Does Sukuna Become Good?

As of the latest  Events in the series, Sukuna is as bad as he comes, and he continues to serve as one of the most powerful antagonists by constantly displaying destructive and malicious behaviour.

Sukuna’s actions and motivations are a pivot around trying to gain power and causing a lot of disruption. All this shows no sign of any coming back from malevolent decisions and destruction for Sukuna.

His character serves as one of the most important threats to both the protagonist and the stability of the Jujutsu world.

Sukuna’s Role as a Villain in Jujutsu Kaisen

So,  he’s often referred to as the King of Curses, and he did not just become a villain by chance.

His role is very important for the narrative and the development of Jujutsu Kaisen and other characters. As one of the antagonists, he is actually in the driving seat of moving the plot forward with his actions and the things that he controls.

1. Antagonist Force: So, Sukuna represents the ultimate force in the series. And by this, I mean he represents the team that is always going against the protagonist, challenging both the protagonist’s physical and moral existence. And his existence puts the protagonist under constant threat. Besides this, Sukuna’s threat looms over society as it always gives a certain amount of pressure to move beyond its limits.

2. Catalyst for Conflict: Because of many of the conflicts that are initiated in the series it is a direct result of Sukuna’s actions. The way he controls and often forces other characters to make hard decisions to be able to choose sides and confront their own beliefs makes him act as the catalyst for conflict in the series.

3. Influence on Character Development: So Sukuna’s interaction with some of the figures in the series, like Yuji or Megumi and others, is very important for their development because he challenges them to comprehend the deeper layers of their own cursed abilities.

The Consistent Malevolence of Sukuna: What Drives His Evil?

Sukuna’s malicious behaviour is deeply rooted in his own character as a cursed spirit.  Way back, he was feared as a very powerful sorcerer, and his malevolent acts are both shown from his past and his current existence as a curse because he’s always been driven by this desire to gain power and influence.

He seeks to control not just the Jujutsu world but also reshape it according to his own agenda, which is always dark. His approach to these things is sometimes very inhumane because he literally just sees other people as objects that can be used and disposed of at any time he wants.

This pursuit of power is not just for survival but for supremacy, making him one of the most complicated figures whose ideologies are as deep as his dark nature.

Analyzing Sukuna’s Impact on the Plot and Other Characters

1. Driving the Main Narrative: Sukuna’s quest to regain his full power to manipulate or destroy the Jujutsu society is one of the things that drive the force in the series because his actions are normally a direct result of many very important battles. Of course, many battles result in alliances and betrayals, which all serve as one of the driving factors of the narrative.

2. Moral Dilemmas and Growth: His crucial tactics and the moral dilemmas force people to confront their own moral compass. This often leads to character growth and questioning of the very foundation of the characters of the Jujutsu Kaisen Highl in general.

Is There Redemption for Sukuna? A Look at His Character Arc

The possibility of redemption for Sukuna is a contentious topic, given his actions and inherent nature.

1. Past Actions and Choices: Sukuna has consistently chosen the road that normally takes him straight to suffering and destruction, showing for his doings. And he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. This consistency makes the notion of redemption far-fetched, very complex and unlikely to do.

2. Impact on Others: Any consideration we might have for this character of redemption would also have to consider its Impact on the other characters available in Jujutsu society. Has he caused too much damage for redemption?

That’s a question because the way he operates and manoeuvres around the Jujutsu world makes it difficult to be accepted as someone who can be changed to serve a greater purpose in the Jujutsu Kaisen world.


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