconds.

Shiofuki Mermaid is a series that revolves around a poor boy named Makoto. This guy had made it his daily activity to watch and look at the attractive women swimming.

I’m not trying to justify his actions, but you would have done the same even if it was your thing. Imagine the swimsuits are so tight and revealing, and who would miss such an opportunity to satisfy their eyes?

The whole series took a twist when he got close to Marina, one of these attractive, beautiful swimmers. It all started by teaching Marina how to swim, and it ended with Makoto’s dick inside of her.

I love how Marina is quick to act; she does not waste time after noticing Makoto’s state. Their first time fucking was in the showers after she asked him to help her with something. This sex scene was perfect, and the sex was good, but let me take you to the juicy part. The second time was so hot and intense it all started by sucking each other’s private parts.

Without wasting time, Marina had to ride the cock and make Makoto feel himself in the seventh heaven. I don’t know much about the cowgirl position, but I bet Marina is a professional.

I could not count how many orgasms Marina got in a row. Makoto knew what he was doing and how to satisfy the girl; it was so good. I recommend this series; you won’t regret watching it.

8. Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare

Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare

I am still at a point of trying to understand where the cum in this series came from. The unnamed leading male character in this series was trying to take revenge on his father.

I don’t blame him for doing that, but he did it at the expense of other people’s virginity and pussy. The worst part about all this is that when he was done fucking tye, he had to take a picture of one of them.

You can’t imagine how the girl looked in that picture; she was in a pool of cum. Our leading character in this series was left with his sick mother by his father.

I don’t know whether it was fortunate or unfortunate that someone gave him a mysterious watch. I called this watch mysterious because it would allow him to freeze time.

This boy, now what came into his mind, wanted to get into his father’s renowned and exceptional all-girls academy. As if it was not enough, he went far into the girls’ changing room, where he started using his mysterious watch. He was fortunate to find some girls there, and he made them his sex slaves for that time.

The boy would touch whoever he wanted and slap their nyash. When he was done with that, his first victim to fuck was Risa, an athlete. Risa was just a virgin, and this guy was hitting the pussy so hard the blood that splashed on the floor depicted the pain she endured.

Before starting to fuck these girls, he fingered them and left them oozing as they were all wet. He was not even showing any remorse as he put back time to normal so that Risa could feel him fucking him.

The girl cried, pleading with him to stop, but the guy was not listening; he even froze the time again so he could do it without disturbance. He went on to Yuka, who was also a virgin, and he forced his dick inside her fucking her like no man’s business.

Akari was his last victim, and he had to click a picture of her cum all over her. You won’t regret watching this; grab your copy and have fun.

9. Kimi Omou Koi

Kimi Omou Koi

Are you looking for an anime series with satisfying sex scenes of a girl in a swimsuit? If so, no worries at all. I’ve brought you this amazing series so that you can have fun and enjoy it.

Some of the audience don’t find this series amazing because it has two stories that don’t relate. That’s them, but for us, what we are looking for is sex scenes that will turn someone on in a minute. I advise you not to watch this series alone; just tell her to come over so that you have real fun lol.

A girl named Kuroe doesn’t remove her swimsuit, not even for once. She wants to help the president of the swimming club after she notices something about him.

What kind of help do you think she will offer Narumi? Don’t rush because that’s the juicy part of the series, and pay attention and read slowly as her nipples get erect. There is a combination of two people with different duties here; Kuroe is the one who makes sure students behave well.

On the other hand, the one with whom she misbehaves is the swimming club president. When Narumi slid his hand under the cloth, reaching for Kuroe’s body, things heated up.

Don’t tell me that you did not see the way Kuroe lied on her back so that Narumi could get access to her coochie without hurdles. Instead of Kuroe being mad at Narumi the following day, she was in her swimsuit, eagerly waiting for him. These two continue having fun and enjoying the most satisfying sex.

10. Ane Chijo Max Heart

Ane Chijo Max Heart

There are some things we find strange and unusual because we won’t be expecting them from some people. Sarasa is one student who is always on point and even regarded as a role model by some other students. At some point, I will try to understand her. Maybe she is going through trauma since she lost her parents.

Sarasa does not only love her brother, but she appears to be obsessed with him, and she will not step back. We all know how determined this girl is when she wants something.

She might not win him over, but trust she is gonna eventually fuck the brother at all cost. There is this other girl who loves Kira and is ready to do anything to win him over.

It can’t be sex without orgasm; now I see why Sarasa is so crazy about Kira’s dick. Kira is with Kasuri in the girls’ changing room, where a lot will take place; it’s a paradise and a war zone simultaneously.

It all started when Kasuri rubbed Kira’s dick while waiting for others to go. Kasuri sucked Kira’s dick to the extent that Kira could not feel anything; he was out of this world.

The two then started fucking on the floor, shifting positions and enjoying themselves. Sarasa and Kasuri seem like they are now in a competition on who fucks Kira the best.

11. Why the Hell are you Here, Teacher!?

Why the Hell are you Here, Teacher!

If you are to find yourself in some situations, you are just gonna feel uncomfortable. Well, Satou finds himself in an inappropriate situation with his Japanese teacher.

Kojima was the one who always encouraged our main character as Satou was still in high school. It amazes me that after getting into this situation, these two even continued meeting in such conditions. I can’t believe how Konjima behaved towards her students with her reputation at this school.

Satou had just entered his teacher’s restroom by mistake; it was something he had never planned to do. Little did he know what was waiting for him. This young boy started having crazy fantasies and imaginations after having something with his teacher.

You all can agree with me that the day he accidentally got into his teacher’s restroom was supposed to be the worst day ever. He was fortunate enough that feelings took control and pushed the two into doing something amazing.

12. Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer

It’s everyone’s wish to torture and take revenge on those who screwed you after getting a second chance to live. Keyaru is back power-packed this time around.

He has the abilities that make it more pleasing to torture his enemies. His most amazing ability is the ability to heal, which means he can wound you and heal you again.

The worst part about this guy is that he just doesn’t physically torture, but there is also sexual harassment. Some satisfying clips and scenes will leave you hard and wet. At some point, he loses it all, and lust overpowers him, and he has to do what he has to do to satisfy his desires.

He would not waste time with his female enemies he would rape them. Keyaru was not aware of what the future held for him, so he even suffered all his life.

Our main character was subjected to torture and was abused; his life became a living hell. By the time his powers were at their peak, he was just a nobody, and he had to use his powers to redo everything. His powers enabled him to control time and do what he felt was good. Grab your copy today and enjoy the sex scenes in this series.

13. Yasuga no Sora

Yasuga no Sora

In this series, there are two siblings, Hakura and Sora, who lost their parents in a car accident. Things are not well for the sister Sora; she is failing to accept reality and needs her brother’s love.

They are now back to their childhood place at their grandfather’s place. This series is associated with mature themes and sex, of course. The brother Haruka is enjoying his life with some beautiful girls.

He has slept with almost every girl in the village, and her sister is eying on him. Ladies are all over our main character, Haruka, and he can’t miss the opportunity to satisfy himself.

14. Watashi ga Toriko ni Natte Yaru

Watashi ga Toriko ni Natte Yaru

Let’s all not pretend like we don’t want to see a naked girl being fucked. There is this unattractive, thin, and bony boy who is also a swimming team member.

He is harassed and coerced by some other guys to sneak into the girls’ changing room to shoot something with the camera he has. This little boy did not want to do this, but we all know how bullies can intimidate and threaten you.

Out of fear and helplessness, the little boy entered the changing room to do as he had been told. He was so unfortunate that two girls entered and forced him to hide in one of the girls’ lockers.

Shiho noticed that the little poor boy was in her locker, and she was pissed off, but she did not want Saki to know. She had to start punishing the boy while he was still in the locker. This young lady started playing with this little boy’s dick till he erected it.

I can’t forget the part where Shiho was fucked with the little boy, damn boy, he her so hard. The little boy was lucky enough that Shiho was also starving and wanted a cock so bad that she could not resist the temptation. Imagine the way Shiho was enjoying the small boy’s dick and even went to the extent of convincing her friend to go home.

15. Shidoukan Day After

Shidoukan Day After

Have you ever imagined the feeling of getting wet with water and some other fluids as well? Let me skip to episode two of this series, where there is a girl named Aya.

She is good at swimming and a true athlete as she can also run. The moment I just saw her coach setting free her boobs from her swimming costume, I just knew that something was about to happen.

That was fast-forward, it all started with a massage, and they ended up fucking, so we can say the massage was foreplay, lol. Her coach was undoubtedly good at it; this is vividly captured in her screams, which were full of pleasure. Just look at the way she was fucked. Damn, the coach was so good.

Back to the first episode, where Misato got some thrusts from her coach. The girl is so hot, and the coach is alluring about how she could have escaped the snare.

The sex was something else, just don’t watch this series if you don’t have someone to fuck after watching. It’s just a piece of advice, bro lol. This is a perfect fit for those who are fond of sports anime with pleasure and fantasies.


We are all aware of those blue swimsuits used in hentai anime and manga, which will awaken what’s sleeping. These swimsuits can just show those hot girls in a way that no man can resist the temptation.

I feel like those types of swimsuits should be regarded as lingerie because they are so comfortable for sex. There are no hurdles or any difficulty to get to one’s coochie when she is putting on that cloth. This is the list I had for today. Don’t forget to tell me your favorite from the list.


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