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17 Best Grass Pokemon Violet: My Ultimate List

Grass-type Pokemon are filled with vigour and energy. They have an advantage against Ground, Rock and water-type Pokemon. But there are lots of Grass-type Pokemon to choose from, so you need to find the one which is most suitable for your team. 

So, Without waiting, let’s get down to our list of best grass-type Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

17. Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves is a dual-type Pokemon with a unique typing of Grass-type and Psychic type. Appearance wise it has many similarities to Virizion. It made its debut in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as a Paradox Pokemon. It can have skills of many types, such as Bug, Psychic, Fighting, Dark, Electric, Grass and Normal. 

It comes with a whopping total state score of 590. And a massive chunk of 130 goes to the Attack section, in terms of Defense and Sp. Attack it feels slightly weaker. But it won’t be a problem since it can cover those weaknesses in other areas.

16. Tangrowth


Many players have misconceptions that Pure Grass-types are weak. But that is not the case, and Tangrowth also proves this wrong. It has an allocation of an amazing 120 points in defence and 100 in HP, which makes it very sturdy against Physical attacks. 

However, don’t get your hopes up, as it’s utterly weak in terms of Sp. Defence and Speed. Both of which are only at 50. Moreover, the HP is not high enough to compensate for it. So, if your opponent has a Pokemon with high Sp. Attack, then you are done for. The reason for such an uneven stat spread is its low base stats of only 535.

However, if it can somehow manage to survive, then with powerful offensive stats, it can take them out without much trouble. 

15. Sceptile


Sceptile is the final evolution of the popular Grass-type starter Pokemon. It can move like a flash with its high-speed stat of 120. By moving faster than its opponents, it can get the opportunity to land the first hit and get the upper hand against the opponents. 

Sceptile has a total base stats of 530. There are also special Grass-type moves such as Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, and Energy Ball, making it a formidable battlefield foe. If the opponent cannot deal with its Speed, then the match’s outcome will be clear for you to see. 

14. Wo-Chien 


We also have a Legendary Pokemon for you, Wo-Chien. It was added during the 9th generation in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It has a total base stats of 570. Most of those stats go to its Sp. Defense of 135 and Defense of 100. This makes it a very sturdy tank on the battlefield. Wo-Chien looks like a giant snail which is covered in moss and leaves. 

13. Celebi


Celebi is a dual-type Pokemon with Grass and Psychic type. It has a natural cure ability which nullifies any kind of status alignments. It comes with a whopping stat total of 600 divided equally into 100. Calebi is an all-rounder with various moves useful in different scenarios such as offence, stat boosters and restoring purposes. 

Calebi is a time-travelling Pokemon from Johto Region, which doesn’t make its overpowered stats too surprising.

12. Appletun And Flapple

Appletun And Flapple

Although Appletun and Flapple are different Pokemon I put them on the same spot because they evolve from the same Pokemon, Applin. They are dual-type Pokemon with Grass and Dragon type. 

While evolving your Applin, you can choose from Sweet Apple or Tart Apple. Depending on your choice, your Applin will evolve into a slow Pokemon that comes with powerful sp. Attacks, or a faster one which is good at dealing physical damage.

Both of them have similar base stats of 485. So, ultimately, your best is based on what you need in your team. 

11. Leafeon


While Leafeon comes with a stat total of 525, It’s very popular among the players due to its high Attack and Defense stat of 110 and 130, respectively. However, Its meagre HP of 65 keeps it from being a good defender. 

We know that Eevee’s evolutions are very popular among trainers, which is also the case for Leafeon. It can deal with status alignments such as Poison, Sleep, and more using the Leaf Guard ability, which gives it an upper hand against such Pokemons and helps save some HP during the fight.

So, If you can manage to evade some attacks and quickly take out your opponents with the high attack stat, Lefeon is going to be a good Grass-type Pokemon. 

10. Exeggutor


Exeggutor is a Grass-type Pokemon with a stat total of 530. Most of it contributes to its powerful attack stat 125 and HP of 95. The Defense and Sp. Defence stats are average. 

However, the biggest downside is its speed stat, which is only 55. This extremely slow speed makes it difficult to evade the attacks of its opponents during the battle. But If you can take advantage of the High Attack stat. The Big Chunk of HP and balanced Defense and Sp. Defence is enough to keep you on the battlefield for a while. 

9. Arboliva


Arboliva is a tree-type Pokemon with dual-typing of Grass and normal type. While normal-type makes it immune to ghost-type attacks, it also has many weaknesses. To get your hands on Arboliva, you can catch Smoliv and evolve it into Dolliv, and after taking it to level 35, you can finally evolve it into Arboliva. 

Regarding stats, It doesn’t fall behind in special attacks and special defence, with high stats of 125 and 109, respectively. But, when it comes to physical attacks it doesn’t perform well due to its low Attack stats. 

8. Smoliv


Smoliv was introduced during generation 9, and it has a dual type of Grass and Normal type. This little guy is just overloaded with cuteness. When it first appeared in the trailer of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it won the hearts of everyone with its cuteness. 

However, Don’t fall into the trap of believing that it can’t do anything to you because of its small build and docile nature because when it feels dangerous, it will split a very bitter oil from the fruit of its head. This oil has a special effect of making the opponents flinch and slowing them down.

Moreover, this bitter oil also protects from other predators; they don’t even think of eating this little guy due to the bad stench.

7. Gogoat


Gogoat is an evolution of Skiddo, a common sight in the Paldea region. It is a good attacker with high Attack and Sp. Attack. This allows you to quickly take down your opponent.

Gogoat also has a good HP which allows it to tank opponents’ attacks, and if that is not enough, you can also use recovery moves like Horn Leech and Leech Seed to survive in battle for longer. 

Furthermore, Gogoat has a special ability called Sap Sipper, which is extremely useful against Grass-Type opponents. It allows Gogoat to absorb its opponent’s attack while boosting its attacks. Together, all of this makes Gogoat one of the best Grass-type Pokemon, excluding the legendaries. 

6. Brambleghast


Brambleghast has a dual-typing of Grass-type and Ghost type. It has good speed stats and good attack stats. It has an ability called Wind Rider, which is very useful against wind-type moves; using these moves, it can use the opponent’s wind attacks to boost its attack power. This ability makes it a formidable foe against wind-type opponents. 

To get your hands on a Bambleghast, you must first catch a Bamblin and evolve. For evolving your Bramblin you’ll have to use the Let’s Go feature and walk with your Bramblin outside of its PokeBall for one thousand steps. 

5. Lilligant


Liligant has the appearance of a humanoid plant. It can move very quickly with its amazing speed stat and moves even faster when the sun is there. It has an ability called Chlorophyll that can allow it to put opponents to sleep. This ability comes with only a few Grass-type Pokemon, and Lilligant is one of them. 

Furthermore, It has an ability called Mover After You. It is very useful when you have another powerful attacker on your team that is slow. Using this ability, you can allow it to use the love of your second PokemonPokemon right after Liligant uses its move without any delay.

The best Pokemon to use this ability would be Torkoal, as Torkoal can use Drought, which can double the incredibly fast speed of Liligant and then you can use Sun-powered eruptions using Move After You, which allows you to get over the slow speed of Torkoal and insta-kill your opponent. 

4. Mow Rotom

Mow Rotom

Why did I put Rotom on this list while it’s a Ghost and Electric-type Pokemon? Rotom has a special ability to possess different objects and trade its ghost type for other types. To do this, you can purchase a Rotom Catalog from the Auctions. After that, using the Catalog, you can turn your Rotom into a lawn mower form with an eclectic grass type. 

Grass types are known to be weak against Flying attacks, but the Electric-typing cancels out these weaknesses while also adding steel resistance as a bonus. Moreover, it can also get over the Ground-type weakness of electric-types using the Levitate ability.

Now, you have got yourself a Pokemon, which can also change its types and negate many weaknesses. In terms of states, it also does well in the departments of Sp. Attack, sp. Defence and Defense, with all of them being hundred plus. 

3. Breloom


Breloom is an adorable mushroom type pokemon which most players love. It comes with powerful attack stats and an ability called Technician, which can be useful in many situations. Furthermore, It can also put its opponent in a sleep-induced state with the move called Spore, which has almost no chance of missing its target. 

2. Tsareena


Tsareena is the final evolution of Bounsweet. You can catch a Bounsweet in South Province Area 1. After taking your Bounsweet to level 18, you can evolve it into a Steenee, and when your Steenee reaches level 29, it is ready to evolve into a Tsareena.

But, make sure to teach it the stomp move as it is necessary for evolution. When talking about the stats, Tsareena has a very high attack stat of 120, but all other stats are not too bad or not too good. 

When Tsareena is on the battlefield, it has a majestic presence like the queen due to its Queenly Majesty ability. Using this ability allows it to block all priority moves, which is invaluable, as priority moves like Fake Out can make or break the game. Triple Axel was taken out in the Gen IX, but this doesn’t make this queen any less useful.

1. Venusaur


There won’t be any grass-type fan who doesn’t know about this Pokemon. The time when Ash got his Bulbasaur is still vivid in my memories. Bulbasaur is still one of the most beloved starter Pokemon in Kanto Games. 

Venusaur is an evolution of Bulbasaur with a dual type of Grass and Poison type. It comes with a stat total of 525, and 200 of it is evenly spread into Sp. Defence and Sp. Attack. But all other stats are below 80.

It comes with some good attacks like Sludge Bomb to deal status afflictions and poison damage and Frain of Damage or Restoration. Furthermore, it also has a mega evolution which makes it a formidable member of your team.


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