Could Nezuko Be an Upper Moon?

Now, we have all seen the series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and we can see that one of our main characters, Nezuko Kamado, does not become an Upper Moon demon because Upper Moon demons are the ones that are under Muzan Kibutsuji’s command and they hold very high positions because of their immense strength and multiple blood demon arts.

Now, though Nezuko contains many combat skills and great capabilities like sunlight resistance, her development is directed toward controlling her demonic nature rather than rising through the ranks of the demons.

Nezuko’s Power Compared to the Upper Moon Demons

1. Demon Blood Art: 

Unlike many demons, Nezuko’s ability to manipulate fire in her blood demon art can harm and purge other demonic entities, which we consider one of the most exceptional traits among demons.

Even some upper moon demons cannot depict or manipulate fire with their blood demon act.

2. Self-Control: 

Nezuko’s advantage in her abilities is her self-control from killing humans or the urge to consume humans, which is rare in demons. Even when looking at upper moon demons, they cannot prevent killing humans.

Therefore, this gives her the unique advantage of being able to control herself from eating or slaughtering any humans.

3. Daylight Walker: 

An evolution from a common demon to one thatthat can withstand sunlight is a key development of Nezuko because this alone sets her apart from all the other demons, including the upper moon demons.

This makes her one of the most formidable foes when it comes to other demons because she can even resist the sunlight, which is one of the most common weaknesses of demons.

Why Did Nezuko Not Ascend to Upper Moon Status?

  • Humanity and Control: Upper moon demons have fully embraced their demonic natures and their power. However, Nezuko constantly struggles to retain her humanity to fight against demonic instincts. Her goal is not to seek power but to protect Tanjiro and his allies or the people around them.
  • Lack of Malice: Nezuko is free from the bloodlust that other characters display. Because upper moon demons are normally distinguished by their malice and dedication to Muzan’s destructive plan. Therefore, making Nezuko, being free from bloodlust does not fit in with the criteria.
  • Muzan’s Intent: Muzan’s intention is the destruction of the world. At the same time, Nezuko is typically on protecting humans, whereas Muzan hopes to rule the world with the upper moon demons, which are loyal and utilize their power to attain Muzan’s goals.

The Criteria for Becoming an Upper Moon

  1. Demon Strength and Battle Prowess: The initial criteria for becoming an upper moon demon is all about strength and the battle process, which is effective in battle. At the same time, Nezuko may have combat skills and a willingness to engage in fights, but the cruelty and dominance of this type of power lag within Nezuko.
  2. Loyalty to Muzan: For her to become an upper moon, Nezuko has to be loyal to Muzan, and this is rather an opposite trade towards her because her allegiance is all about protecting her brother and the humans, making her a poor candidate for being an upper moon.
  3. Demonstrated Cruelty and Strategic Value: Being an upper moon is about being cruel and creating countless cold-blooded scenarios when engaging with humans. And Nezuko is against such cruelty and strategic values. Therefore, makes it less likely for her to become an upper moon demon.
  4. Influence Among Demons: To become an Upper Moon demon, she has to lead other demons while under the command of Muzan. Nezuke focuses on her path to the safety of her allies rather than longing for their influence and ability to command other demons.


So, I would say It will be highly impossible for Nezuko to become an upper moon demon.


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