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Best Fat Anime Characters That Impressed The Anime Fandom

Fat and Famous! How does it sound? Is it difficult to co-relate the two words? Well, that’s not the case with the anime world. Here, thin or thick, both occupy a special place in the hearts of anime fans.

We definitely agree that beauty and prettiness can not be correlated with fat characters, but cuteness and jollyness do find a way into the personality of fat characters.

When you hear the Fat Anime character, what comes to your mind first? Does a lazy creature suffering from overeating syndrome dwell in front of your eyes?

Well, that may not always be the case. You will be surprised to see how these Best Fat Anime characters, with their unique traits, never fail to amaze anime fans and find a permanent place in their heart.

So, let’s be a little less judgemental and be more receptive towards the Fat Anime characters, which may, in reality, bring more aspects than you have ever imagined.

20. Majin Buu

Majin Buu

Have you spotted a big, fat pink guy in the Dragon Ball manga series? Well, he is none other than Majin Buu, a genie of the series. He is pictured as a bald guy with a tail-like extension on his head. His ears are abnormal to match with the human form.

In the series, he appears to be in a different form. He is more powerful when he is slim. But when he is fat, he can be very lethal. We must say, no one dares to mess with him. He can turn anyone into chocolate or confectionery and will relish the delicacy of it.

When he is in Kid Buu form, watch out for his wrath. He can almost crush the planet and will chase your soul to eradicate your traces in the universe.

Anime fans often create memes about him. One of the spotted memes says: he protects, he attacks, and he turns you into a snack. Hilarious, isn’t it? Or is it terrifying? Well, we recommend you watch this fat guy and then decide; maybe something else will knock your mind.

19. Haruyuki Arita

Haruyuki Arita

Haruyuki Artia is a lead character in the series Accel World. He is a short boy with a chubby face and is often found in a blue suit. He had self-confidence issues owing to his extreme weight till he met Kuroyukihime.

In Order to escape his obesity, he opted to take another avatar named Silver Crow. In this avatar, he is found to be thin, agile, and usually indulges in hand-fight.

Like most anime characters, he is fond of playing video games. His silver crow avatar is widely recognized and cherished by anime lovers.

18. Milluki Zoldyck 

Milluki Zoldyck

Hunter x Hunter Fans, what strikes you when you read the family name Zoldyck? Is it the group of assassins having combating tactics we are talking about? Yes! Absolutely, but except one! There is always one eccentric member in the family to get a distinguishing identity.

Here, in the Zoldyck family, Milluki turns out to be a fat guy who was initially trained to become an assassin just like his siblings but failed their family’s intention.

In reality, his programming and hacking skills add a techy persona to his fatty looks. Besides, being the lone person in technological genius makes his presence more competent for the assassin family.

He appears to be very chubby, with a round bulging tummy and black hair with a center partition, and his formal attire compliments her techy look. His overeating habits and dislike for exercise speak for his looks.

17. Arthur Goodman

Arthur Goodman

Arthur Goodman appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 manga series. He is a perfectly fabricated official sergeant with a decisive look and perfect attire.

He enjoys the position of commanding officer at Celestial Being Organization. he is in charge of placing and positioning robots known as Gundams in the series.

Though he appears overweight, don’t question his combating skills. He is a powerful combatant and a successful pilot.

He is a highly commanding, result-oriented guy, yet caring and optimistic for his team. Owing to his little overweight, he is referred to as a “fatty” by his juniors on the team.

16. Akira Takaoka

Akira Takaoka

Akira’s name is enough to tremble you with fear. Imagine your trainer makes you a successful trainee, but the training follows brutality and cruelty. Sounds terrifying, isn’t it? Who dares to disobey him? When taking life is the only punishment he knows to enforce.

Meet the sadistic antagonist of the Assassination Classroom manga series, Akira Takaoka. Initially, his chubby appearance will mistaken for his jolly nature.

But beware, he is a devil behind his innocent face. As the series progresses, he casts his true colors, and his facial marks are a reflection of the brutality he imposes on his students.

Nothing is more terrifying than his facial marks and his ideology to impose fear for getting results.

15. Witch Of The Waste

Witch Of The Waste

If you glance at her picture, the first impression will be of a fat, ugly, malicious woman capable of ruining everything. Her devilish smile, red lipstick, and almond-shaped eyes add a bit more sarcasm to her look.

She is one of the most powerful magicians of the time. She chose magic as a tool to transform her obese body into a lean one, appearing more pretty as per societal standards.

14. Yoshinobu Kubota

Yoshinobu Kubota

Imagine a schoolboy with a chubby face, black hairs parting in the middle, and frizzy curls touching the side face, giving the perfect look of an esteemed boy being mocked at high school.

Yoshinobu Kubota perfectly fits this description. After meeting Sakamoto, he gained self-confidence and found his work to sustain his livelihood.

He and Sakamoto together opened a fast-food restaurant, and Kubota learned the value of money and brought betterment to his life.

13. Kouta Hirano

Kouta Hirano

Kohta Hirano is the main character of the manga series High School of the Dead. He is portrayed as a big fat schoolboy who loves guns as well as women. On the contrary, he is not accepted by his counterpart and is often taunted for his obese looks.

12. Gansaku Nanbu

Gansaku Nanbu

Supporting yet significant, Gansaku Nanbu enjoys the limelight in the Megalo Box anime series. His overweight catches the fan’s attention. He is a boxing trainer of Joe.

His distinguishing attire differentiates him from the other characters. Besides his sturdy body, his yellow shirt, orange vest, tanned cap, and black eye patch create a visual appeal to be known as a boxing trainer.

11. Charmy Pappitson

Charmy Pappitson

We have a controversial character on the list. Despite his body fluctuating between thick and thin, her never-ending craving for food makes her a must be noted in the Fat Anime characters list.

Meet Charmy Pappitson from the Black Clover manga series. Charmy is a half-human-hybrid dwarf, 19-year-old girl. Besides a strong appetite, magic is also one of the qualities she possesses.

She even uses magic to make delicious meals, for her food is of prime importance. Her priority for food during the mission is the best example to describe her big appetite and goofy look.

10. Lewis


People often undergo shade and desire to live a normal life. Lewis is one such character from the Blood + manga series who chooses to live an ordinary life despite being a former honorable CIA agent.

He is a member of the Red Shield Association. His work includes managing gadgets and arranging transportation for his team.

His dark look, black opaque glasses, and plumpy look give a perfect picture of the time in the series. His orange shirt on a black singlet. He is sometimes found in a suit with a black bow tie in his final battle.

9. Grey


We have one renowned Obese character named Grey from the Black Clover anime series. He has got a really big round tummy and is a really big guy.

His sense of humor is at par with his bigginess. He will surely make your tummy ache with his funny acts. What makes it more lovable is his caring nature for his friends.

For him, his big size is not an issue. He knows exactly how to relish the benefits of his size; whether it’s for slashing his opponents or enjoying delicious meals, it’s always fun to watch him in either state.

8. Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso

We have one big-fat character from the film. Porco Rosso is a lead character in the Japanese anime film named Porco Rosso. The story is about a world war pilot who mysteriously gets a pig’s face. His main work is to defend the territory from the aerial pirates.

He has got a pig’s face. He is big and fat, like a pig. He wears black sunglasses; his piggy ears and pinky complexion suit her new looks. Though he looks like a pig, he appears to be exactly normal in his new pig head avatar.

7. Takeo Gouda 

Takeo Gouda

We have spotted one giant from Kawaii anime shows. He is actually not obese but a very fit guy with more than optimum muscle mass in his huge body.

Who cares whether his big looks are due to fat or muscles? It’s just his big looks that matter to be listed in the Fat Anime Character category.

Besides having a gigantic figure, he is a kind-hearted and caring guy. The story shows he has found a girl who truly respects who he is.

6. Harmon Caseus

Harmon Caseus

We have one more behemoth from the Black Clover anime series. This time, it’s a powerful wizard with a knack of magic, a big heart accompanied by his big body.

In the story, the responsibility to protect the kingdom of Clover dwells on a group of powerful magicians. They are referred to as Black Bulls.

Harmon Caseus is one of the members of that group. Though not so powerful, his consistent perseverance to excel in combat makes him the most applauded character of the Black Bull.

His chubbiness, wizardly skills, and noble heart make him a powerful candidate for the Best Fat Anime characters list.

5. Reiji Andou

Reiji Andou

Meet Reiji Andou from the Prison School Japanese manga series. His mere sight will dismay you. His looks are as hilarious as his sense of humor. His overly big round face, bulging cheeks, and dropping ears with center partitioned black hairs will quickly bring laughter to your face.

His friends call him “Andre”. He is a loving and caring boy. He is one of the five boys who have recently entered the girls’ school and soon finds them in trouble. He is a truly mammoth in terms of overweight guy and definitely ranks higher in the Best Fat Anime Characters list.

4. Ozeki Shinya

Ozeki Shinya

Ozeki Shinya is a sumo from Hinomaru Sumo anime. As the adjective suggests, he is a huge boy with chubbiness overloaded on his face.

Unlike other sumos in the series, he is quite notable for his caring nature and realistic approach. He believes only in using his head to smash the opponent.

3. Chouji Akimichi

Chouji Akimichi

Fond of food and fond of fights, do you know which anime character we are talking about?

Meet the chubbiest Chouji Akimichi from the Naruto anime series. He is the heir to the throne after his father, Chouza. Both father and son are fond of savoring delicacies. Chouji’s big round body is a gift for his eating habits.

Besides the huge criticism he faced in his childhood owing to his bulgy body, he has become an excellent combatant. Both father and son take advantage of his huge figure to weaken the opponent and win the combat.

Just like his huge appetite and giant size, his proficiency in ninjas is also laudable.

2. Aldini Isami

Aldini Isami

The big guy with the spikes definitely catches your attention! Meet Aldini Isami from the Shokugeki no Soma manga series. He is a 92nd Totsuki generation student. His twin brother, Takumi Aldini, is quite lean and short compared to him.

His tiny eyes reversed, combed spiky hairs, and sparkling white teeth shone out in his chubby face. Here is a twist for his hefty look. He gets obese only during virus season and is lean, just like his twin brother in the series.

1. Nikuko


Nikuko is a well-known comic character from the “Oshiete! Galko-Chan” anime series. Apart from her humor, she can be easily noted for her bulky image. She is a schoolgirl who wears specs, has two ponytails, has a kiddish face, and appears hefty compared to her colleagues.

She is quite popular for her tender nature and spotting humor in everyday life. Her big heart compliments her bulky stature. Despite having a noticeable body weight, she is not lazy and is always active.

Here comes the end of the list of Best Fat Anime Characters; we hope it will be useful to spot the humor, action, thrill, and drama regardless of their perceived lazy attribute.


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