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Best Revenge Manhwa Full of Betrayal and Vengeance

We are all aware that manhwa is home to different types of genres but mainly those with action and fights. Most of these kinds of content are read by males, but there are also some females who are fond of them.

I believe everyone has tasted betrayal, and we know how it feels to be betrayed, especially by your loved ones. This manhwa genre consists of characters full of vengeance and ready to do whatever it takes to seek revenge. Let’s not waste time and dive into today’s business without delay.

19. The Real Daughter Is Back

The Real Daughter Is Back

At some point, I don’t blame Helga Yttri for her prayers for Hylian never to return because we all want to have the best life. Do you think her prayers will be answered? Well, I doubt that, and my prayer is for the real young miss to return so that she can avenge what she was deprived of.

Despite knowing the truth that Hylian existed, Helga did not want her to return because she was enjoying the treatment. After being altered and made to look like her, she was made to stay in place of the real young miss. I won’t say anything again, but just know that Hylian will come back and seek revenge.

18. Nano Machine

Nano Machine

In this series, there is a prince by the name of Cheon Yeo-Woo, who is also an illegitimate prince. Despite this prince being illegitimate, he is very intelligent; however, he is weak.

Fortunately, some of his people found a solution for him to save himself from other princes. He used nanotechnology, where he got fighting skills and some healing abilities from the texts he read.

He even went to the extent of going to the Demon Cult, where he was being trained to become powerful and strong. This is where the manhwa becomes more interesting.

17. To Take An Enemy’s Heart

To Take An Enemy's Heart

This is one of the most amazing manhwa, full and power-packed with stunning actions. No moment will feel like the storyline is getting stale; no, it is fresh from the beginning to the end.

Don’t mind me, but there’s only one thing that kinda turned me off on this manhwa: I don’t like characters with too much hair, lol. The storyline of this manhwa is a masterpiece, and it’s gonna keep the reader busy.

The more you read the more you get curious to know about the next event. There are a lot of twists and turns of the plot but it will captivate your mind and drag you into an amazing reading mood. There is no time to waste; grab your copy today and read this amazing manhwa of a vengeful principal character.

16. Gosu


Don’t get confused trying to figure out which manhwa is this one; it is a result of a certain event that took place in “Yongbi the Invincible”. Just like many other manhwa related to martial arts have to do with revenge, Gosu also does the same.

Gong Yong got his master killed after some betrayal, and he made a vow that he would avenge the death of his master. Will he be successful with his mission? Yes, he will surely do it with the help of some martial arts skills and abilities that his master taught him.

The way he laid out his strategy as he hunted down all those involved in the betrayal of his master will definitely blow your mind. This manhwa is one of the must-read manhwa; don’t be left out.

15. Kill the Hero

Kill the Hero

It is sad how many good people are betrayed; after their betrayal, they are never the same. Well, the main character in this manhwa was a loyal subject who used to protect others, and all he wanted was a better world. Woojin is one of the characters on this list who went through extreme betrayal as he was betrayed by someone he trusted with his life.

He was fortunate enough that he reincarnated, but after reincarnation, all that was in his mind was revenge. According to what he started doing after being reborn, he became one of the bad guys and was ready to do whatever it took to kill that leader. There is no doubt that Woojin will succeed with his mission; what else do you expect when he is the main character?

14. God of Blackfield

God of Blackfield

In this manhwa, I don’t know whether we should call it reincarnation or what, as it is said that Kang Chan woke up miraculously. The other unusual thing about his awakening was three years later.

What do you think? Is it reincarnation, or is it something else? This is not very interesting; fast forward to the juicy part. He awakened as a young boy and was physically weak. Revenge didn’t come into his mind the moment he awakened, no.

It was something that came into his mind after he started to get to know about what happened to him before. Back to the part before he died, he was a great soldier on the battlefield to the extent that they gave him a nickname, God of Blackfield.

13. The Beast Must Die

The Beast Must Die

The creativity of the writers of this manhwa made me fall in love with it. This manhwa has almost all sorts of characters. There are twisted scoundrels, borderline, sinister, brilliant, insane and murderous.

We can call these characters psychos because I also can’t explain how these characters are so amazing. There is something about this manhwa that many people have never paid attention to, which includes how you can end up questioning your character.

Some of this manhwa’s quotes are beyond my capacity to explain. They are deep. Despite the characters’ devilish, deadly charisma, the manhwa is great.

12. Heavenly Demon Reborn

Heavenly Demon Reborn

This is also another manhwa with the concept of reincarnation. It is centred on Unseong, who tried to avenge the death of his master but got killed by the same people who killed his master. We all know this can’t be the end of the manhwa; Unseong reincarnates stronger than before.

The setting of this manhwa makes it obvious that martial arts are part and parcel of the manhwa as it is an ancient world. This can be one of the revenge genres’ best manhwa due to the flowing of the manhwa.

11. Return Of The Disaster-Class Hero

Return Of The Disaster-Class Hero

Sometimes, we wonder how people can be so full of pretence; one day, they will just leave us alone. Well Lee Gun was betrayed by his fellas and was left to die. I can’t tell you that he didn’t die, but all I can tell you is that he came back stronger and very powerful.

All he wanted was to take revenge on his fellas for what they did to him back then. Not forgetting that humans and monsters were living together at this point, and he also had to save humanity. Despite the betrayal, his heart towards humanity did not change, so he kept being nice as he hunted down his fellas who betrayed him.

10. To Not Die

To Not Die

It is normal to find cases of bullying in a manhwa that deals with high school life. Bullying is something that psychologically affects the victim, which also ends up giving this manhwa a psychological genre.

It is obvious that as a revenge manhwa, the victim of bullying, will one day seek his revenge. Dajun was tired of being bullied at school, and the only solution he had in mind was to commit suicide.

Fortunately, before he commits suicide, he comes across a TV interview that helps him seek revenge. This interview encouraged him as he even got the balls to stand up for himself and avenge his bullying.

9. Neon Revenge

Neon Revenge

I find it normal that some kids become unruly the moment they become teenagers. But no need to worry yourself; in this manhwa, there is a nerd named Seongbin Cha who promised to stop this. Seongbin Cha, aka Neon Mask, is someone who is kinda a socialite who makes use of YouTube and other platforms.

He demonstrates on his channel how he can put such kids in place and put them where they belong. The only problem with these teenagers is that they are evil, and who knows, they might even end up seeking revenge on him. Well, grab your copy and give us feedback on what happens next.

8. Into The Light, Once Again

Into The Light, Once Again

There is nothing hard like recovering from trauma. The moment you try to move forward, the traumatized incidents and moments will always pull you back. This manhwa is kinda different from others on this list, as this one gives us the principle of not taking revenge as the best revenge.

The family of the leading character in this manhwa shows how sometimes hearts can go beyond repair. Anyway, this can’t stop the manhwa from going forward as the family is healing from what happened back then. It was after their reincarnation, and they are now picking up the pieces of their broken hearts, hoping for a better future.

7. Legend Of The Northern Blade

Legend Of The Northern Blade

This is one of the most interesting manhwa, especially for those just starting to be interested in manhwa. After the death of Jin Mu-Won’s father, he had to leave his territory on a mission to become strong. He became a leader of the Northern Heaven Sect as the leadership was passed from generation to generation.

His mission was successful, and he returned stronger and started his quest for revenge. He wanted to avenge his father’s death and also save the world from the darkness that was befalling it. The only thing I like most about Jin Mu-Won is that despite seeking revenge, he didn’t forget how much the world needed him.

6. Your Throne

Your Throne

Those good people always end up being villains trying to make it up to themselves for what was done to them. Lady Madea Solon has been cool in her position next to the Prince.

Suddenly, she just lost the position, and now it’s her mission to regain her place as the right heiress. It only takes to be a villain in order to take revenge and get her place back or she just has to forget about it.

How can she forget about it whilst it’s her dream to be next to the crown prince Eros. I don’t blame Lady Madea Solon for becoming a villain because she was the one who was wronged in the first place. What do you think? Your opinions and thoughts are most welcome.

5. The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

If you still want to enjoy Manhwa with villainess content, put this last on the list because you will start comparing others with this one. The moment you read this Manhwa, you will stop reading another villainous manhwa because this one has top-notch stuff.

The way this main character is so evil and how she convincingly does her evil acts, trust me, you will fall for this one. Don’t tell me you haven’t read this Manhwa, dude; this is one of the must-read manhwa.

After Mielle messed up with Aria, Aria found her own way to deal with her. It turns out that Mielle wanted Aria dead, but she was the one to die first.

4. Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

After a student and his master were framed for something they didn’t do, they were executed. However, the student had a chance to live again, and we all know what he is with all the information from the past.

The student and his master were betrayed by their fellow members for training a certain demonic that was not allowed. The student is now under a new sect, giving him a clear chance to take revenge on those who betrayed him before.

3. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker

This Manhwa is centred on Yeonwoo, who is trying to complete everything that his brother left incomplete. Yeonwoo is not aware of how his brother died, but he made it his assignment to know what’s behind his brother’s death.

He got a pocket watch that helped him to figure out about his brother’s death and all about his betrayal. His brother was betrayed on a certain game by the name Tower of the Sun God.

Now, those who were his brother’s opponents are his opponents, and he is ready to do whatever it takes to avenge the death of his brother. Yeonwoo even went to the extent of playing the same game in order to make up for his brother’s death.

2. Rooftop Swordmaster

Rooftop Swordmaster

This Manhwa has one of my favourite storylines, whereby the weak character becomes unstoppable. After Seyoung was beaten by his colleagues and left to die, his father committed suicide.

He only found out that his father had committed suicide after he woke up from a coma. His father tried to get justice for the incident that had happened, but he couldn’t stand that’s why he committed suicide.

We can all imagine what this boy was going through before becoming a great swordsman. Despite the sorrows and sadness, he found a sword on the rooftop that helped him to be a great man when it comes to swords. It wasn’t swords only but also martial arts existed and he was unbeatable.

1. The Return of the 8th Class Magician

The Return of the 8th Class Magician

It is usually those people our characters call friends that betray them. I have been a friend to the Emperor for a very long time, and he has been a loyal friend. Things tend to sour the moment the Emperor starts to see his friend as the biggest threat to his throne.

He even forgot how Ian used to take innocent lives as just a way of being loyal out of jealousy of Ian’s magic. He conspired against Ian and poisoned his food, but it was too late because Ian knew about it.

Guess what Ian did? He turned back time by thirty years, and the Emperor turned into a small child. Ian then got himself enrolled at the best renowned magic school so that he could get more skills. This was just the beginning of his revenge. Grab your copy today and read this amazing Manhwa.


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