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18 Anime Masculine Personalities: Guide to Alphas and Sigmas

We all have our favorite characters according to what we like; we can’t all like the same character for the same thing. Certain characters have been underrated for quite some time in the anime world.

There are a lot of masculine and good-looking anime characters that have been doing great. Without wasting much of your time, I have brought a list of fifteen Sigma characters today.

Sigma characters are male characters that are super strong and dependent on themselves. These characters live according to their principles, not what others think or say.

They are independent characters who don’t have to rely on someone but on themselves. Let’s dig into the list; if you have suggestions, please tip me in the comment section below.

1. L from Death Note

L from Death Note

Is it possible to create a crime-free society? What’s your take on this? Light’s quest is the center of attraction of the series Death Note. In this series, Ryuk grants the user of this mysterious notebook some powers to kill anyone with their names written.

The powers were not just powers but supernatural abilities. Our main character, Light, now has his own goal; he’s trying to do something new by using the notebook as his scapegoat.

He wants to deliberately kill and murder some people who are a threat to society. His intentions are unimaginable, and his executing plan is beyond anyone’s expectations. Light has Kira and a Japanese police task force on his side to help him with his quest.

According to L’s appearance, he definitely can’t be a perfect example of a sigma male compared to others. He is isolated from the community and doesn’t put on shoes.

His hair is messy, and he is unlike other masculine characters, so he drew my attention. L is the total opposite of Light. Even though Light appeared nice, he wasn’t, and L was nice.

L’s appearance and his capabilities don’t get along. His appearance is of an unruly and useless person, but he is a good and responsible person. We can’t deny that he’s overconfident and careless sometimes, but he is a GOAT.

2. Kurosaki Ichigo

Kurosaki Ichigo

Are you looking for an unruly, noisy, and disorder-strong anime character? Don’t stress yourself anymore, Kurosaki Ichigo is the perfect match for you. Every single situation triggers him and makes him stronger than before.

This means that the more he faces challenges and problems, the stronger he becomes. The most amazing thing about this character is that he is not a grown-up man but just a boy of fifteen years.

Ichigo made a vow and promised to keep his family safe no matter what. His role was to protect his family and friends regardless of the situation. The incident of the dark spirits that attacked his family unlocked another level for him.

Rukia is a Soul Reaper, and she handed over her powers to Ichigo for him to protect his family. Unfortunately, Rukia eventually lost her powers, and Ichigo became a Soul Reaper. He carried the burden of casting the dark spirits away.

3. Hōtarō Oreki from Hyouka

Hōtarō Oreki from Hyouka

This one is the best example of a popular, successful, highly independent, self-reliant man in anime. Hotaro shows little or no emotions; he cares about his interests but is cool.

His outward behavior does not allow him to waste energy on useless things; he only uses it when necessary. This guy is someone who barely utters a word, and he does not get pissed often.

It seems like he loves to be praised because he uses more energy if he gets positive feedback. His big sister forcefully made him join the Classic Lit Club, where he is working with Chitanda, Satoshi, and Mayaka.

These three are his classmates, solving different mysteries at Eru’s plea. Hotaro is very smart and brain-wise and has skills in solving the school’s mysteries.

4. Ayanokoji Kiyotaka

Ayanokoji Kiyotaka

This is one of the main characters who is not pretentious or arrogant; modest at the beginning but suddenly changes. He’s at Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, where they nurture people to be useful to the country tomorrow.

He doesn’t have any friends and always tries his best to avoid people. Despite being in the last class, which is class D, he is better than anyone else.

The Classroom Of The Elite series took a twist when Kiyotaka met Suzune and Kikyo. He then started involving himself in different relationships and living his high school life. This is where the essence of real high school life comes in in the series.

Albeit has outstanding intellect and is a genius of the series. However, he is always uncomfortable and feels isolated in social situations. Unfortunately, his colleagues don’t understand him.

He tries his best to speak but is kinda nervous, so he keeps repeating the same thing, which isolates him. His peers think he is deceitful and doesn’t show any sympathy.

They also think that he is unworried and cheerful. When it comes to Kiyotaka, he is smart and somehow exercises unscrupulous control or influence on other people.

Through all this, he can get anything he wants without his hands coming into the picture. Are you looking for a masculine anime character with a great transformation? Well, grab your copy of the anime series Classroom Of The Elite and watch Ayanokoji Kiyotaka.

5. Ikoma


He is one of the characters not into fighting and showcasing their abilities, but he did something great. Ikoma, a young engineer, and his friend Takumi work at the same station, Aragane station.

The human race had suffered since they did not have any way to protect Kebane, but thanks to Ikoma and Takumi. The two invented a powerful weapon to defeat a zombie-like creature.

This is when Ikoma showed his capabilities and abilities and qualified to be on my list. Are you looking for an anime male main character without violence? Well, then, the search is over. Ikoma is one of them.

6. Layfon Alseif

Layfon Alseif

Are you looking for a perfect example of the most powerful masculine anime character? Your search is over; Layfon is a perfect and good example of the strongest masculine anime character.

The setting of this anime follows a catastrophic war where humans were forced to stay in certain areas. This wasn’t by choice but to protect themselves from the monsters.

There was a weapon they were supposed to use to protect themselves, which was called Dite. Despite Layfon trying to forget about his past, a girl working on something had to dig into it.

Do you want to know why? She thought Layfon could be the right person to do it. His power had started to get stronger when he began his journey. In case you want to watch this amazing masculine guy, the name of the anime you can find is Chrome Shelled Regions.

7. Nice


This main character is cool and has a heartwarming relationship with his partner, Murasaki. Nice is the head of a certain detective agency and doesn’t talk about money.

He is also a young boy who is just seventeen years old. The setting of the anime Hamatora is full of people with supernatural abilities. Hamatora is the name of the detective agency, and the two seem to be having interesting lives as they do their job.

You will not regret watching this amazing anime show, where the strong character, Nice, remains a mystery for the audience. There is also something unique about this anime: people with supernatural abilities are trained, unlike other anime series.

8. Koyomi Araragi

Koyomi Araragi

This character is in the anime series by the name Monogatari, which is derived from a certain novel. This series is one of those series that starts with an innocent and tender opening and suddenly becomes dark and scary.

There was a vampire attack during spring break, and Koyomi Araragi is one of the survivors. He is the center of attraction in the series, which revolves around him and his everyday life.

Despite the aid of supernatural events, his life was never the same after the vampire attack. Koyomi, as the main leading character, is thriving for the better.

He is willing to help others no matter what it takes, even if it means putting his own life at risk. This is rare for people who don’t know others and have lost trust in people, but that is Koyami.

Our main character in this series is not always serious. He is also a comic character, which helps the series to keep its flow. His appearance at first was something else as he was naughty and women all over him, but he changed.

What do you think could be the reason for his sudden change? Why did he lose trust in people? If you have any ideas, the comment section is waiting for you.

9. Ryo Asuka

Ryo Asuka

When I watched Crybaby, I never expected that Asuka could be Satan himself. The same way you are all shocked is how I was shocked and surprised. In this anime show, there were two lead main characters, Asuka and his friend Akira.

Akira was the one with amazing abilities, and Asuka did not have anything. It wasn’t that he had nothing; he had not found his abilities.

When he got to know about his abilities, he had many abilities since Satan is the most powerful demon amongst all demons. He even became able to control people, and he was the only person with skills when it came to guns.

10. Guts


As always, situations push people into becoming the person they never imagined they would be one day. Despite Guts having rough patches in his childhood, a lot of unexpected hurtful stuff happened.

It’s it’s to keep track of his life. I can tell you that he is one of the misfortune characters in the anime world. Unfortunately, sorrow never wanted to leave his side, and happiness never fated for him.

He kept watching the ugly world killing and being brutal with the ones he considered his. This is what pushed him into being the person he is today, and we consider him the main character of Berserk.

He has no reason to be nice to people because he has never experienced their niceness, but he still cares. Despite everything he went through, he still had to be thoughtful to protect the good left in the world.

He is not just a dummy but a very good man with etiquette and compassion about what is good. His fighting skills, techniques, and tactics are fan service. Guts is a great character who can wield a sword in battle.

11. Zwei


This is the main character of a phantom anime where he is the strong male character. He is abducted and held captive for some typical reason, which is that he saw a murder with his own naked eyes.

Zwei is pressured into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means concerning killing.

After all this pressure and everything, Zwei became a murderer and a very good one. His life journey as an assassin is an amazing show for the audience. Zwei is not even an old man; he was just fifteen years old when he was abducted and held captive.

12. Simon


Are you looking for an anime main character with qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with men or boys? I have Simon on the list, whose abilities are amazing and breathtaking.

We have never talked about characters who gained infinite spiral power before, and guess what? Simon is one of those characters; he can control a Gunman and has what it takes to take down his enemies. He can also be included in those characters who are most likely to be a one-man army, lol.

13. Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi Izumi

This character shows his strength and power when he manages to control and coexist with Migi. Who is Migi? Migi is an alien parasite that came to Earth with other parasites to conquer the Earth and its inhabitants.

Shinichi is just a high school student who managed to stop the alien parasite from reaching his brain. It just got stuck on his hand, and with his abilities, he can fight parasites using logic and without any hurdles.

These parasites depend on human brains, meaning they conquer the whole body when they attack you. After the parasite conquers one body, it controls a person or does everything according to what it wants.

Now, Earth is like a jungle, where the survival of the fittest rule exists. The reason is that once the parasite gets into your brain, you have to kill other people for their brains to survive. If you are looking for a mastermind main character, grab your Parasyte Maxim copy and watch Izumi’s outlying strategies.

14. Licht Bach

Licht Bach

This character would lose it all after activating Schmelman’s Bloodlust; he could be violent and become vicious. Litch is the main character of the anime Plunderer.

He looks like he doesn’t have what it takes to fight, while he is strong and beyond anyone’s imagination. Our main character in this anime has some superhuman reflexes, and he also has speed that allows him to be so fast.

His speed is also an advantage as it helps him jump to greater heights. When it comes to his enemies, he can lose his sanity to take them down.

15. Junk Dog

Junk Dog

This is one of the most aspiring male characters in anime. He strongly desired to get to the top of the Megalo Boxing world. This type of boxing is deadly and violent, but that’s what he wanted.

It’s amazing and interesting how Junk came from nothing to something, from nobody to somebody. He rose from zero to hero, and despite how ugly the world was, he reached the top. Junk Box is also a perfect fit for those fond of main characters who rise from scratch to the top.

16. Shichika Yasuri

Shichika Yasuri

Shichika Yasuri’s sword fighting styles are outstanding. Imagine, with all the skills and ability to use a sword, at some point, he never used it. I know you are starting to ask yourself what he used then; he used his body to feel and react like a weapon.

All these skills he possessed were taught to him by his father, who was tough and hard on him. We can also proudly say that our main character in this anime is the master of Kyotou-ryuu style.

17. Ryner Lute

Ryner Lute

The main character, Ryner Lute, is on a quest to find the remains of the legendary heroes of long ago. By his side, he has Ferris Eris, a beautiful swordsman.

This anime is picky for those who love legendary and adventurous anime shows. He’s super strong in magic; he has knowledge and skills in magic.

Ryner Lute is also the devil’s host, and on his quest, he finds out about some serious curse. What will he do next with all the findings he got through his quest? Let’s not spoil the fun; grab your copy and have fun.

18. Kazuma Yagami

Kazuma Yagami

Our main character in this anime is seen as the strongest person to ever deal with spirits amongst all spirit practitioners. Kazuma is amazing when it comes to anything that consists of wind, whether it be a tornado, wind force, invisibility, black wind, etc.

He is very strong and powerful to the extent that he can fight his enemies without anyone’s support. He has everything, but as we all know, everyone has their weakness for Kazuma; he can’t deal with fire.

However, no one has ever considered competing with him because of his exceptional level. Do you agree that he is the most powerful spirit practitioner? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


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