20 Best Electric Type Pokemon Scarlet

We may have dreamed about fighting with our Pokemon, just like in the Pokemon anime. With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, that dream has become a reality. You can collect your Pokemon and fight against your opponents.

But where do you start from? Many types of Pokemons are available, such as Water-type, Electric-type, and Earth-type. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, electric-type Pokemons can crush water-type Pokemon but are relatively weak against ground-type Pokemon.

Electric-type Pokemon generally have higher Special attack ratings and come with powerful moves. So, in most cases, it’s good to have an electric type on your hand.

Some of the best Electric-type Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet are included here, but we have refrained from adding Legendaries due to their rarity.

1. Ampharos


It’s a good idea to choose Ampharos because it’s a mono-electric type. But it can also teach high-powered Dragon-type moves. It also has some good support moves. Aside from its powerful moves, it also looks adorable.

Ampharos has an HP and special defense stat of 90 at a base. It’s got a base special attack of 115. But the speed stat is a little bit concerning.

2. Sandy Shocks

Sandy Shocks

It is an exclusive Paradox Pokemon that cannot be found everywhere. You can only find it at Endgame Area Zero. Owners need to trade to get Sandy Shocks. It is a Ground/electric type and looks similar to Magneton.

Sandy Shocks has some amazing electric attacks like ‘Thunder’ and ‘Zap Cannon’ and some Ground-type attacks that can be useful in some situations. It has high speed and high Special attack stats, which allows it to hit opponents fast and deal heavy damage. Its only weakness is low defense stats, so it can’t take many attacks.

3. Iron Hands

Iron Hands

Like Sandy Shocks, Iron Hands is also a Paradox Pokemon, meaning it’s only found in the endgame region Area Zero. It is a Fighting/Electric type Pokemon. It’s exclusive to Pokemon Violet, so Pokemon Scarlet owners need to trade to get it.

Iron hands have huge amounts of HP combined with high attack stats. That makes it a huge threat to its opponents. It has many abilities, such as Quark Drive and Belly Drum. However, it is slow and has a low special attack stat. It can quickly crush many opponents using Belly Drum alongside Quark Drive and Booster energy-held items.

It looks very similar to Hariyama. Its only weaknesses are Psychic, Ground, and fairy-type Pokemon. It can halve its HP points and maximize attack using Belly Drum; this can be an instant killer move.

If you have done high-level Tera Raids online, you will know how powerful Iron Hands is. It is hard to hunt one of these because they are not found easily.

4. Kilowattrel


Kilowattrel is an Electric/bird-type Pokemon. At first glance, it seems that speed is the only noticeable stat in Kilowattrel, but if you look deeper, you will realize that it’s more than just speed. 

It has an ability called wind power, which can be used with tailwinds to cause an extra 50 percent damage while using electric moves. It has good defensive typing in Flying and Electric, which gives it many useful resistances and only two weaknesses.

One interesting thing to note is that if you hit Kilowattrel with a wind attack, it will get charged. So, you should be careful while using wind around it.

5. Eelektross


The pre-evolutions of Eelektross are fragile, and it will take a long time to evolve. While it may not look beautiful or cool, it has charm. If you are patient enough, you will have a good attacker with some nice Special Attacks and high attack stats. They are also immune to the only weakness of Electric-types because of their Levitation ability.

6. Pawmot


Pawmot is an electric and fighting-type Pokemon. It has a huge set of moves that TM can learn naturally. So you can plan plenty of strategies, utilizing its strengths. Pawmot looks very cute, and it has fur on its skin. However, don’t be fooled by its cute appearance and think it is weak.

ItsIt’s base speed is 105, with a base attack stat of 115. This Cutie has a hidden ability called ‘Iron Fist,’ which can power up its punching attacks. You can deal a lot of damage by teaching it Thunder Punch. However, Pawmot is naturally weak against the Psychic and Fairy types because it is a Fighting type.

7. Raichu


Raichu is an evolved form of Pikachu. It is an electric-type Pokemon unless it is evolved in Alola. It was first introduced in Generation I, and it’s an old favorite of many(including me). Since it has a long tail, it can learn some good moves like ‘Iron Tail.’ It can also learn Thunder, and TM moves such as Electro Ball and Thunderbolt. 

It has both special attacks and attacks at a base of 90 and a speed of 110. Its only downside would be a lack of type coverage, so you must bet on what it does best. It can be a make-or-break situation during competitive fighting.

8. Vikavolt


Viakvolt is an evolution of Charjabug. It’s both Electric-type and Bug-type Pokemon that made its first appearance in Generation VII(Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon). It has good stats in every area except for the speed.

Its appearance is also like a bug. It has an amazing Special Attack stat at 145. This means it can deal massive damage to opponents through special attacks.

9. Zebstrika


As you can guess from its name, Zebstrika looks like a Zebra. This Electric-type Pokemon is an evolution of Blitzle Pokemon, which looks like a smaller Zebra. It’s got impressive stats.

It was first introduced in Generation V(Pokemon Black and White). Its speed stat is at 116, and its attack is at 100. This means it can deal with heavy blows to its opponents and is also considered a Faster Pokemon.

10. Iron Thorns

Iron Thorns

Iron Thorns has dual attributes: Electric type and rock type. You can find it in Area Zero. It is a future version of Tyranitar. Using the Dragon Dance move makes it almost impossible for any Pokemon to compete in terms of speed. 

It is a heavy physical attack with high defensive stats, especially during sandstorms and electric terrains. Iron Throne also has a 4X weakness but can make up for it with its high stats. Moreover, you can remove most of the weaknesses by adding an electric tera type while boosting the power of wild charge. 

11. Electrode


One thing where Electrode has an edge over other Pokemon is its speed. It’s extremely fast and leaves its competitors in the dust. Since it’s so fast, you can optimize it with moves like Electro Ball. 

In terms of offensive attacks, its special attack is enough to put your enemies in the bind. Moreover, if you are familiar with Pokemon legend, there is also a regional variant called Arceus. 

It’s best to stay away from this Pokemon if you encounter it in the wilderness, as it can explode any minute. The Electrode is seen in almost all the regions inside the game, so it’s a very common electric-type Pokemon.

12. Pachirisu


Don’t judge Pachirisu with its small build and cute looks; you will probably regret it later. And this cute little thing also holds the title of a world champion. 

Pachirasu was not so popular back then, But during the Pokémon VGC World Championship Finals in 2014, Sejun Park was the one who brought this hidden gem into the limelight. Sejun was able to recognize its potential as a supportive Pokemon. 

Therefore, Pachirisu is a great support option for your team, as it has many support moves like Fake Tears, Charm, Encore, Nuzzle, Redirection, and Eerie Impulse. 

We know that Earth-type is a big weakness of any electric Pokemon. But you can overcome this weakness by turning this little one into a flying-type Pokemon.

13. Pincurchin


This guy might be scared of seaweed. But, Pincurchin is by no means weak. It has a powerful base attack power of 101 and a defensive stat of 95. You can blow your enemies to smithereens using its signature Lighting Rod ability. 

Pincurchin is a good choice for double battles. But you must remember that it has to survive on the field longer to take advantage of its stat-booster moves. I suggest pairing it up with a poison Tera-type Pokemon to create a killer team. 

14. Luxray


I never thought that the little thunder puppy would become such a powerful force someday. The black and blue fur with yellow marks creates a stunning appearance. Luxray is a powerful attacker with its high attacking power. 

To use this Pokemon best, use it with Thunder Fang and Wild Charge. But, don’t forget to keep a hold of Sitrus berry as using Wild Charge can cause recoil damage. Luxray also has an intimidating ability that can paralyze weaker Pokemon from far away.

You might be wondering why every player does not use such a powerful Pokemon. The reason is simple: it performs as well in battle as it looks. Sometimes, it won’t give proper damage output, and the area covered is also not that great. But, I hope it can become more useful after Terrastalization since leaving this beast on the bench is a waste. 

15. Miraidon


Mirandon falls under the category of Electric and Dragon Type Pokemon. If you are familiar with Cyclizar, then Mirandon is just a robotic version of Cyclizar. 

Electric Drift will deal with bonus damage when your Target is weak against Electric Pokemon. So, it is the best way to deal with heavy damage when encountering such targets. 

By the way, did you know you can also activate electric terrain at the beginning of your raid using Mirandon? Doing so will boost all your electric-type moves. Moreover, you can also increase its capabilities by using Wise Glasses to boost your special moves. 

There are only two box art legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, and Miranda is one of them. It belongs to the future paradox category. 

16. Magnezone


If you know about Magnemite or Magneton, then Magnezone is an evolution. Magnezone has an appearance that is derived from Magnet. It comes with Electric and Steel type attributes. It can also prove to be a good tank due to its high defensive stats. Moreover, it also has a special attack, which performs pretty well. 

Magnezone came after Generation IV (Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum). Overall, keeping this bulky boy around you is a good choice. 

17. Bellibolt


Most of the Pokemon we have seen until now have some other attributes, like a steel dragon or rock, mixed into it. But Bellibolt only has an Electric attribute. Therefore, Ground-Type attacks are its biggest weakness. But, in comparison to that, it is good for dealing with electric, flying, or steel types.

It comes with some average special attacks. But there are some good electric attacks like Zap Cannon and Thunder. 

Bellibolt also has an amazing ability called Static; using this gives you a 30% chance of paralyzing your opponent upon contact. You can also teach it some recovery moves like Rest and Sleep Talk. For defense, substitutes are a good option. 

Another ability is called electromorphosis, a powerful offensive ability that can double the power of the next attack whenever it gets hit during the battle. It may not be the most suitable Pokemon for attack-focused build. But, if you are making a well-rounded team, it has many useful skills that can be useful during the battle. 

18. Jolteon


If you have been playing Pokemon games for a long time, then you’ll probably be familiar with this one, as it appears in most Pokemon games. It is one of Eevee’s evolution options.  

Since Jolteon is an attack-focused Pokemon, it’s weak in defense. So, you must pair it up with a strong tank to take hits. Another way to keep it away from harm and maximize damage is by using a Volt Switch move. It also has many other powerful special attacks that can shave off a decent chunk of HP from your enemies.

In short, if you can somehow find a way to mitigate the damage of your opponents, then Jolteon is a good choice. 

If we talk about the stats, Jolteon has a speed of 130 and a base special attack of 110. So, if you want to snipe your targets quickly, it is a good choice.

19. Toxtricity


Toxicity is both a Poison-type and Electric-type Pokemon. It also has a special ability called Punk Rock, which gives a thirty-percent boost to the sound-type attacks. This is like an extra life orb for the sound-type moves without recoils. 

Moreover, you can eliminate the weaknesses of Toxicity by turning it into a normal type using terrestrialization. Now, you are ready to bombard your opponents with Punk Rock boosted attacks to wipe them off the field. But, try to keep the balance when creating the team. Otherwise,l just end up wiping out yourself outmatch. 

20. Rotom


Rotom is a dual-attribute Pokemon with Electric and Ghost attributes. Moreover, you can change its form and secondary type from five different options, but to do that, you’ll need a Rotom catalog. 

Now, to make the most of these forms, you’ll have to first consider other Pokemons of your teams and choose an option that makes up for their strengths and weaknesses. So you can make the most out of it. 

Furthermore, we know that Electric Pokemon are weak against Ground-type attacks, but Rotom is one of the few electric types immune to such attacks. It’s all because of its ability to Levitate in air. 


So, these were some of the best electric-type Pokemons of scarlet and violet. You can choose any that fits the shortcomings of your team. Electric-type Pokemons fare well against Water or Flying types but are weak against Earth types, so keep that in mind.

You can also check out our other blogs on the best fire-type, grass-type, or poison-type Pokemon, and many more since we have made a list of the best Pokemon with every attribute. 



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