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20 Blue Hair Anime Characters That Are Weird but Attractive

Eccentricity is always magnetic and rewarding. It can either bring fame to your name or defame it. If it gets accompanied by a distinguishing hair colour, such as blue, it easily catches the eyes of the viewers.

This is why the anime world does not remain behind in crafting their weird characters with blue hair. Expect different nuances of bluish hues, from turquoise to darker shades as we explore the anime characters with blue hair.

This ride will be astonishing and enjoyable as we unravel the blueish eccentric mysteries of the world.

Sit for a while and take a ride as we embark on the list of top 20 blue-haired characters that are weird but attractive.

1. Bulma (Dragon Ball)

Bulma (Dragon Ball)

Beauty with a brain tops our list.

Meet Bulma from the “Dragon Ball” anime.

By profession, She is a scientist. She enjoys making new equipment. Despite being a supporting character, she is important in the storyline. You will see her right from the beginning of the story, catering to the protagonist’s needs.

Her personality is as enchanting as her turquoise hair! Do watch Dragon Ball to see her inventions revolutionizing the series.

2. Rei Ayanami – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rei Ayanami – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Meet the mysterious pilot of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series.

Rei Ayanami’s name is enough to echo her character in the anime world. Her short blue hair, dark red eyes, and white body-fit uniform define her tomboy look.

She happens to be the prime character of the anime and is cast right from the beginning of the story.

Despite her sturdy look, her eyes tell a different story. She is quite introverted and has trust issues. Later in the series, she is portrayed as a little friendly with human beings.

If you start the anime, I bet, she will exceed all your adventurous expectations and make a show worthy of your time.

3. Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

This time, meet this eccentric guy with aqua hairs on the list!

He is Ban from the “Fox Sin of Greed” anime series and is a member of Seven Deadly Sins. His aqua hairstyle and red outfit are so vibrant to communicate his persona from a distance.

He is a good as well as a bad guy. He is very responsible when it comes to saving a friend from danger. He is shown to go to any length to protect Melioda.

Do you know he can run fast as hell and is an excellent combatant? You won’t be able to figure out if he steals your stuff! He names his special skill “snatch”.

This blue-haired guy is truly enigmatic. Don’t miss this anime if the adventurous and thrilling storyline soothes your mind.

4. Konata Izumi Leads The Lucky Star Crew (Lucky Star)

Konata Izumi Leads The Lucky Star Crew (Lucky Star)

She is the little but naughtiest character on the list.

She has long blue hair with locks cut in the front. This hairstyle speaks for her childish nature. Well, friends don’t go by her short stature and funny nature; she leads the Lucky Star Crew.

I am talking about Konata Izumi from the Lucky Star anime series. Her spontaneous nature makes her not so arduous a student at school. She prefers to prepare for exams just before night! Yet she manages to pass it with flying colours.

Her love for video games and anime is intact. Watch this little blue-haired character to impart a little joy to your timid heart.

5. Rem


Sky blue blunt cut hair and one eye covered beneath the strands is an iconic image of the Rem.

She appears in the “Re: Zero” anime series. She is a twin sister of Ram and is one of the leading characters in the anime.

She is a servant of the Roswaal family and lives in the Roswaal mansion along with her sister. Her attire truly justifies her profession but hides her real strength.

She is an absolute combatant, and Morning Star is her weapon of choice. She can even use water magic to trick the opponents.

Her selfless love and immense care for Subaru Natsuki are visible many times in the series.

6. Hinata Hyūga

Hinata Hyūga

If you have seen the Naruto anime, you must be familiar with her story and her character. If not, here is a gist of it.

Can you guess which is the peculiar characteristic that captures one’s eyes? It’s her eyes, of course! She has got white eyes and looks like a blind person. In reality, she has a sharp vision to see at a distance! Her blue hair and changing hairstyle add perfect contrast to her looks!

She is a daughter of the Hiashi – Head of the Hyuga Clan, and happens to be the legal heir. She had received extensive training in childhood and excelled at many things. Combating skills is one of them. Despite her perseverance, she was doubted by her father for her skills to lead the clan.

It’s always a good time to watch Naruto anime, especially this bluish-haired girl with her mysterious strengths.

7. Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho)

What comes to our mind when we think of something that can easily destroy life? Our imagination pictures some gothic beings dressed in dark robes that cover their faces.

It’s a whole different thing when it comes to Yu Yu Hakusho. Yusuke Urameshi didn’t see his death coming, probably because he didn’t expect it to be cute. She had lengthy blue hair and broke every stereotype of what a messenger of death should look like.

Botan was giving a new definition to her personality and character. Would you expect a gorgeous girl to take your life? She is also the reason why Yusuke got access to the divine world.

We love Botan for her uniqueness and kill every bit of obviousness to her role. She did what had not been done before and stepped up the grim reaper role in anime.

8. Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

If you hear people talking about brutal female characters, make sure to mention Esdeath. She is one of the main characters in Akame Ga Kill and has proven to be a complicated and intimidating figure.

Esdeath was a highly-ranked person in her empire with no heart for anyone whatsoever. Vulnerable people were nothing but her victims of torture, and somehow, it brought her joy to cause Pain to them.

She is seen wearing an almost see-through outfit that reveals her body. And, of course, she pulls off vibrant blue long hair, making her beauty contradict her ruthlessness. You will be captivated by every scene she appears in because you won’t help but be just like her.

One of her iconic sayings describes that if you have no power, you have no option but to become subject to the powerful. But if you’re not cool with that, then up your game and become one of the most powerful.

I’m sure you’ll also like moments when she is drooling over her crush, Tatsumi, the protagonist. There had been many memes circulating that were captured from her reactions.

Esdeath is also a very great fighter aided by her tricks and strategies, which makes her outdo every one of her rivals. One cool thing she can do that l have to mention is create ice. Make it to become anything she wants, and has the ability to stop time. What a character!!

9. Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan)

Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan)

I won’t be fair to you if I don’t tell you about Kamina. He has a very good and tall physique; his rocky blue hair and red specs are his signature look. Kamina is very stubborn and is by no means humble, which just makes sense that he refers to himself as The Mighty Kamina.

He kinda has a slogan of himself which says, “Just who the hell do you think I am?”. The Mighty Kamina is very corrupt, and to be honest, he doesn’t care enough to clear his name.

He alone founded the Dai-Gurren team from scratch. Nothing matters more to him than being powerful; he will do anything to stay in this position. He is like a father figure to Simon, and their bond is just a pleasure to watch.

Kamina takes it upon himself to protect his circle and everyone he cares for. What he went through after losing his dad made him who we see throughout the series. His character has a very clear complexity, but his style will surely get your attention.

10. Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)

Would you agree that for a group of heroes to be complete, there must be one who has an impeccable dress sense? Well, fortunately, in Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury was that person. She is not only water skills but is also a genius in various areas.

Sailor Mercury is seen working on a computer she uses to lay out her plans, which helps the Sailor Guardians. We gotta give her credit for saving her people many times. This alone makes a very likeable character with blue hair.

11. Aqua – KonoSuba

Aqua – KonoSuba

If you have watched Konosuba, you must know the goddess Aqua. She appears to come from the spiritual world, but it’s not what we expected. Instead of blessing people with a protective and calm aura, she was the opposite.

Aqua brought with her havoc and chaos, which seemed to be her vibe rather than being amongst people living together in harmony. Whatever she does is not what you would expect from a deity.

Unlike the typical isekai, KonoSuba steps up the game with a touch of comic scenes. Somehow, Kazuma, the protagonist, is trapped in the comedy rooted in Aqua’s confidence that knows no limits and her kinky arrogance.

Instead of doing what she is supposed to do, Aqua spends most of her time getting herself out of trouble. The funny element now comes from the gap between what’s on the ground and what is expected of her.

12. Konan (Naruto)

Konan (Naruto)

I will tell you about the Naruto Shippuden antagonist, Konan, who belonged to the Akatsuki. Most people see her as an angel because she usually appears in white wings.

She is also very close to Nagato, whom you might know as Pain. Koran can transform from a human to a literal paper, which is advantageous to her, especially when she is fighting.

It’s like a superpower. She also has the power to bring to her characters infused paper and paper bombs, which makes all the combat scenes thrilling.

All this leaves her opponents at a disadvantage. In the initial stages of the series, she is shown as a villain, but you’ll see that she has a good head. It’s just that she has been through a lot of Pain that Obito took part in.

13. Hanon Hosho

Hanon Hosho

I’m sure you know about Lucia from Mermaid Melody. If you do, let me tell you about Hanon, who is just pretty much the same. She can also turn into a singing idol, which fools the enemy into slumber every time.

She attacks by sunrise once they get entertained and let their guard down. Rina and Lucia are her companions who possess the same ability of transformation.

Their unity elevates their powers to become even more effective. There was a moment when Hanon started developing feelings for her teacher but soon dropped it. She didn’t go on with this because she found it better to get into a relationship with someone her age.

14. Vivi Nefertari (One Piece)

Vivi Nefertari (One Piece)

There is a certain standard that royal people are supposed to maintain. And you know this because when you hear about a princess, the first thing that rings a bell in your mind is a spoiled brat who is out of touch with reality.

Vivi Nerfetari will shock you because she is nothing like anything l have said. She breaks every stereotype that has been held onto for years.

She is very kind-hearted and doesn’t care about all the material things she has access to. Vivi is willing to stoop down to the level of a servant if that means that’s what it takes to help her subjects.

She outdid most other characters in this anime and is surely all you need. When we first see her, she is referred to as Miss Wednesday, giving it a comedic element. From then on her relevance has failed to fade.

15. Future Trunk (Dragon Ball Super)

Future Trunk (Dragon Ball Super)

Those who saw Dragon Ball from the beginning might know Future Trunks with purple hair. This was her look in the first seasons, but in the super series, they redesigned it to blue hair.

Future’s mother also rocked the same hairstyle. Bulma and Vegeta were his parents from the parallel universe, which, at the hands of Android 17 and 18, was the place of death for the Z fighters.

The Future Trunks I am talking about now is way more mature than the one from the main timeline. His seriousness was due to what he had gone through. He survived a crucial life-and-death situation, so that’s why.

Future and Bulma have an admirable bond, but the situation is different between him and Vegeta. As the series progresses, you will see the two of them getting closer.

16. Aoba Seragaki

Aoba Seragaki

The plot twist of this series is undoubtedly one of the craziest. The story centers around Aoba Seragaki who was Sei’s twin brother. During the time of their birth, they were conjoined twins, so You were to perform their experiments on them.

In their attempt to cut their hair as a way of separation, Aoba lost consciousness. Amongst the scientists who were in the theatre, Tae was tasked to get rid of his supposedly dead body.

On his way to throw the body away, he shockingly found out that he was still breathing. Upon this realization, he flees from everyone and brings Aoba up, acting like he is his grandfather. As he is growing up he learns that there is actually a unique power that he has. He was gifted to read through people’s thoughts.

17. Shea Haulia

Shea Haulia

Have you ever heard about the protagonist of Arifureta, Shea Haulia: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest? If you haven’t, then let me brief you about this human-like rabbit.

Her father was the leader of Haulia by the name Cam Haulia. Shea was gifted with the ability to foresee what was to happen before it even happened. She pulls off her beautiful light blue hair which goes well with her eyes of the same color.

The first time she met Hajime Nagumothe was when she got rescued from him by her attackers, who were from other races. After this encounter, they travelled together when he was trying to return to his roots, but love happened along the way.

Hajime had made for her a hammer that she used to perform her magic tricks and fight wars. Their journey is a pleasure to watch that l wouldn’t want you to miss.


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