Why Does Inosuke Chip His Swords?

Inosuke intentionally sharpens the blades of his swords to make them more of a jacked blade. He believes this modification increases the sword’s cutting power and makes it more efficient when fighting demons.

This certain character depicts just how wild and aggressive his fighting style is and his desire to inflict more damage in combat, consistent with his brash and stubborn personality.

The Reason Behind Inosuke’s Serrated Sword Blades

Inosuke is normally ferocious and stubborn, known for his unique and conventional weapon of choice, the serrated sword blades. This Special Selection is not just for beauty; it plays an important role in completing his aggressive fighting style and personality.

  • Adaptation to His Combat Style: The Serrated Swords are perfect for his fighting style and allows him to be more quick and chaotic when it comes to slashing moves, allowing him to deal maximum damage with every attack.
  • Enhanced Gripping Ability: The serrated blade helps Inosuke cling to the demon’s tough skin, which a standard blade often cannot withstand. The ability allows him to penetrate the demon’s body very easily.
  • Psychological Intimidation: Inosuke’s weapon choice also intimidates his enemies. His serrated sword’s frightening appearance reflects his savage nature and gives him a psychological edge in combat.

How Inosuke’s Sword Modifications Enhance His Combat Style

Despite looking intimidating, they are not just made for that purpose, but they have also been carefully thought out to enhance his unique fighting skills.

  • Increased Lethality: The selected blades of Inosuke’s swords increase the lethality of his attacks. Any cut can cause a large tearing, causing more damage than a clean cut and causing the opponent to bleed more.
  • Suitability for His Techniques: Inosuke’s beast breathing techniques involve a quick multi-directional attack. The serrated blade complements his movements by being more angular and directional, making any attack more efficient regardless of accuracy.

The Impact of Chipped Swords on Inosuke’s Battle Techniques

  • Unpredictability in Battle: Due to the irregular pattern of spikes allows Inosuke to inflict unpredictably. So, it becomes for an opponent to predict the exact nature of the cut, which adds an element of surprise to his attacks, and his opponents won’t see it coming.
  • Enhanced Scarring Capability: The scar abilities can cause or inflict deep wounds that are difficult to heal, especially when it comes to demons it becomes effective because they have to rely on their regenerative abilities to recover these wounds.
  • Adaptation to Various Situations: Inosuke’s environment is fascinating because the versatility of the serrated blade allows Inosuke to quickly adapt to various combat situations, whether cutting through dense demon flesh or dodging attacks. This gives them the flexibility they need in direct combat or during scenarios where they need to be more intellectual.


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