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Best Anime Giantess That Every Anime Fan Knows

Well, today’s topic is really interesting. While scrolling down through our Instagram feeds, have you ever found yourself stopping and gazing when a reel or post shows some giantess, a 7 – 8 or 9-foot lady?

Yes, it’s weird. It’s not something we see in real life now and then. So that peaks your interest. Hey, what about dating one? How do they act in public? What are the problems they face? And how good they are in bed (I know you thought this)?

Yes, it will be very interesting to find the best anime giantess that every fan must know about. Yes, there are many, and all are different characters, and at the end of this list, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with at least one or two of them.

Shall we start?

20. Ymir Fritz Titan

Ymir Fritz Titan

I’m sure you must have met at least one arrogant woman in your life who doesn’t prefer listening to others and is somewhat suppressive. Now, let’s talk about Ymir, a character that perfectly fits my introduction.

This lady doesn’t seem to trust anybody, and also she never feels pissed off when it comes to speaking her mind. She doesn’t get any score for cooperating with others. Also, she has developed a perspective on almost everything around her.

You must think that arrogance is her only quality, but let me tell you about her softer side. In real life, she is a very kind-natured person. You will find this later in the series. Also, many scenes show you how selfless she is.

You can find her deeply caring about Historia and trying to make her future brighter. She is pretty large in her Titan form, but in comparison to other Titans, she is still smaller. You will also fall in love with her combat skills.

Ah! A pretty-looking, tall lady with combat skills – what could be better?

19. Farine the Sky Princess

Farine the Sky Princess

Farain is another interesting giantess on our list. Not only is she a giant and powerful, but she is also a perfect example of beauty with powers. She is a god-like character, and yes, you can read the word Sky Princes over there, right?

She belongs to the Dog Days anime. This anime doesn’t prove to be the most interesting one out there. But yes, her role is highly appreciable. Again, you can find her participating in a long series of war games, a decent thing for action lovers to watch.

However, you don’t find anything too emotional in this anime, but yes, you will be able to connect yourself with Farine. You will appreciate her wisdom and softness and, at the same time, her fighting skills.

18. Gerd


Now let me introduce you to a giantess with a soft nature, someone who is so energetic and playful that anyone would love to become a friend of this fellow.

Even though she fears a bit from her big mom, she still feels fine talking openly with her. She loves sweets greatly, and Semla is her favourite dessert. Gerd has a lot of feelings for her native place, her village, and wants to protect it and keep it happy and sane till the end of the world.

You can find this character not just extremely kind but also very helpful to all around her. When her big mom gets mad at her, she feels traumatized; however, with time, she puts herself on the journey of getting stronger and stronger day by day.

This peaceful individual helped the Sheep’s House Giants and the kids construct a strong relationship. Her role is appreciated a lot, and this fellow has hardly got any heaters.

17. Dolores


Here comes another giantess who is not just kind but very soft-natured and has no attitude whatsoever about her size. She is very timid, and it won’t be tough to figure out how shy she is when you start watching this anime.

She is a very hardworking person, and she hates violence. She wants a perfect world where people respect each other and never tend to hurt anybody.

You will find in this anime that when Dany wants to run away with this lovely giantess, she refuses her offer and exclaims that the only place in the world where they will be accepted is her village.

There will be absolutely nothing to feel fear of, and this shows Dolores’ practicality. Yes, she is a very reasonable, intelligent, and clean-hearted person, and I still recommend you watch this anime.

16. Nimi Minimi

Nimi Minimi

We have talked about softness, gentleness, and care, but we have not talked about sexiness yet. If that is what you are waiting for, then here comes Nimi, minimi. Yes, I know you will find it a bit tough to pronounce that name, but she will be an interesting fellow to watch.

This anime aired in Japan in 2015, and you have a lot of ecchi content here. Mamori Tokonome is the young girl in this anime who gets kidnapped and soon finds herself on a strange island full of mermaids.

Here, she meets Shikishima, who gives her a warm kiss to awaken her warrior. You won’t be able to resist appreciating her curvy body and truly won’t be able to put your eyes off her huge breasts.

It makes her one of the most interesting giantesses and one of the most interesting female characters in the world of anime. I also love her short, orangish red fringes covering her big forehead.

There are a lot of things which I like about her and also a few dreams which I actually cannot explain over here, LOL.

15. Mana Eimiya

Mana Eimiya

Hey, do you like humble and polite giant anime characters?

If yes, then the 15-year-old Mana Eimiya will surely entice you. This shoujo manga is about a giant girl who falls in love with Makoto. You see a huge monster attacking Makoto’s school; however, it’s pretty interesting to find the real act of heroism after that.

Makoto’s heroism was enough to make her fall in love with him. Well, it is interesting to know Mana is 4946 meters tall but extremely kind.

She believes in spending her life peacefully and wears two red ponies on each side of her head, which makes her look pretty cute. Yes, you would love how she blushes, and I have developed more love for her ponies than anything else in this manga.

14. Charlotte Linlin

Charlotte Linlin

It won’t be tough to say that Charlotte is probably the most famous giantess out there, and why not? After all, she is a part of the most popular anime series – One Piece. In younger years, you find this character to be very cheerful and kind, someone who loves helping everyone.

She cares equally for animals and humans. She never knew about her strengths and ended up hurting animals and people. With time, she gets selfish, and you will find that she acts very childishly even when she grows up.

Now, some people appreciate that, while some don’t. She is an absolute foodie and has a lot of love for sweet things. Now, if she is kept away from food for a long time, she loses control over herself and gets angry on top of the level.

She somewhat keeps on living an imaginary life and feels like she is in absolute control of everything.

13. Diane


You may find a few giantesses unhappy with their massive size, but here comes Diana, who is extremely proud of the same. Besides that, she is also very proud of the skills she possesses. She is extremely kind to folks who do care for her.

You find her falling in love with Meliodas, towards whom she is very protective. You will find how easily she gets aggressive whenever anybody threatens the safety of her close ones. Also, she’s got a typical girl’s qualities.

You can compare her with your girlfriend feeling jealous when you are close to other girls. However, in some parts, you also find her feeling a bit low because she wishes that she had some power to get smaller. The reason is that she can’t help Meliodas in certain ways except by protecting him.

You find that she becomes a friend to strangers also pretty easily and is emotionally weak. However, that doesn’t hurt her tougher part.

12. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart

If you are a soft-hearted person, it will be very easy for you to fall in love with Annie Leonhart, especially when you discover how rough her childhood was. She has special powers to get transformed into a Titan.

You may not always like her expressions as there is some monotonousness and seriousness. You don’t see her smiling or enjoying moments during this anime series. She is enrolled in the military and does her job well.

However, she seeks a pretty easy and simple life. She doesn’t care to care about what others think of her and always stays focused on her goal. It is very tough to find out what she feels when she feels and what plans are rolling on in her mind.

And yes, you do get a certain mysterious vibe from her. Even after being massive, she is pretty agile and has tremendous combat skills when she transforms into a Titan. However, I didn’t appreciate the ruthless part of her, where she is shown killing some innocent people.

11. Sheena 


Sheena, the Queen of the Bozze Kingdom and the sweet mom of Bojo from Osamu ranking, is a very sexy character for many reasons. This passionate adventurer marries King Bozze, and she has enough love for fighting with male warriors.

It feels like she wants to show that a woman is equally powerful to men, and why not? After all, we are talking about a giantess over here.

When she meets Bosse, she finds he has no interest in battling with her. Instead, he was more inclined towards loving her and starting a family. This got these guys close to each other.

You see this character as very caring and kind towards Bosse, and she could do anything to retain his love for life.

She also gets a lot of love from the people of her kingdom. But is her life that easy? Well, to know that, you’ll need to watch the anime.

10. Emilia Jenius.

Emilia Jenius

I love Amelia not just because of her looks but because of her guitar skills. I was amazed when I first listened to her playing guitar. Amelia can be described as a half-Zentran. It is a race of huge humanoid warriors.

Her parents tend to be the first Zentran and human couple. She got the inspiration for singing from a movie she won in childhood. This movie is about a girl who stopped the whole Zentran army by singing.

This talent of hers attracts Basara Nekki. Now, when these folks meet, they blend in their musical talent and work together to defeat huge enemies with their singing powers.

9. Ouzen


Made in Abyss is undoubtedly a very different sort of anime in which you mostly get to know about the Abyss and the various creatures that live within. Thank you. The Abyss is the home to some extraordinary and mysterious creatures and is situated in the planet’s death.

Now, talking about Ozen, she is a white whisk rank holder who lives in the second level of the Seeker camp in Abyss. You cannot call her a huge giant, but she is still a few meters tall. This sort of character can be appreciated in many ways, not just by looks but by behaviour.

I love her white and black hair flowing down her shoulder. Her eyes also deserve appreciation. Many of you will find her sexy and strong; her looks deserve five stars.

8. Lily Enstomach

Lily Enstomach

Here comes a very interesting and fishy character, Lily and Stomach, whom you can compare with her daddy. She is involved in stealing food from other folks, and this character tries her best to be like her father.

She is impressed by his character. She is fully loyal and never disrespects him. Besides that, he listens to him very carefully; however, you do find occasions where she overreacts, but that is something normal in Luffy, her friend, and the common thing between them is the love for food.

She has devil fruit power, which again impresses Luffy, and guess what? She can change her size as per her own choice using this fruit. These folks tend to help each other in various situations, and she is one of the most restricted people on the straw hat crew. Thank you.

7. Hawk Mama

Hawk Mama

Hawk Mama is an adorable, deeply affectionate character with her son. She is very devoted to her everyday work and always stays ready to help her crew.

There is one scene in this anime where we can see her not moving even a bit and standing still for hours for Miliodas to return, which shows her extreme loyalty towards Miliodas.

We can say she is not a very calm character. She is sometimes found surrounded by a lot of chaos. This fellow, even being a giantess, also gets feared by others. Yes, she does live a peaceful life with Hawk, her son, but we cannot say that her life is that easy.

Things keep happening occasionally, and to check this thrill, you will have to watch this anime.

6. Tiamat


Well, till now, we have been talking about all the positive characters around here. We found many adorable giantesses, a few of them very caring, but now it is time for the villain to make an entry over here.

Let’s talk about Tiamat.

She is a mum who bores humanity. However, after creating the world, she got cast aside. She has had so many bad happenings in her life that once she decides to set off to destroy the whole world that she created one day,

She is a fearsome giant, and nobody would love to stand against her in any conflict.

5. Brandish 


Brandish’s looks are far away from real life. A lot of people love this green-haired giantess. Her character is very fascinating. She once used to be King Spring Guns’ bodyguard.

I love the way her green bangs cover her huge forehead. You can see a couple of cross-shaped things poking her hair. I was warm when I saw her in a white embroidered black bikini. Her long legs prove to be very sexy, and some of you would even love her light skin tone.

Overall, there is very little to hate about her. Don’t believe me? Just check images in Google.

4. Matrona


Here comes Matrona, another very interesting giant who is extremely proud of who she is. She is ready to do everything possible as long as you pay her (don’t start getting dirty ideas after reading that). She shows no mercy while fighting with her opponents.

However, she also respects those who are highly strong, and she never steps back, even if the fight is going to be too tough. She is brave, besides being pretty attractive.

She can be compared to a Spartan who feels like they are the strongest race on the earth. This fellow believes the same about her race.

Be ruthless; I don’t mean she doesn’t have any sort of feelings for others. Most of the time, you see her as a rude character, but if you watch this anime, you will also find her soft side.

In some scenes, she is shown as a very caring individual. When the series moves further, you will find her more and more kinder. However, this kindness doesn’t hide her strictness.

3. Klan Klang

Klan Klang

Whether you talk about thrills, romances, action, science-related scenes, aliens, robots, or race wars, you cannot set your eyes off the Macross Frontier anime.

This one is truly amazing. Right now, we are talking about the giantess, Klan Klang, who is one of the most attractive characters in this anime.

She is the commander of the SMS Pixie Squadron. It is an all-female battle troop composed of this anime’s most dependable Zentradi warriors.

The most amazing thing I found about Clan Klang is her blue hair.

They look attractive, and also they are very long. They reach curls, which are pretty muscular; let me say this. You can see her hair tied in a couple of ponytails with perfectly blended pink ribbons, which give her an even more attractive look.

Yes, she is beautiful and up to some extent, a few guys out of you would even find her sexy. Let me tell you, she is a 12-meter-tall fighter, so don’t look upon her as a dream girlfriend. She will break your ass if you anger her, even by mistake!

2. Mountain Lady

Mountain Lady

In a few anime, you find giantesses who were not born like that. In a few cases, they do have a special power that allows them to increase or decrease their size, and right now, we are talking about a similar character – Mountain Lady.

She is truly a spotlight in her anime. When she transforms herself into a gigantic size, her strength increases up to a level, and you can see her kicking a lot of asses of her enemies in this anime series.

However, she is equally concerned about her beauty. She doesn’t appreciate anybody saying anything rubbish about her looks. So, the Mountain Lady is a harsh fellow; however, she is attractive enough to increase the heartbeats.

1. Shirahoshi


If you have truly watched One Piece, then I am sure you won’t be able to take your eyes off Shirahoshi because of her stunning looks. Straw Hats and Luffy are continuously hunting for One Piece.

During their journey, they meet Shirahoshi, the queen of Mermaid Island and the youngest of Neptune’s children. Her long pink hair gives her a different look, and this hair reaches her tail.

The best thing I love about her is that she is strong and decent at fighting; she is sizzling and gorgeous, especially in a bikini.

But how many folks in the One Piece anime are behind her? Does she give a damn to anyone? You will have to watch this anime and figure out more interesting facts about Shirahoshi, and I am sure you will find a bucket full of those.


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