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17 Best Anime With Guitars For Inspiring You Up!

GUITARIST ANIME is a charismatic combination of music and anime that is likely to touch your nerves. It brings out the great touch of massive guitar sounds combined with artistic Japanese animation.

This series brings out soothing sounds of music and well-built characters that one can relate to easily, with much enjoyment included. This anime is like embarking on a beautiful journey of musical sounds combined with hilarious drama and relationships. 

You might need to wear your dancing shoes as we dive into a combined peaceful and humorous section that is ultimately blended in emotions and lovely music, all in anime. This dwells deeper into a unique world of guitars and their interwoven chords.

It is an outspoken exhibition of musical energy in Live music; hence, get ready to enjoy the ride.

17. Anonymous Noise

Anonymous Noise

In the picture setting of a beach, a masked young girl pours her heart into the song, carrying the weight of two poignant farewells from her childhood. Nino Arisugawa’s haunting melodies echo her promise to reunite with her first love, Momo Sakaki, and the musical prodigy, Kanade “Yuzu” Yuzuriha.

It unmasks the beauty of love and friendship. The pain of heartbreak and separation covers the whole idea. The story shows how music can greatly impact love and friendships. The funny part is that they all make Nino’s voice a meeting point after separation, meaning music can mend broken relationships.

As fate intertwines their paths again in high school, old emotions resurface, and the trio must navigate a complex web of friendship, love, and music to reconcile their fractured bonds. Six years pass, and Nature plays magic in meeting the three friends.

Each life journey has its challenges; this time, it’s balancing school, love and friendship. Suspense has to rise ….. 

16. White Album 2

White Album 2

In the halls of the school, Haruki Kitahara fails to grasp the impending demise of the Light Music Club and his cherished dream of performing at the school festival slipping away.

For two years of his life, he has been visualizing himself performing, and one semester left until his graduation, the platform he wants to perform is coming to a demise.  

 As he strums his guitar, lost in resignation, a serendipitous encounter with two extraordinary girls, a vocalist and a pianist, transforms his fate. Together, they revive the club and breathe life into Haruki’s long-held aspirations.

Yet, amidst the harmonies of their collaboration, a love triangle ensnares them, weaving a narrative rich in depth and emotion. Can you imagine how the scenario would look when a live music session begins to happen unplanned?

Don’t overlook this seemingly typical tale; its layers unveil a captivating journey of music, passion, and tangled hearts.

15. K-On!


“K-On!” is an enchanting anime that traces the journey of high school girls as they navigate the world of music through their school’s Light Music Club. The anime brings out the beauty of Female singers in a high school setup.

When Yui Hirasawa impulsively joins the club after seeing a recruitment poster, she soon discovers her lack of musical prowess. She even feels discouraged to the point of entering the room and deciding to retrieve it without any trial. Unfortunately, she just apologizes and decides to leave.

 Despite her initial intentions to apologize and leave, Yui finds herself openly welcomed by the club members.

With the group on the brink of disbandment due to dwindling numbers, Yui reluctantly agrees to stay, even though she must now learn the guitar from scratch while juggling her academic responsibilities. You would want to journey with Yui as she embarks on music.

14. Super Sonico the Animation

Super Sonico the Animation

Enter the world of Sonico, an adorable and klutzy 18-year-old juggling various roles in her life. She plays the role of a teenager unable to do anything right. In a more daft context, she is a “sucker for anything cute.” Funny enough, she has a spontaneous life surrounded by many responsibilities.

From modelling to working in her grandmother’s restaurant to rocking out with her band, First Astronomical Velocity, Sonico’s journey is a blend of chaos and joy as she navigates the complexities of young adulthood while staying true to herself.

All this requires Sonico’s attention, and she needs to balance it off so that she does not neglect any of her duties. At the same time, her friends Suzu Fujimi and Fuuri Watanuki need to provide her with as much support as possible.  

13. Legend of Black Heaven

Legend of Black Heaven

Experience the transformation of Oji Tanaka, a Tokyo office worker whose mundane life takes a thrilling turn when his past as a rockstar resurfaces. With his guitar in hand and a mission to save outer space, Oji embarks on an unexpected adventure that reignites his passion for music and brings a new sense of purpose to his existence.

Oji Tanaka had a beautiful life as a lead guitarist of an influential band named Black Heaven. However, dull moments arise, and Oji Tanaka cannot play again as he works as an Office Worker. Destiny makes its turns and meets him up with a lady who makes him get his guitar and start stringing again.

The beauty is also found in the turn from rock ‘n’ rolling to a new sense of purpose and existence.

12. Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock!

Follow the heartwarming story of Bocchi, a shy and socially anxious guitarist seeking friendship and fulfilment through music. On a destiny-made day, Bocchi inclines outgoing drummer Nijika Ijichi, who invites her to the Kessoku Band when guitarist Ikuyo Kita puts them down before their first performance.   

Joined by her bandmates, Bocchi discovers the power of collaboration and the joy of performing live while navigating adolescence’s ups and downs with courage and determination. Amazingly, ladies feel strengthened through their friendship and sharing love with each other.

It is also made stronger by the same communication in music. It is a journey of seeking solace and joy in music as Bocchi and her friends combine their hearts to go further and do better in music, also making sure to enjoy their high school life. 

11. Tsukipro The Animation

Tsukipro The Animation

Tsukipro The Animation tells the stories of these four units together as they run through their day-to-day lives while getting ready for the Tsukino Concert.

Step into the competitive world of idol entertainment, where four units prepare for the prestigious Tsukino Concert, each facing their challenges and obstacles. The icon leaders SolidS, SOARA, QUELL, and Growth are obliged to create different and unique songs that should be delivered to the people on the day of the concert.

As difficult as it sounds, it is difficult for them to start from scratch and compose not only one but four different songs. Also determined to make it to the top level of popularity, Shu Izumi and his team work together to beat a competing team, Zix. 

 Through perseverance and teamwork, the members of SolidS, SOARA, QUELL, and Growth strive to create captivating performances and capture the hearts of their audience.

10. Bakumatsu Rock

Bakumatsu Rock

In a society where music is strictly controlled, Ryouma Sakamoto desires to let the whole community know that as much as all the Shinsengumi stars they admire do good, he also does the same.

Hence, with that thought stuck in his mind, he makes routes around the town, stringing his electric guitar to anyone he meets. Unfortunately for him, Japan prohibits any other group, such as Heaven’s Songs, from performing and would encounter harsh consequences.  

However, Ryouma Sakamoto and his band defy the norm with their rebellious rock ‘n’ roll spirit. As they challenge authority and fight for the freedom to express themselves, Ryouma and his comrades embark on a journey of self-discovery and cultural revolution, igniting a musical revolution.

Defied by the Rules, Ryouma continuously aspires to prove his love for music and bring freedom to all music lovers like himself.

9. Danganronpa 3 (Despair Arc)

Danganronpa 3 (Despair Arc)

No list of guitarists is complete without mentioning Ibuki Mioda, the Ultimate High School Musician known for her vibrant personality and soulful music.

Boldness and a lot of vibrant energy characterize the personality of this young Musician as she puts out these characteristics in creating songs that inspire and minister to people on a spiritual level.  

Unfortunately, Ibuki and her Class 77-B peers succumb to brainwashing, leading to global unrest fueled by her musical talents.

The way tables turn from her Music cousin chaos into having people talk about it and being pleased by her skills and great volume of dedication. 

8. Given 


This anime features Given, Gibson guitars, gay romance, and rock music spiced up with a heartbreakingly emotional and funny plot. Not to mention that I’m obsessed with its soundtrack!

Given tells the tale of two high schoolers whose chance meeting leads to guitar lessons and a budding romance. Feelings develop due to spending time together on the ground of guitar lessons.

 As their band gears up for a music festival, intertwined romantic relationships among the band members add layers of complexity to the story. Can you just imagine the complexity that gears up when the whole band is filled with love Birds?

 It is also complemented by a compelling soundtrack featuring Gibson guitars and emotional rock music.

7. Beck


Ryusuke Minami, the lead guitarist of ‘Beck,’ embodies the essence of a rockstar with his unmatched talent and passion for music. His guitar, ‘Lucille,’ carries its legend, adding depth to Ryusuke’s character.

 With captivating charisma and masterful guitar solos, he represents the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. His character makes him one of the most dynamic and proficient guitarists. He also brings out emotional intelligence and a connection with his music regarding guitar solos.

Ryusuke carries with himself the special and unique essence of a rockstar. His talent and unwavering passion for music carry through in a story of emotion and passion. 

6. Ya Boy Kongming!

Ya Boy Kongming!

 Zhuge Kongming, a legendary tactician from ancient China, led the arm to numerous victories. Unfortunately, he fell in the procession of the Wuzhang Plain Battle.

His painful regret was the ability to be reborn or incarnate, so he lived a peaceful life. All this was drawn by how he experienced the war, seeming to never end till he breathed his last breath. 

He reincarnates in modern Tokyo and discovers his passion for contemporary music. This emerges from finding himself in a nightclub where he inclines Eiko Tsukimi, a passionate singer at the time.

Eiko’s performance struck a nerve in him, and Eiko took Kongmig’s lost and pitiful body under his guidance and taught him the contemporary world. Kongmin was greatly inspired by Eiko’s massive musical desire and potential. Hence, he also desires to change the world and take the role of her manager.   

Becoming a manager for aspiring singer Eiko Tsukimi, Kongming employs his strategic prowess to navigate the ruthless music industry and fulfil his goals. The turnout for the music industry proved unfriendly, especially to those who make mistakes.

Kongming strives to fulfil his dreams even if it took him the use of his war experience, which he acquired in his past life.

5. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Saekano_ How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Embark on the journey of Tomoya Aki, who has been involved in captivating anime and novels for a long time. However, the need to change the game and do more in his field grips Tamoya, but unfortunately, he needs a team to help him.

He embarks on recruiting friends to help him create visual novels, drawing inspiration from his encounters. The question arises, “Who will do the task?” 

Successfully, he reaches out to a childhood friend, Eriri Spencer Sawamura, to illustrate and literary elitist Utaha Kasumigaoka to write the script for his script novel while he becomes the director. As they delve into the writing journey, they realize that depth of emotion is required to create an impactful experience.

Tamoya mainly based his own experience and emotions on plotting the game, forgetting that the people he is working with have their own emotions that need to be equally considered and evoked.

4. Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City

It is an incredibly hilarious and humorous anime where a non-outspoken and shy guy has to perform with a large group death metal band, “Detroit Metal City”, as the lead in singing and stringing the guitar. He does this to make ends meet financially and in any other way possible.

There is a beautiful contrast in how the fans and the band greatly expect and appreciate him as a demonic, dark, and extravagant style, while in contrast, he hallucinates himself as a pop Star and enjoys Swedish pop.

It brings out a comedic anime that follows a timid boy who reluctantly fronts a death metal band while secretly yearning for pop stardom. With themes of metal music, comedy, and parody, the series explores the clash between appearance and personal aspirations.

3. Carole And Tuesday

Carole And Tuesday

An anime in which Fresh air is gathered through Carole and Tuesday’s outbring of music and friendship. Tuesday Simmons finds her voice and forges a deep friendship with Carole through music, showcasing her growth from a sheltered life to a skilled guitarist in the Martian cityscape.

Tuesday Summons is privileged with the skills of being a runway and halfway titular duo. This is brought forth by the warm embrace of her acoustic guitar, which she strums melodiously.

 Her heartfelt performances and genuine connection with her craft resonate with audiences. This anime is about her journey from a comfortable life to discovering her voice in the Martian cityscape. Her beautiful guitar paves the way and creates the narrative.

Tuesday’s character personalizes the emotion evoked when she performs, making an unforgettable guitar Anime you don’t want to miss out on….

2. Nana


Two girls named Nana form a close bond in Tokyo as they navigate their dreams of music and love. Nana Komatsu is aspiring to a relationship, which makes her find herself in art school. Nana Osaki is drafting a plan for her life and aspiring to be a professional plunk singer.

The great experience comes forth when they end up sharing a room. Two girls sharing the same name but different backgrounds make up a fantastic anime filled with romance, musical scenes of guitar-heavy plunks and rock tracks, also including heartbreaks and hilarious jokes.

 Filled with punk and rock tracks, the anime delves into their journey through romance and heartbreak, underscored by their shared passion for music.

1. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!

Embark on a heart-wrenching journey of Angel Beats. Masami Iwasawa, the lead guitarist of ‘Girls Dead Monster,’ is outstanding as the band’s founder. Due to a bad past, she finds solace and comfort in music, creating songs that bring out the innermost part of her life. 

She manages to channel her tragic past into poignant songs that touch the hearts of listeners. Her character exemplifies the transformative power of music as a means of expression and healing.


In this piece, we’ve explored the vibrant realm of animated guitars, immersing ourselves in various series and their harmonious personas. From the upbeat atmosphere of ‘K-On!’ to the rebellious energy of ‘Nana’, each character, wielding their guitar, has been instrumental in crafting unforgettable scenes and propelling narratives forward.

These figures exemplify the transformative influence of music and its innate capacity to unite, motivate, and stir feelings. By blending dynamic animations with rhythmic melodies, these anime shows centred around guitarists resonate deeply, encapsulating the essence of music in its most visually stunning manifestation.


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