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15 most interesting anime characters with wings

This post will look at the list of the most interesting anime characters with wings. I’m pretty sure that most of you, if asked to name at least 5 anime characters with wings, will probably not know. Well, worry no more because, in this list, I will bring you the most interesting anime characters with wings.

Please also you are required to give your vote and recommend which of the names of the anime characters best suit different positions. Please make sure you give your vote. 

And to add to that, if you also have some other anime characters with wings, you can also list them in the comment section. Let me give you just an example of these characters that have these amazing characteristics.

We have the likes of Flandre Scarlet from Touhou Project, Carla From Fairy Tail and Monet from One Piece. All these characters played unique roles in the various series. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the list. 

15. Mael (Seven Deadly Sins)

Mael (Seven Deadly Sins)

This story is one of the historical facts that anime brings, from Seven Deadly Sins, where we have Mael, a character with wings according to our title. Now, let me briefly take you to what happened in this story.

Mael happens to be a core member of the Ten Commandments and also the son of the King, who is a Devil; in other words, he was the son of the Devil King. However, this happened a long time ago. 

But then, according to how the story was narrated, Mael originally was serving an Archangel under the commandment of the supreme high Deity.

Now, before he was finally dethroned from his position, his memories were wiped out after the Holy War by Gowther, known as the selfless and his son. And then, after this happened, they changed his name from Mael to “Estarossa of Charity”. And by that time he also was serving as the chief vice in command.

As you know, he has wings; to be sincere, his wings are so magnificent and lovely to behold. And happens to be one of a kind. The ability the wings have is just full of counter and supernatural powers. 

14. Happy (Fairy Tail)

Happy (Fairy Tail)

Next on our list will shock you. His name is Happy from the Fairy Tail series he happens to be a Cat. Meow Meow Meow !! Yeah, you heard me right. Permit me to ask you if you have seen a cat before in your entire life that has wings.

The answer is definitely known. Anyways, congratulations for you are about to get thrilled. We will expose this anime character called Happy, who is a cat and also has wings. 

Though Happy can transform into another thing, then it’s of no use because he can only be transformed into just one thing, which is Lucy. His wings happened to be white, and then his body was blue. One unique thing about Happy is that whenever he chooses to show off his wings, he can, and if he doesn’t want to show it, too, he can.

I’m sure you are already surprised, and you might be asking, is it possible a cat has this kind of unique feature? Well, according to this story, yes. 

13. Hawks (My Hero Academia)

Hawks (My Hero Academia)

Counting down on our list, we have another amazing character called Hawks from one of the most watched and famous anime series ever, “My Hero Academia”. Hawks also goes by the alias “precocious Hero”; he is a loveable and free-minded young man who embraces everyone around him.

He also has an exceptional ability as a mighty Hero. Although he is not that old per se, he is not too young his age is twenty-two. When he was in the class of “All Might”, he climbed to the rank of a hero, and in that place, he secured the very position of second in rank just before his retirement. 

Hawks didn’t develop all these abilities when he became a young man; rather, he was given special training in the hero training program. This was by the time he was still very little. Not regarding his attitude and his informal demeanour, he is a young man who is determined and ready to be at the top.

This singular mindset of his made him sit at the top of other heroes. He also strived to bring peace and tranquillity. 

12. Koakuma (Touhou Project)

Koakuma (Touhou Project)

Another anime character that made it into our list is Koakuma from the “Touhou Project”. Now, let’s meet Koakuma and get to know her unique features and the role she played in this series. Firstly, her name is Koakuma; if we translate it into English, it simply means “Little Devil”.

In a nutshell, Kaokuma is just a Devil. In this series, she was a librarian in one of the most recognized witch libraries ever. The name is Scarlet Witch Mansion. She never has a home of her own where. She takes her home to the library, where she happens to be the librarian. 

Though we don’t know so much about her, in this post, I will just share her appearance and her basic features. The Little Devil has short black wings and red hair. Though most of the time you see her wearing the uniform her librarians wear. Despite this, fans are so much in love with her and her appearance. 

11. Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

This list will not be complete if Suigintou from Rozen Maiden is not mentioned. It will shock you that she first appeared as an antagonist, but as the series progresses, she transformed and took a U-turned. Now, she is playing a significant role positively. She is also Rozen’s first Maiden Rozen doll. 

Rozen also rejected her, and the reason will amaze you, according to him, that she is not complete and, as such, is considered a failure. Well, something spectacular happened; her Rosa mystica awoke relatively late. This is exactly after she died.

At that moment the contempt she was having with Shinku became something of the public no longer a secret as it was unraveled. The anger arose so much in her, making her win the Alice game of all time. And please give your opinion on whether you consider her the most interesting anime character with wings.

10. Marco (One Piece)

Marco (One Piece)

In “The One Piece anime series, ” we have another character who is very interesting and has wings, Marco. He also goes by the alias Maro the Phoenix, who happens to be once a member of the White Beard Pirate group.

In this group, he was operating as a division commander and also the right-hand man; in fact, his role and position in this organization are respected and recognized. 

By the time White Beard had died, Marco took over the leadership becoming the captain and the chief commander. But during the Onigashima Arc, most made him; I don’t know if I would call it a reckless and amazing decision of his life to quit the pirate. He ate the Tori Tori no Mi’s devil fruit in this series.

After eating this meal, he was transformed into a phoenix with wings, allowing fly. This same fruit he ate also helps heal him immediately when he gets injured. 

9. Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Initially, in this series, “Cardcaptor Sakura”, Yue came into the scene as Yukito, also called Mathieu. But then Yukito never considered the presence of Yue, not even giving him attention whatsoever.

But Yue was inside of him alive. Now, the Judgement day finally came; this is the moment when the card of Sakura has been misplaced. Now, this is the point where the fate of Sakura is being tested: should they continue to be the mistress of cards or not? 

On the other hand, Yue is the cardholder, but this was when he was still serving his master. Now, it’s time for him to move on by accepting a mistress to be his new master. This incident is just so synonymous with that of the Moon and also uses an oriented kind of magic.

The cards in this story signify wind and water. One of the funniest sides of this story is when we find out that Yue cannot even eat or drink, but when you bring it to Yukito, he devours it like a lion and even asks for more. It’s laughable, right? 

8. Astrea (Heaven’s Lost Property)

Astrea (Heavens Lost Property)

Another amazing character on this list of most interesting anime characters with wings is Astrea from Heaven’s Lost Property. She happens to be one amongst many Angeloids creatures that are remaining.

According to what we saw in this story Synapse has been the one controlling and telling her what to do. But then she broke free with the help of Tomoki, who later became her master.

 She was sent on a mission to kill Tomoki. And I certainly agree with that because it makes no sense at all where that someone who helps you will automatically become your target of assassination; this is indeed ridiculous. Her habits towards Tomoki are just so annoying and undermining; imagine her calling her master Idiot all the time.

She is also a foodie; anything she sees is edible. Though, of course, as an Angeloid creature, she has a white wing and a sword she also uses to fight.

7. Ikaros (Heaven’s Lost Property)

Ikaros (Heavens Lost Property)

Also, from Heaven’s Lost Property, we have another Spectacles anime character, an Angeloid with wings. In this story, she is presented as the companion Angeloid, even from the very beginning of this story. Ikaros is specifically an Angeloid who is in charge when it comes to strategies.

However, if you properly trace her story very well, you will recognize that she is also linked with Tomoki from the start of the story. She is more humble and genuine than Astrea, the former student of Tomoki who calls her master an idiot. 

Ikaros has the power to make wishes and change cards, though her appearance in this story wasn’t that active; it was just a passive one. She doesn’t joke when the life of her master is in danger. She happens to be the first person to kiss Tomoki ever. 

6. Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!)

Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats)

Kanade is ranked 6th position of anime characters with wings. You will see her in the anime series titled Angel Beats! A very interesting anime series that captured the attention of so many anime fans all over the globe. She happens to be the most popular character in this series.

Also, she was willing to be the leader of the student council. This will definitely constrain her to be much more disciplined than ever. She must maintain tranquillity and order amongst the junior students to respect the SSS. 

One of the cast that always calls her an Angel is Yuri. Most times, she can appear stoic. I don’t think one can ever imagine or guess right when she is thinking or not.

Her bodily structure might deceive you into thinking she is not strong, but she always stands strong when confronting an opponent. He has extraordinary strength. This came from a program that was tagged Angel Player. 

Of course, she has charming and beautiful white wings; her white hair is so pretty and attractive. You should have this on your watchlist. 

5. Seraphimon (Digimon)

Seraphimon (Digimon)

Digimon is one of the most interesting anime series to watch, where we have an exceptional character called the Seraphimon. Who is evolving from just Patamon before other Digimon? We first saw this when Adventure 02 Digimon Hurricane Touchdown was published. 

Seraphimon is also regarded as a celestial Digimon who often brings peace, and it’s considered the highest rank of Angel Digimon. 

4. Nymph (Heaven’s Lost Property)

Nymph (Heavens Lost Property)

Among the Angloids we have mentioned so far, Nymph happens to be one of the most interesting; just like Astrea, the character that I listed previously, she also happens to be a Synapse; the purpose why she came to the earth realm is to bring back Ikaros.

Unfortunately for her, Ikaro is too powerful for her to handle. According to the story, as time goes by, she starts mingling with the humans and flowing with time. 

She also lived with Tomoki, aiming for him to be her master. But she begged Tomoki for a very long time. However, her first showing wasn’t that interesting. But then, as the series progressed, she became peaceful and was watching television in Tomoki’s place. However, Tomoki was the name of the Nymph. It’s laughable, anyways. 

For Ikaros, it’s impossible to hide her wings, but Nymphs can hide her wings at will.

This made her unique and what I can describe as a Stealth-type Angeloid. Unlike other Angeloids with white wings, hers is quite different as hers has short blue wings, but they look so sweet and pretty. Nymph is such an adorable Angeloid that all the fans fell in love with them. 

3. Malga Naruze (Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon)

Malga Naruze (Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon)

Malga Naruze is another anime character on this list, following the anime story in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon, she is one of the fallen angels that fell from heaven. And, of course, she has wings but then a black one. She has held the position where she served as the 4th Agent of the Chancellor board.

According to the story, she is also a student at a prestigious school named Musashi Ariadust Academy. 

The way she expresses herself in a cool and calm manner is just amazing; her physique is also so beautiful as she has blue-coloured eyes and then her wings are black-coloured. 

2. Ryūk (Death Note)

Ryuk (Death Note)

In an anime series titled Death Note, where we have another character on our list named Ryuk; he happens to be one of the gods that have died. And always feel bored in the realms where death gods are.

But as for Ryuk, he possesses two Death Notes. Because he intended to be entertained, he decided to drop one of the death notes to the world of humans. 

1. Carla (Fairy Tail)

Carla (Fairy Tail)

Carla from Fairy Tail is the next anime character on this list who happens to be a cat with wings. However, the story belongs to the Guild of Fairy Tail. You might sometimes mistake her to be Happy, because they look alike. She also has white wings.

Happy was seriously crushing on her. Carla also possesses extraordinary abilities, such as predicting the future. This special gift was transferred to her by her mother, who bears the name Queen Chago of the Exceeds realm. 


Congratulations on finishing this post on the list of anime characters with wings. I’m sure you have been thrilled to read this post. Please share with your friends and loved ones. Goodbye, and have a nice day. 


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