What if Nozuko was a demon slayer?

If Nezuko was to become a demon slayer, then it would change the fundamentals of her role and the dynamics of the series.

Now, Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer, as you all know her to be Tanjiro’s sister, is a human demon. If she was a demon slayer, we could have got to see her as the combatant rather than a symbol of human-demon coexistence.

Nezuko Kamado: Potential Paths as a Demon Slayer

Nezuko’s unique position as a demon who still has a human consciousness gives her a fascinating evolution in the form of the demonic slayer.

If she’s to become a demon slayer, we’re going to look at four paths she would take if she becomes a highly active participant in the Demon Slayer Corps.

The Hybrid Slayer: 

Now, we all know that Nezuko is a demon having amazing abilities.. Now imagine if she could also have the human martial arts of a demon slayer, we would have got to the combination of demon abilities plus the art of human capabilities through the act of martial arts.

This dual strategy would make her one of the most formidable foes, and she would be able to adapt quickly to different situations when it comes to combat.

The Diplomat: 

If Nezuko had been a diplomat, she could have become the bridge between the demon world and the human world because of being half-human and half-demon.

She could harness the ability to understand both sides of the conflict and hopefully find a way to negotiate the conflict, making her one of the most unique characters in the series.

The Specialist in Demon Psychology: 

Due to her half demon half human consciousness, we would see Nezuko specializing in the psychology insights of a demon when it comes to teaching humans how to find different ways to kill demons.

The Mentor: 

Due to her experiences with demon instincts, she would take up the role of being a mentor and training other slayers, especially the young ones,  who might be at risk of demon transformation.

And she may be able to teach them how to control their abilities without losing their human consciousness and becoming full of demons.

So, in her experience of knowing how her demon instincts work, she might be a key factor in helping newly transformed or soon-to-be transformed demons to control their powers and harness them before they lose their minds.

How Would Nezuko’s Fighting Style Differ from Tanjiro’s?

We all have seen that Tanjiro’s unique abilities enable him to fight formidable enemies. And as a demon slayer, he has mastered the art of breathing techniques. Nezuko would not need these breathing techniques as she already possesses demonic blood.

So she’d already had enough enhancement to learn martial arts and portray demonic powers as well.

  1. Use of Demonic Powers: We all know Nezuko can use the blood art, which allows her to physically enhance her abilities. And her fighting style offers her a different set of fighting tools. Whereas Tanjiro  relies on water breathing techniques and, later on, developed  the  demonic killing technique of Dance of the Fire God
  2. Greater Resilience and Recovery: Nezuko’s regeneration abilities are remarkable because she can heal or recover from her injuries quickly, making her a more adaptive fighter when it comes to fighting battles that may be difficult to endure.
  3. Non-Reliance on Breathing Techniques: As I mentioned, Nezuko already has physical strength and concentration when it comes to battle; therefore, she would not rely on breathing techniques, and she would be able to fight more freely if she were to portray the character of a demon slayer.

The Role of Nezuko in the Demon Slayer Corps

  1. As a Combatant: As a combatant, Nezuko would be someone who would be able to fight powerful enemies using demon derived powers that other demon slayers might find trouble dealing with. She would be capable of destroying them due to her unique demonic powers.
  2. In Research and Development: In order for the Demon Slayer Corp to attain research and knowledge about demons’ psychology and ways of killing them, she would be part of the research and development group that helps in looking for valuable aspects in ways of helping demons to retain human consciousness as well as killing them more effectively.
  3. As a Bridge Between Worlds: Nezuko would have become the bridge between the human world and the demon world, allowing the coexistence of the new era to end. She would help to reduce or solve the conflicts and misunderstandings humans normally have with demons.
  4. Technical support: She would also be able to provide technical support roles by rescuing other slayers when they’re in deep situations due to her capabilities of manipulating the blood art and controlling her demonic form.

Alternate Scenarios: Nezuko as a Protector of Humanity

  • The Peacemaker: Nezuko can be the power of the people when she can use her powers to shoot civilians and slayers from demonic attacks, and so she would be the protector and defender of people.
  • The Guardian: Nezuko depicts the capabilities of avoiding demon threats while ensuring the safety of others. And this would make her the guardian of many people in specific regions and areas.

Impact on the Demon Slayer Storyline with Nezuko as a Slayer

Nezuko as a demon slayer would be an extravaganza because we would be looking at a demon that has the capabilities of the martial arts of a demon slayer, and that would be a whole new storyline.

However, due to the creator’s storyline, they didn’t portray that ability yet to see if the story might end up following that path. But in the meantime, we still enjoy being entertained with  Nezuko as a half-human, half-demon.


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