Why Did Eren Kill 80% of Humanity?

In Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager studied the Thundering, which prompted the demise of 80 percent of mankind.

As a component of his outrageous answer for safeguarding individuals of Paradise Island, Eren trusted that by dispensing with a large portion of mankind, he could guarantee the well-being of his country from outer dangers and future intrusions.

This drastic action shows how he changed from being a human rights advocate to someone willing to make a huge sacrifice for what he thought was the greater good.

Eren Yeager’s Decision to Initiate the Rumbling

Okay, people, we should get into the bare essentials of one of the most stunning minutes in Attack on Titan. Eren’s choice to start the rumbling was more than a plot twist. It was an entire plot earthquake that shook all the fans to their core.

  • Understanding the Motive: Eren didn’t simply awaken and choose to play marbles with the epic Titans. This move was not yet blank. He thought it was the only way to protect his least alien’s future from the hostile world.
  • Desperation Times Call for Desperate Measures: Imagine Eren, our protagonist, who once had bright eyes being pushed to the edge and making a decision that is so drastic. It changes the world’s landscape. This is typical in desperate times, necessitating radical measures.
  • The Weight of the Decision: Eren’s internal conflict and significant burdens. To officiate this choice are agents. Featuring his radical shift from a confident freedom fighter to a fully determined guy who wants justice anyhow.
  • Fan Reactions: When we look at the fans’ reactions, we can expect the fanbase to split on this question: Was Eren a hero, a villain, or just a guy trying to make an impossible choice?

It was one of the most talked about moments in the history of anime due to the theories, debates, and discussions that exploded across forums and social media.

The Strategic Reasons Behind Eren’s Action

There was more to this than just brute force if you can believe it.

  • Endgame Strategy: Eren’s activities weren’t irregular. He wanted to end all immediate threats to Paradise Island by starting the rumbling effectively by resetting global power dynamics, just like he chose.
  • Creating a Legacy of Fear: Fearing for the future, Eren knew that to safeguard his home, he needed to turn into the beast whom everybody used to fear. His system led to the feeling of threat towards Humanity.
  • Cutting Off the Snake’s Head: Eren wanted to make it impossible for the rest of the world to ever threaten paradise again by going after global military hubs and infrastructure. And to ensure his people’s survival.


So, in the end, Eren’s choice to start the Thundering is one of the most legendary moments in anime that consolidates profound procedure, extraordinary inclination, inclination, and worldwide stakes.

One thing is certain, though. Eren Yeager left a mark on the world that no one in Attack on Titan could ignore, regardless of whether you viewed him as a hero, a dictator, or something in between.


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