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11 Best Cheating Hentais to Uplift Your Fantasy

Maybe it’s because the “cheating hentai” genre is somehow relatable to some people, and that’s why they have not received it well. But one thing l have realized is that this isn’t true for everyone because some find this to be an equalizer.

I wouldn’t even wish for my worst enemy to get cheated on, especially after getting married. You might agree with me, but it’s not rocket science to explain why this can be a good thing for some people. I mean, wouldn’t you love it to have a woman who hasn’t been satisfied by her husband to ask you to bang her hungry pussy.

The cheating wives in all the shows below are gonna be offering their bodies to the male protagonists. It’s not like they are going to be forced or manipulated; they did it of their own free will.

Would you blame the protagonist for simply doing what he is being begged for? He did not make the vows, so he didn’t owe anyone any loyalty. What do you think? Let me say no more, and let’s dive into it.

1. Aisai Nikki

Aisai Nikki

Let me start by telling the story of a couple in this anime that got into steamy anal sex and everything. The story is about a husband with a goddess of a wife, Sanae, who was perfect in everything. She was every man’s dream, but there is a problem.

He couldn’t sexually satisfy her because of his erectile dysfunction. The wife doesn’t nag about it, but he just wishes he could do just this one thing for her. So men can be overthinking sometimes; he starts wondering if their wife sometimes fantasizes about being fucked by another man.

He came up with an idea that maybe she can get the dick from another man so long she gets a good time. Of all the men he could get, he got one of his workmates, Miyakoshi.

I am not even sure if this was a good idea, but maybe he knows what he is doing. He secretly sets up a camera to see his wife bending down to another man.

He didn’t expect seeing Miyakoshi have his way with Sanae would do things to him. Just the fact that someone else was making his wife happy sexually made him horny. Why don’t you go ahead and check it out for yourself?

2. Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni

Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni

The production team did exceptionally well, forcing you to focus only on the good. I say this statement because if it wasn’t for the sizzling hot sex, you would have made a lot of mistakes.

The plot centers around the life of a girl named Shinomiya. Yuuta had been her boyfriend and friend since childhood, and they met again later in life. He quickly patched things up with her because he wouldn’t waste more time in separation. Their relationship is now fixed, and they start having sex.

The way Shinomiya is now sexually experienced shocks Yuuta. He begins to wonder where she had learned all that from. She lied to him that she only picked some skills and tricks when they talked about sex with her friends.

She added that she had not done the actual deed; it was just theoretical knowledge. She had a man on the side with whom she had been getting intimate.

Even after mending things together, part of her heart was still with that man. Their sex is phenomenal, and there is a part where she is getting fucked with the other guy, and it’s way better than Yuuta’s moments. To be honest, their sex moments are all I ended up wanting to see. You cannot even compare the two.

3. Naisho no Wakana-san

Naisho no Wakana-san

One thing about the cheating wife in Naisho no Wakana-san is that she isn’t cheating and feeling guilty about it. She was happily cheating, lol. I don’t know if that makes sense to you.

There isn’t much excellence to comment on regarding the animation, plot, and all that, but the cheating part is obvious. A man and his wife, Wakana, go to a funeral as a couple, and this is where it all goes haywire. She disappears after dinner to do the forbidden thing we are all looking forward to.

Wakana fucked one of her distant cousins, and they did all sorts of positions and naughtiness. While the husband is busy looking for her, she is out here sucking Takashi’s dick and making him stick his dick in between her boobs and thrust them.

I can’t forget to mention the crazy ride she gave him. If this is not cheating, then l don’t know what is, and this is why it’s here on this list. So make sure to watch it.

4. Tsuma ga Onsen de Circle Nakama no Nikubenki ni Natta no Desu ga… Anime Edition

Tsuma ga Onsen de Circle Nakama no Nikubenki ni Natta no Desu ga… Anime Edition

I want to know what you think about people acting wild after having a few drinks. Is it the alcohol influence, or are they just sober thoughts they were waiting to get a chance to act on? Hiroshi and Ayaka just got married and are out celebrating with other friends.

As they were drinking and getting tipsy, things started to get a little bit messy. When l say messy, l mean that Hiroshi didn’t think all this would happen, and you know it will affect their marriage.

The guy friends start bluffing about how they all had fucked Ayaka before. Does this matter, though, or were they just trying to feed their ego infant of her husband?

Cheating isn’t only a result of a plain boring marriage. There are many reasons why women go out to look for more. However, in the case of Ayaka, she simply can’t forget all the men who had banged her before; maybe it was too good to forget.

I can say she is one of the serial cheaters on this list because she can’t even deny having sex with others. Even in Hiroshi’s presence, best believe she will open her legs for another man.

She can take more than one dick at the same time. All her friends will feast on her like the husband isn’t there, but somehow, he doesn’t fuss about it. Unbelievable! You should definitely give this series a try.

5. Tanetsuke Oji-san to NTR Hitozuma Sex The Animation

Tanetsuke Oji-san to NTR Hitozuma Sex The Animation

If you see the type of man Kasumi was cheating with, you might think she was tricked because there was no way. But I am here to tell you that she was deliberate and doesn’t even regret it.

The narrative is like this: a disgustingly looking man from next door tries to blackmail Kasumi by showing her a picture of her daughter and husband fucking each other.

She is not even fazed because she already knows what’s up. Amidst this puzzling moment, the ugly neighbor pins her down against her will, but to his and our surprise, Kasumi does not even try to resist.

You would think that she was gonna scream, but no. Maybe this was her way of not focusing on her resentment for her husband then. I don’t know why, and l don’t care how ugly the guy is; we can both excuse her for this.

Good for you that this is not the usual type of cheating shown in most shows. It might have started on a bad note, but things quickly turned to Kasumi feeling great about fucking her blatant neighbor.

What do you expect her to do when her husband and daughter moan and make sounds that reach her through the wall? Now you understand what brought out the freak in her. If I were you, I would be watching this series already.

6. Boku no Yayoi-san

Boku no Yayoi-san

This anime is great for the cheating part and has a very gripping plot. It all started when Yayoi lost her husband and was now staying with Hiro. He was the late husband’s little brother whom she had vowed to take care of.

With time, they began becoming closer and closer, and as expected, Hiro began to develop feelings towards Yayoi. The deeper the feelings, the harder it was for him to keep it in. I think Yayoi got the memo and decided they could become a thing, like a romantic couple.

They say that good times don’t last, and I’m starting to think it’s true because of what happened here. As the new couple enjoyed their moment, Yayoi’s ex, Hebitsuka, came into the picture.

The scary thing is that he is the reason behind the death of Hiro’s brother. So we don’t know how much more harm he meant to Hiro. Hebitsuka wanted to destroy this relationship and just cause havoc in Yayoi’s life. A lot is happening, and you shouldn’t miss this series for anything.

7. Ano Danchi no Tsuma-tachi wa… The Animation

Ano Danchi no Tsuma-tachi wa… The Animation

I am sure you have realized by now that workaholic husbands are most likely to get cheated on. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but who cares about morals when you are getting horny.

This series shows a couple of wives who are cheating on their husbands because they feel sexually starved. Their sex drive is so that a quickie they can get here and there from their husbands isn’t gonna make them feel anything.

Some men say they are too tired to perform, some are tied with work or simply just not available, and these women were not waiting for anybody. So, all these cheating women live in a big house with an uncontrollable hunger for sex.

There are men who come there to get a chance to fuck these women to their satisfaction. Don’t worry; there won’t be any drama because this happens when their faithful, hard-working husbands are far away.

8. Gishi wa yan mama junyuu chuu

Gishi wa yan mama junyuu chuu

If you are looking for a story that builds up the sexual tension slowly with excellent quality, then you are in the right place. The plot explores the life of a woman with two kids and a good-for-nothing husband.

After moving from her matrimonial home, she and her stepbrother were drunk the other day and having a little chat. The sister openly said she didn’t think her brother was man enough. She told him he was just like any other man and nothing was too special about him.

Amidst the conversation, the woman made a silly joke daring her stepbrother to suck the life out of her boobs. The brother didn’t take this as a joke and straight up buried his face in her boobs, and this was just the beginning.

You probably have heard of this type of relationship between step-siblings, but this was different, I promise you. The series will keep your eyes glued on the screen and how their bond slowly develops until it reaches full-blown heated sexual moments between these two.

Of course, this lady was cheating on her husband, but you won’t even get time to focus on that. What you are looking for is all in this series, and nothing else matters.

9. Shoujo kara Shoujo e…

Shoujo kara Shoujo e…

It makes me angry when people don’t appreciate what they have. Anyway, let me not get too emotional and just tell you why I said so. Yuuki accidentally breaks her neighbor’s dinnerware, and she wants to make it up to him by having dinner for two.

Mind you, the husband will be away during this dinner. Takuma gets into the house and is greeted by a very attractive woman in front who is putting on lingerie only. To her defense, she forgot to put on some clothes.

It’s gonna be hard for Takuma to tame his beast when all that juicy, sexy body is right in front of him. Yuuki, like the good person she is, offers to give him a blow job just to help his dick relax.

After having the audacity to cheat on her husband in the first place, won’t it make sense to do more than just suck dick? She unleashed the slut in her and hungrily swallowed all his cum, and went on to ride him. Yuuki was feeling alive with all this happening on the floor of her matrimonial home.

She was riding him until she felt like a real woman should, but with all the satisfaction, she didn’t stop there. She went on and on. It turns out she is not only a good cook but also a freak in bed, but l guess her husband will never know.

10. Enbo


Sometimes, these temptations to cheat knock on the doors of these women. It’s not every time they go out to look for it, like in the case of Misako.

Whenever her husband goes to work, she receives calls from a stranger. These are not normal calls because this unknown guy starts questioning her about bizarre things, like if she had been fucked last night. I don’t know if I could speak if someone I don’t know asked me this.

As frustrating as these calls were, they just started to wonder if there was more to sexual fantasies she hadn’t experienced in her boring marriage. It gets crazier when she starts to please herself with a vibrator while talking to the man over the phone.

Because you and l have stayed here long enough, we know it just doesn’t end here. Misako had just given in to this first request from the stranger, but will she be able to finish what she started? Or it will reach a point where she has to beg to fucked by the stranger.

This series will take you on a ride of 4 thirty minute episodes of one of the wife serial cheaters. You will see her jeopardizing her marriage for a man she doesn’t know.

All this is because she is starting to feel things she hasn’t felt in a long time or even something she has never felt since marriage. The journey of this plot is quite interesting, even though you might not love how it ended. No more talking; I suggest you go ahead and watch this anime without fail.

11. Katainaka ni Totsuidekita Russia Musume to H Shimakuru Ohanashi

Katainaka ni Totsuidekita Russia Musume to H Shimakuru Ohanashi

One thing about hentai anime is that the men don’t like wasting opportunities when they know that they are getting pussy at the end of the day. If you’re observant like me, then you have probably realized this.

Kenta has been responsible for caring for her sister-in-law while her husband is on a business trip. So now we know that this is his brother’s wife we are talking about.

Kenta saw that the only way to get closer to her Russian sister-in-law was by educating her about Japanese culture. This wasn’t really a bad plan, was it? Arisa is vulnerable now that she wants to get fucked, but her husband isn’t there, so Kenta automatically becomes the best option.

In most cases, hentai shows us these situations when the brother is doing it for jealousy or some sort of revenge. It’s different here because Arisa willingly gave in.

She seized this beautiful chance by acting stupid. All the episodes will show you how Kenta twisted and turned her into different sex positions. She has an innocent look that makes the sex more cocky and enjoyable to the viewers.

Have I mentioned how busty she is? Miss Ma’am has had boobs for days. If blond girls who will suck you while looking at you with their blue eyes are your type, then this is the anime for you. Go watch it, and you will thank me later.


In conclusion, who knows if this will be the beginning of your journey as an NTR hentai fan? It can be safe for me to say that cheating hentai is part of milf anime, as most of the female characters are gurus when it comes to sex.

One thing for sure is that the young cannot even compete with these, no matter how youthful they look. While cheating is bad, and most cheaters get shamed in real life, this genre will make you ignore all of that and not even see how bad it is to cheat on your spouse.

All these are just recommendations I have given you, but you know you can always pick your favorites. These older women know no limits and are willing to go as far as their imagination goes.

I personally loved Tsuma ga Onsen de Circle Nakama no Nikubenki ni Natta no Desu ga Anime Edition and Tanetsuke Oji-san to NTR Hitozuma Sex The Animation. If you have reached this far, then it means you were enjoying my list, and I am glad that you did. I still have more lists from other genres.


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