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Where Was Inosuke During Final Selection?

Inosuke participated in the final selection on Mt. Fujikasane alongside Tanjiro Kamado, and other aspiring demon slayers. He did not initially highlight being part of the selection during the stages but was present and actively competing.

He also survived the excruciating trial that lasted for seven days which included battling demons trapped on the mountain, and this proved his abilities to be rather unique and worthy to become a demon slayer.

Inosuke’s Role in the Final Selection: A Survivor’s Tale

The final selection on Mount Fujikasane defines an important moment in Inosuke’s career as a demon slayer.

Despite being a wild boar with the aggressive nature of a demon, he approaches the trails with ease and displays a showcase of instincts when it comes to survival and determination towards the survivor,

  • Survival Instincts: His abilities allow him to navigate and adapt through dangerous terrains and lethal demons, giving him extra survival skills that allow him to portray crucial skills needed to survive the clouds.
  • Emerging Leadership: His willingness to engage with the deadliest foes and unorthodox strategies allows him to support other participants regarding supportive battles. And despite his rough edges, when it comes to supporting others during fights, his actions tend to show a bit of leadership amidst him.

Emergence as a Demon Slayer Post-Trial

  • Recognition and Resolve: After surviving the trials for those seven days, Inosuke continued his journey as a Demon Slayer. He was driven by personal goals and a greater understanding of the world’s threats rather than the trials and tribulations he faced on the mountain of Juwa while raised by pigs.
  • New Challenges: After coming down the mountain, he faces new challenges and tests that allow him to test his abilities and polish his skills strategically, thus preparing him for more complex fights that he has yet to face.

Behind the Scenes: Inosuke’s Challenges During Final Selection

  • Emotional Tests: Besides the physical battles, Inosuke is forced to face psychological challenges that allow him to learn to trust others and deal with his past traumas in the hopes of being a fierce, independent person. This becomes a significant challenge despite his confrontations with emotions.
  • Skill Development: He gives a key guarantee that when it comes to adjusting and catching opportunities that require him to develop his skills, he is one that you tend to put at the top of the list when it comes to finding ways to enhance his skills in high-stakes environments. That allows him to be fully focused.
  • Self-Discovery: As he goes along with the final selection, he can understand more about himself and identify the characteristics that display his personality and portray his traits. This eventually allows him to discover more about himself and understand where his goals should be aligned and how he should portray those goals.


Now, when we see Inosuke’s journey along the series, we see that he transforms from a wild solitary fighter to someone recognized by the demon Slayer Corp’s significant part.

All this is due to his immense growth and interactions with other Demon Slayers, which allows him to reveal layers of his character, setting up a foundation for his future goals of being one of the main players in the battles to follow alongside the protagonist Tanjiro.


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