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Was Mikasa Buried Next to Eren?

Mikasa’s burial next to Eren is not shown or mentioned in the series Attack on Titan. But Mikasa burying Eren’s head under a tree on Paradise Island, where they spent much of their childhood, marked the series’ conclusion.

The manga does not go into great detail about Mikasa’s burial in the future which certainly leaves this aspect to future expansion by the author.

The Final Resting Place of Eren Yeager: Mikasa’s Tribute

If you’ve watched the series, you know how emotional the final part is. But nothing can quite prepare you for the end.

So, we normally see it as one of the most recognized moments, where Mikasa’s recognition of Eren sheds his turbulent excursion and fills in a pleasing image of their complicated relationship.

  • A Quiet Goodbye: It’s a scene where Mikasa is waving final goodbyes despite a lot of chaos in reality. Of course, the scene is very touching and emotional for everyone.
  • Eren’s Grave: Mikasa’s simple but significant act of wrapping a scarf around a monastic grave marks Eren’s final resting place. However, it’s not just any scarf; it’s the one Eren wrapped around her on a cold day to symbolize that close bond.
  • Mikasa’s Resolve: Even in melancholy, Mikasa’s accolade highlights her versatility. She honors Erin’s memories with a quiet strength. That reflects the development throughout the series rather than grand gestures.

Significance of the Tree on Paradis Island

Now, about that tree on Paradise Island where Eren is buried, there is more to it than its appearance. This tree has seen ages and wars, and presently, it observes the finish of an adventure.

  • Historical Marker: This tree resembles almost a character in and of itself. It has been there through the whole history of paradise, standing tall amid evolving times, which is similar to the apathetic characters of the series.
  • A Meeting Place: It was a place where young Eren, Mikasa, and Armin shared their dreams. The Paradis Island resembled easier times and an encouraging sign of what would come.

Mikasa’s Life After Eren: Future Possibilities

There are prospects as to what happens to Mikasa following the turbulent death of Eren. Her life past the series finale is a material of potential outcomes, each painted with her perseverance of strength and desire to push forward.

  • New Beginnings: A fresh start to Mikasa’s process doesn’t end with Eren’s demise. Her path is ripe for exploration, whether she continues to fight for peace or find solace in a quieter life. She could pass on her strength and wisdom to the next generation by serving as a mentor.
  • Legacy of Peace: In Mikasa’s future, she might work towards making the world more peaceful than Eren had hoped it would be. Her dedication to lay down her arms and seek reconciliation might inspire others.

After Eren, Mikasa’s story is as open and vague as the sea around her disinherit. She carries with her the lessons she learned from her time with Eren.

Therefore, her future is a testament to their shared history, no matter where she goes or what she chooses to do. Mikasa’s story is a powerful reminder that life will always continue, similar to the tides.


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