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Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair: I’ll Explain The Dark Secret

Are you also wondering why Naruto cut his hair short? No worries! Because, today we will discuss the secret behind his new hairstyle. 

Naruto’s previous hairstyle had a lot of resemblance to his father, Minato Namikaze’s hairstyle. He had medium-length blonde and spiky hair. It doesn’t look that long whenever he wears his headband, but whenever he removes it, we can see that his hair is pretty long. 

But after Naruto appeared in Boruto: Naruto The Next Generations, he had relatively shorter hair. One reason behind this could be his; to show him as a more mature and older person, they might have gone with the short hairstyle, as many guys tend to keep short hair after reaching middle age.

Naruto’s long and messy hair from his childhood shows his notorious and rebellious attitude, while his current short hair shows his respectable and mature persona as a Hokage. 

His headband could also be one of the reasons; since he doesn’t wear his headband anymore after becoming Hokage, creators might have thought that shorter hair would suit him better. Some people also say that his hair was cut short to make it easier to draw him for animations.

But I am not sure about that, as they have already drawn him with long hair for more than 600 episodes. 

Many fans don’t like Naruto’s short hair, and some would even say he looks like a blonde egghead, but on the other hand, many like his new mature looks and short hair, so there are different opinions. But which one do you like more, his short hair or his longer one? 

Does His Short Hair Have Anything to Do With Character Growth? 

Does His Short Hair Have Anything to Do With Character Growth

Change in Naruto’s hairstyle is not only related to his appearance but also deeply connected to his character growth and maturity over time. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in his life after achieving his lifelong dream of becoming Hokage. 

Many fans felt dejected after watching Naruto’s new appearance and hairstyle. They wanted him to look like the same Naruto they grew up with. Many fans were uncomfortable with his new hair on different platforms, but what is done is done and can’t be changed. Now, we have to embrace his character with his new short hairstyle. 

There could also be a profound meaning behind his new hairstyle. He may have let go of his old hairstyle to show that he is no longer an immature kid who used to create trouble for villagers and draw on Hokage statues. Now, he is a responsible leader whom his villagers recognise. 

It could also be seen as leaving behind his bitter childhood memories and starting over his new life as a Hokage as a different person from his past. But his short hair reminds him that he still has some qualities from his childhood, like caring for his people and protecting them at even cost of his life.

 Maybe creators wanted to show the ever-changing nature of our lives as we grow up and move forward in our lives. 

So Why Did Naruto End Up Cutting His Hair? 

So Why Did Naruto End Up Cutting His Hair

There could be numerous possibilities behind Naruto’s new hairstyle, but we will only discuss the reasons that make the most sense. 

1. Ease of Animation

Ease of Animation

Many people believe that Naruto’s hair was cut short along with many other characters to make it easier for animators to draw them and reduce the costs of animations.

2. Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikazeansey

Minato Namikaze kept his hair long, and since his face is similar to Naruto’s, they might end up looking similar. So, the creators might have chosen the short-haired route to distinguish Naruto from his father.

While he achieved the same position of Hokage as his father, the path he took was completely different and he is a very different person from his father. 

3. Loss of Loved Ones

Loss of Loved Ones

The loss of his hair may also represent the people he lost in his life during the great shinobi war and his journey. Throughout his life, he lost many close ones, such as Jiraiya and Neji. So, he might have chosen to keep his hair short in memory of them.

4. Love Life

Love Life

We all know that Naruto had a thing for Sakura back in the day, as he often tried to make her notice him, but Sakura only liked Sasuke. So, Naruto decides to step back. After that, he married Hinata, who loved him from childhood. So, Naruto might have cut his hair short for a different look.

Maybe Hinata might have suggested keeping short hair. Who Knows!

5. Dedication to His Work

Dedication to HIs Work

We can see in the Boruto series how busy Naruto is with this work that he can’t even give enough time to his family. And Boruto hates him for that. He goes very early and comes home very late.

So, he might not get much time to manage his hair, and since he is a Hokage, he needs to maintain a clean appearance, so he might have cut his hair short for convenience. 

6. Look More Mature

Look More Mature

Small hairs are often connected with maturity. Many middle-aged men keep their hair short, and they are the type of people who are responsible and take their work seriously. Short hair is also easier to manage, so people busy with other things in life tend to keep shorter hair. 

But, I find this reason hard to believe since many older characters with long hair are also mature and responsible, some examples of them would be Kakashi Hatake and Minato Namikaze. 

While there are many speculations about why Naruto cut his hair short, there is no definitive answer from the creator of the series. So, we can only rely on those speculations to come to an answer. But what are your thoughts on this matter? Do Let us Know. 


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