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 How Long Did Tanjiro Train?

Tanjiro underwent intense training for about two years, officially when he joined the Demon Slayer Corps. His training began under the guidance of Sakonji Urokodaki, who taught him the Water Breathing Technique.

This rigorous period was very important in Tanjiro’s career since it sharpened his swordsmanship in training and enhanced his physical endurance. Besides this, it prepared him for the challenges he was about to face in his career.

Tanjiro’s Journey Through Intensive Training: A Timeline

In the captivating anime The Demon Slayer, Tanjiro comes from a humble background, where he was a kindhearted boy to a demon slayer, which is marked by the rigorous training he underwent for his personal growth. This timeline is very important in the training phase of Tanjiro.

1. Initial Training with Sakonji Urokodaki: 

Tanjiro’s training began under the guidance of Sakonji Urokodaki, who trained him. the basic water breathing technique.

This period was marked by intense training for Tanjiro, which involved mastering his swordsmanship and building his physical endurance, depicted through hard exercises and Tanjiro’s relentless practice with boulders.

2. Survival Test in the Forest: 

After his initial training, Tanjiro was tasked with a test of facing the demon-infested area. This test was a trial and test of his physical skills and mentally resilient adaptability.

These traits came in handy because they are crucial for a demon slayer to possess.

3. Learning Total Concentration Breathing: 

As Tanjore progressed, he learned to fully concentrate his breathing technique, enhancing his abilities. This technique allowed him to fight on the same level as the demons.

This set a milestone in his journey, showcased during Tanjiro’s recovery training at the Butterfly Mansion.

4. Advanced Training with the Hashira: 

Following his recovery, Tanjiro gets trained under the guidance of the various members of the Ashira, who were known for being elite demon slayers and each of them specialized in different breathing techniques.

These training sessions were important for Tanjiro to master his skills and prepare for the more powerful force he was about to face.

5. Developing the Dance of the Fire God: 

Tanjiro also worked on his father’s technique, known as the Dance of the Fire God, a unique technique that became important during his critical battles.

This ability, integrated with the water-breathing technique, was important in changing how he fought his battles against upper-ranking demons.

Mastering the Water Breathing Technique: Tanjiro’s Training Regime

Tanjiro’s mastery of the water-breathing technique is pivotal to his development as a demon slayer.

And this section will break down his training scheme, which is rigorously depicted in the anime.

1. Basic Forms and Daily Routines: 

He spent countless hours practicing the 10 forms of the water breathing technique, starting from low-level instances and progressing and mastering the much more complicated maneuvers.

His daily routine included repetitive sword swings, a lot of breathing exercises and even more combat scenarios to refine his techniques.

2. Mental and Physical Conditioning: 

Alongside this physical training, Tanjiro also went through a lot of mental conditioning, which was very important to him because he learned to maintain constant focus and control his breathing under all circumstances, which was crucial for executing water breathing techniques effectively.

3. Combat Application and Adaptation: 

The real test of Tanjiro’s training came during the actual combat with demons, where he was put to the test, and all that he had learned was put to the test against various enemies. Each battle provided insight and practical knowledge, allowing him to fine-tune his skills further.

The Role of Sakonji Urokodaki in Tanjiro’s Development

Sakonji’s role in the growth of Tanjiro as a demon slayer is one of the cementing aspects and one that is also profound. As Tanjiro’s first mentor, Urokodaki’s impact is felt throughout Tanjiro’s journey.

1. Foundational Skills and Ethical Grounding: 

Urokodaki is not only Tanjiro’s teacher, in terms of teaching him fundamentals of swordship and breathing techniques, but also he impacted him with a strong ethical compass.

He emphasized compassion and determination, all necessary qualities for Tanjiro’s character to develop as a demon slayer.

2. Emotional Support and Guidance: 

Beyond the physical training that Tanjiro went through, Urokodaki serves as a fatherly figure in the emotional aspect of Tanjiro’s life, supporting him throughout all his self-doubt moments and fears.

And this guidance is very important as Tanjiro navigates all. The challenges that he faced and the losses on his path.


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