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 Can Geto Absorb Sukuna?

No, Geto cannot absorb Sukuna because Geto’s ability allows him to absorb and control certain curse spirits. But Sukuna is one of the most special curse spirits with a lot of power and his own will, which is beyond Geto’s capability to control and absorb.

Sukuna’s strength is known for being the king of the curses as he possesses his own curse technique. This makes him one of the most exceptional things to the spirits that Geto can dominate.

Geto’s Limits in Absorbing Powerful Cursed Spirits

So Suguru Geto’s ability to absorb cursed spirits is very powerful. In the Jujutsu Kaisen society, yet, sometimes it comes with its own limits, particularly when a powerful spirit like Sukuna proves to be out of his control due to the amount of power that Sukuna possesses.

This kind of limitation highlights an important balance in the sorcery world where not all the powers can be manipulated and taken control of by any other sorcerer. And this preserves a sort of balance between sorcerers in the cursed spirits.

Why Sukuna Is Beyond Geto’s Control: A Detailed Analysis

Sukuna is known as the king of curses, representing the zenith of cursed energy that Geto, despite being one of the formidable characters and possessing amicable abilities, cannot hope to control Sukuna any day. Looking at this further, let’s investigate why Sukuna remains out of ghettos reach.

1. Immense Cursed Energy: Sukuna possesses one of the most intense cursed energies, which is heavy and complicated to control. And so this makes it impossible for Geto’s techniques to be able to control Sukuna without any severe repercussions or potential big fire.

2. Sukuna’s Will: Sukuna possesses a strong will and consciousness as a spirit, unlike any other cursed spirits that are present in the series. This type of consciousness that Sukuna possesses allows him to be able to possess a certain capability to resist or even manipulate any other sorcerer with ease.

3. Historical Precedence: So, back in the day, we all know that Sukuna was known to be very powerful and outmanoeuvre other powerful entities, including sorcerers and spirits who have tried to bond with him.

4. Sukuna’s Curse Techniques: Sukuna holds a lot of seven techniques that are very advanced and that are particularly specific to his lineage and history. These techniques give him a certain capability to defend and also be offensive in the battles. And in this instance, Geto cannot go against such defences and the offensive nature of Sukuna.

5. Risks of Absorption: Trying to absorb a spirit as powerful as Sukuna could result in a more dangerous outcome, which might overwhelm Geto. Because Sukuna is powerful enough to easily take over Geto’s body.

Suguru Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation Explained

Geto’s ability to manipulate and absorb cursed spirits is a foundation of his powers, which allow him to harness his strength and abilities. Here’s how it works.

  • Absorption Technique: Geto can absorb certain curses in his own body, store them, and utilize them as per his own will. This process usually involves weakening the spirits and making them easier to absorb.
  • Utilization of Absorbed Spirits:  Once Geto absorbs the spirits, he can use them to fight alongside him or even use their unique capabilities as weapons in combat situations.
  • Limitations and Risks: While this technique is powerful, it has its own threshold, such as the capability of spirits you can hold at a given amount of time and the risks of absorbing powerful and overwhelming spirits, like Sukuna.

What Makes Sukuna Unique Among Cursed Spirits?

Sukuna’s uniqueness among cursed spirits can be attributed to many key factors. And here are some of the key factors.

1. Historical Significance: Sukuna was well renowned and had many people fearing him as a sorcerer in human life, which adds to his strength and wisdom as a cursed spirit.

2. Multiple Innate Techniques: So unlike any other typical curse spirit that is there in the Jujutsu world, Sukuna possesses a lot of curse techniques that he has retained for a long period of time. These techniques give him the versatility and the power in combat necessary to be a formidable cursed spirit.


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