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Is Sukuna a Fraud?

no, Sukuna is not a fraud. In fact, he is well known for holding the title of the King of Curses because he is depicted as one of the most powerful and dangerous cursed spirits, who was originally a human sorcerer over a thousand years ago. And his own reputation and his own capabilities are well-known to bring fear in the people.

Besides this, Sukuna possesses the powerful cursed energy and multiple destructive techniques that validate why he’s known as the most powerful foe in the Jujutsu world.

The True Power of Sukuna: Myth vs. Reality

So, in the realm of Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna is not just one of the average characters. He’s well known for being a legend, often referred to by people as being the undefeated king of curses.

His own reputation revolves around his past tales and his strong powers as a curse. However, it’s essential to be able to look at the difference between the myths that surround him and the actual reality of his own ability, as seen in the series.

Sukuna’s Abilities and Their Impact on Jujutsu Kaisen

So his abilities are a mix of pure strength and strategic thinking because he’s not just brutal; he’s also smart and strategically cunning. He possesses a unique curse technique that makes him a threat to curses and sorcerers.

Besides this, his powers are so important that just his only presence shifts the power dynamic as a whole. And each display of his abilities shows a bit more about his powers’ potential.

Why Sukuna is Feared as the King of Curses

  • Unmatched Power: he possesses a wide array of abilities, which makes him one of the most powerful foes in the entire series because of his level of powers. No other sorcerer or even curses can match his ability to manipulate and control curses.
  • Cruelty and Malice: beyond his strength, he is well known for being the most cruel and lacking empathy. And this kind of behaviour truly terrifies anyone who knows Sukuna. Even though this is cruel, he takes pleasure in destruction and chaos. More often in the series, you see he uses his power to cause pain for amusement and suffering without any hint of regret.
  • Strategic Mind: he is not just powerful like I mentioned before; he is incredibly smart, and he can outmanoeuvre almost anyone, making him one of the people that I’ve feared in terms of his strategic thinking and someone who is always a step ahead of his enemies.

The Historical Significance of Sukuna in the Jujutsu World

Sukuna’s impact in the Jujutsu world is beyond his current actions. Because looking back, he was well known for being a sorcerer with a lot of power and his transition into a cursed spirit magnified his threat.

His path is well rooted in battles and destruction, shaping the history of Jujutsu and the approach of handling curses in general. He continues manipulating the strategies and fears in the Jujutsu society even today.


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