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Best BL (Boys Love) Anime That Will Give You Butterflies

“Boys Love”, you heard it right! Sounds eccentric, yet it is true!

Love is not captive to gender. It can flourish between man and man and women and women too! It is our compact perception that makes such relationships taboo in society.

Sometimes, the perceived unacceptable relationships may outweigh the emotions and authenticity of the Love in the so-called normal relations between men and women. Such relations may become exemplary when it comes to mutual trust and care.

Irrespective of the gender bias, Anime is the best play-set to portray the genuinity of affection and Love in a relationship. So, without banging much on the eccentricity, let’s witness the purity of Love that the anime world has stored in BL or Boys’ Love notion.

Here goes the top 20 list of BL (Boys Love) Anime that will give you Butterflies in your stomach!

19. Banana Fish

Banana Fish

Want to dwell in the nineteenth-century Boys Love Story? Banana Fish by Akimi Yoshida is a fantastic manga series on the BL list. Not just the romance, it has action and thrill too in the series.

Oops! Did I mention it’s not normal Love but a kind of eccentric Love knitted in the underworld?

Banana Fish is not a normal BL story, it has got all the underworld dons and illegal drug trafficking involved.

Ash Lynx, one of the juvenile characters, is involved in the fight with the mafia Don Dino. Nevertheless, you will be witnessing brutal fights, mysterious killings, and illicit activities ongoing in the mafia world.

Amidst all this viciousness, tenderness, and intimacy flourishes between Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura.

Beware! Banana Fish is not for timid-hearted people; it portrays underworld crimes. Besides, it is for those who nurture a broader view of the love life aspects, especially Boys Love!

18. Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica

Controversial yet popular, this is what we can say about the Junjou Romantica series.

This must be the first time the anime world has witnessed extremities on both ends, be it bitter criticism or selective appreciation by their fans.

Irrespective of the comments, we must say the series creates a perfect balance between comedy and tenderness, intimacy and an engaging storyline.

After reading this, are you curious to know the story? I won’t utter a word of it; Junjou Romantica has got you covered in your free time.

I suggest you don’t focus on the critics. If you are an avid lover of romance, Junjou Romantica is one such epic that should not go unnoticed.

17. The Betrayal Knows My Name

The Betrayal Knows My Name

Wow! What a name! What strikes your nativity when you hear, “The Betrayal Knows My Name”?

Does a lot of romance, heart-tearing breakups, and multiple affairs flash in your mind? Well, you are gonna get it wrong this time.

The Betrayal talks about My name and has the least to do with the love and affection stuff. In fact, the story talks more about the extra-sensory perceptions and clairvoyance rather than Boys Love.

Yuki Sakurai, the series lead character, has special powers to sense the memories of other beings. He struggles a lot to get the answer to his special gift.

Alas! He fails until he meets a mysterious man who takes him on a roller coaster ride filled with haunting conundrums and heart-skipping adventures.

It’s the most novice series for anime lovers who are just on the brink of diving into the Boys Love fantasy series.

16. Mignon


There is a young boxer, there is a vampire, and there is love between them!

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Well, it gets more exciting when both of them are boys!

The love story of humans and vampires has always fascinated the human world as it portrays various myths and folklore of ancient times, showcasing amazing incredulity and mystery in the storyline.

Lucky you! You have got “Mignon” on the Best BL (Boys Love) Anime list.

You will stop cherishing more if you have known the horrific truth of Mignon’s life. He repairs cars during the day, and at night, he indulges in ruthless cage fights in illegal arenas.

Amidst this dreadful plight, he meets Young-on, who works as a doctor there and is a vampire too! Despite knowing the reality of Young-on, Mignon falls for him and the romantic fantasy starts.

I am sure no one will miss the BL when Vampire is involved romantically in the series.

Friends! Mignon is just the right pick for you, then.

15. Given


Music is in the air! Oops! Sorry, Love amongst the musicians is in the air, too! Got butterflies in your stomach?

Well, the epic “Given” will cast more light on the love aspects of BL and will give you a stomach ache, too!

“Given” is taken from Natsuki Kizu’s manga series. It is the story of a high-school band. The main characters are Mafuyu Satou, Ritsuka Uenoyama, and the band members. Mafuyu and Uenoyama are both compassionate for each other and share similar love interests.

Their story starts on a berated note. Mafuyu gets angry at Uenoyama for being careless with his guitar. Later on, as he realizes Uenoyama’s excellence at playing guitar, he requests him to give some lessons on it. With musical notes, their chastity ends, and loveship starts.

Bang on! With rock music, “Given” is a near-perfect BL series depicting the intricacies of untold relationships.

14. Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano

What comes to your mind when I say there is a High School? Senior, and Juniors residing in the hostel? Varieties of thoughts will plunge in your mind, from bullying to friendship to authority. Did Romance come to your mind?

If not, “Sasaki and Miyano” will remind you of the senior-junior Boys Love of your High School days. It is a Japanese manga series written by Sh Harusono.

Sasaki is a senior, and Miyano is a Junior. Their friendship turns to love, and the culprit is Boys Love Comic Books. Simple. Well, there is more to the story if you have the patience to sit and watch its trailer.

I must say this anime has the perfect love potion to tickle your stomach.

No doubt this sugary and sour BL story is the most frequently talked about in the anime world.

13. Hirano & Kagiura

Hirano & Kagiura

I am sure we all have come across ample Love stories flourishing amidst the friendship. Am I right? Nothing is interesting in it.

What if I say the lovers are boys? It will slowly tickle your nerves and make you peek at least at the trailer. Right?

“Hirano and Kagura” anime became an overnight hit with little to zero marketing owing to this tickling plot.

It is a high-school boy’s love fantasy series. They both accidentally end up being roommates. Initially, they are pictured as amazing friends.

As time passes, both realize their friendship is crossing the fine line of being just friends to something a little more. This little more triggers the spark of love between them, and the BL story rolls on in the dormitory.

If you skip this anime series, I must say you will miss one of the finest anime characters, uncommon intimacy, and a tickling storyline.

12. Hitorijime My Hero

Hitorijime My Hero

Guess! There are two Boys’ Love stories in the anime. One is between student- teacher and the other is between the two students.

Friends! You guessed right, I am talking about the “Hitorijime My Hero” anime of the Japanese world.

Let me tell you the gist of one story. The student-teacher relationship one. Mashiro, a shy boy with many fallbacks in life, is looking for a role model.

Soon, the dashing personality, Kousuke, in the form of his teacher, comes into his life. Now, you are smart enough to guess what happens next. Love flourishes between them.

Apart from showcasing tenderness, anime is known for its hilariousness, too!

A must-watch for anime fans who want to know more about the Mashiro-Kousuke love life. Besides this, another boy’s love story awaits in this same anime.

11. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: World’s Greatest First Love

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi_ World's Greatest First Love

Have you heard of Shungiku Nakamura? He is a well-known writer of Junjou Romantica.

One more epic creation, “Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: World’s Greatest First Love,” anime boasts his name in the anime world.

Imagine your ex-lover crosses your road once again and shows love interest in you! To make it worse, he happens to be your boss! A complete disaster, isn’t it?

Well, this story seems fascinating only in the fictional world, but it will shake your whole life upside down in real life. Let me add a little more spice; what if I say that the lovers happen to be both boys? Interesting, isn’t it?

So friends! Set your thoughts free and let them be immersed in the ever-dramatic and traumatic (in a hilarious way) anime named Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: World’s Greatest First Love manga series.

This anime has everything to serve you, from romance to resistance to humor. I must say you will not miss it for a dime!

10. The Stranger by the Shore

The Stranger by the Shore

Love at first sight is understood between the boy and girl, but what if I say it happens between boys too? Indigestible? Well not in the “The Stranger by the Shore” anime.

Longingness of parents always brings people together. This time, these two people are men named Shun Hashimoto and Okinawa. This bond is not the usual one but of love and tender care paving its way for new hope amidst their void lives.

One is a writer, and the other is an orphan. Both happen to meet at the seashore, and their love story starts.

I must say it is a beautiful parody of Boys Love, who are a bit aloof and in search of solace amidst their inner turbulence. A must-watch BL anime series when you need some emotional support.

9. Sukisho! – Can’t Stop Loving You!

Sukisho! - Can't Stop Loving You!

Don’t judge the anime by its title because you might be deceived. Sometimes, the storyline may not be as captivating as its title is.

The same thing has been noticed by anime fans when it comes to the “Sukisho!- Can’t Stop Loving You!” manga series.

The plot is not extraordinary but a simple and easygoing storyline. It’s all about growing love between two men. The only magic it contains is of pure love and nothing else!

When it comes to animation, it excels in all the parameters of the anime world. I would say take a bowl of popcorn and start this boy love slow-mo; it will set your complete mood to cherish the eccentricity with some exceptional visuals on the screen.

8. Antidote


Friends! I have spotted one more Chinese Boys Love anime. I am talking about “Antidote” or “Jie Yao” by Wu Zhe.

Cheng Ke and Jiyang Yudo are the two main characters of “Antidote”. Cheng ke is looking for a rented house and finds Jiyang Yudo’s vacant adobe.

Unknowingly, they both meet once again and holding the fragmented pieces of life together, they embark on a caring and nourishing journey of romantic life.

Set your eyes on the “Antidote” pals. The overview may be bland, but the story’s depth is astounding and appalling.

7. Love Stage!!

Love Stage!!

Want to know about the exorbitant Japanese lifestyle? “Love Stage” will satiate your curious mind.

Hold on, it’s not just about extravagance; ‘Boys Love’ has also flourished amidst the renowned family.

Meet Izumi, the lead character in the series, who the successful family members encircle. His mother is an actress, his father a director, and his elder brother leads a band.

What a creative, rich and famous family! Only Izumi knows the cons and pressure of proving himself amongst them. On top of it, he becomes notorious for his infamous traits! A complete blow to his leftover image!

Whose eyes will deviate from the telecast, which displays the grandioseness and secretive, most talked about Boy’s Love relationships?

I will only say just go for this anime if you are a fan of BL!

6. The Untamed

The Untamed

Guys, do you know one Chinese anime in the BL list ringing the doorbells of international fans, too?

It’s “The untamed” or “Mo Dao Zu Shi” is written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

Its popularity amongst the viewers is truly justifiable in many aspects. You call it the character’s beauty, acting, vivid dressing style, or well-knitted plot; this anime has left nothing to serve you on your plate.

It also inculcates the mysteries of the rebirth and untold magic of the ancient Chinese tribe!

Is it enough, or shall I give you the gist of the story? Well, I will say it in only two sentences. Wei Wu Xian takes a rebirth and meets his former life soulmate, Lan Wang Ji. The road ahead is filled with life-changing secrets, adventures, and, of course, romance too!

I guess the anime lover needs just a hint, and the naive will not leave the seat once he starts the first episode!

5. Gravitation


If you have the patience to appreciate the shortcomings of the anime series, then “Gravitation” is for you to watch.

Nothing much to say; it is Japanese BL anime and owes its place in the list owing to its queer nature.

The story moves around the romantic relationship between a singer, Shuichi and a novelist, Yuki.

Definitely expect a few ups and downs in the relationship, or else what will it have to cater to its audience?

4. Heaven Official’s Blessing

Heaven Official's Blessing

Chinese anime seems to quite dominate the “Boys Love” stories.

This one is jaw-dropping! Mesmerizing visuals, serene music, and beautiful characters simply rule its storyline. The red demonic eyes dominating the blacker dimensions and the crown prince unveiling its powers are simply outstanding.

Hearing this, Boys Love will definitely take a back seat, or it may heighten its intensity; it’s just a matter of individual perspective.

Friends! I am talking about none other than the “Heaven Official’s Blessing” anime series. We have a prince charming, Xie Lian, in the mortal realm, the Gods with their mystic powers, and the demons with their legendary viciousness.

With all these mortal and immortal beings, what comes next is thrill, adventure, and romance, too!

You don’t dare to skip it if you have watched its trailer. This definitely falls on my top watchlist. What about you?

3. Dakaichi


For “Dakaichi”, I would only say keep your brain aside and enjoy your free time with fun-filled moments and a little BL romance, too!

The story is very simple. It talks about jealousy turning into an amiable bond between the two characters, Takato Saijou, a Senior and quiet one, and Junta Azumaya, a recent and talented one.

That’s all I have to say from my side, rest you are wise enough to choose what suits your palette.

2. Spiritpact


As the name suggests, expect a lot of psychic events, souls, exorcists, and humans in the “Spiritpact” story.

It is not as enchanting as other BL anime series, but it is respectable in terms of its captivating storyline, supernatural elements, and unusual activities.

The playful teasing between Keika and Tanmoku is noteworthy and refreshing. Did I mention that Keika has found a way to remain in touch with Tanmoku from the spirit world?

Despite its little drawbacks, you can consider tagging it in your watchlist owing to its own merits.

1. Super Lovers

Super Lovers

The title will do a perfect job of making you peek at the trailer, at least. Right? The trailer will make you ponder over the long-lasting Boys’ Love stories of the perennial time.

Super Lover is a tale of two boys and two mothers. The loveship starts between Haru and Ren with Haru’s task of disciplining Ren. Then, the time flies; they depart, yet the love remains alive in their heart. When they finally reunite, they have to make a fresh start.

Must say, it is one of the timeless BL pieces of the anime world!


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