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15 Best Grass Pokemon Scarlet Listed By The Expert

Nowadays, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a large player base all around the world. However, those green trainers have now become veterans, so it’s time to add some fun to the game by playing it in “nuzlocks.”

If you don’t know about nuzlocks, then it’s a way to increase the difficulty of this kid-friendly game and make it more enjoyable for veteran players. 

There are many types of nuzlocks, but today, we will only talk about the one where players can only use grass-type Pokemon. For this, it’s important to choose the right Pokemon. There are many Pokemon better suited for this strategy due to their dual typing. 

So, Are you looking for an all-grass build in Pokemon scarlet and violet? Then, this blog will be very useful for you, as we will talk about the abilities and evolutions of some of the best grass-type PokemonPokemon. 

1. Leafeon


Leafeon is a Grass-type evolution of Eevee. To evolve an Eevee into a Leafeon, you must use a Leaf stone or level up near a Moss Rock. 

I would say that Leafeon is severely underrated. It has amazing stats of 110 in Base Attack, 95 in Speed, and 130 in base defense. So, with such an amazing speed, you can attack quickly and deal some damage before your opponent even makes a move. 

It is relatively easier to evolve your Eeevee into a Leafeon than other Eeevee transformations. However, very few people choose this evolution option for their Eeevee, so we get to see it less often. 

2. Appletun And Flapple

Appletun And Flapple

The reason I put Appletun and Flapple together is because both of them are evolutions of Applin and both of them have dual attributes of Dragon and Grass type. When evolving Applin, you can get the respective results depending on what you use for the evolution: Tart Apple or Sweet Apple. 

Both of them have similar base stats of 485. But, these stats are spread differently for both of them, making a big difference. Appletune has powerful special attacks, but it’s slow. On the other hand, Flapple is faster, but its stats are more suited for physical attacks. So, which apple dragon are you going with? Sweet one or Sour one? 

3. Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves is a future version of Virizion. It was added in the special Tera Raid. It is a paradox pokemon with the dual attributes of Grass and Psychic-type. Moreover, there is a psychic attack called Psyblade, and Iron Leaves is the only Pokemon that can use it. 

Furthermore, It is the only psychic-type attack it can use. While it is a variant of a legendary Pokemon, it doesn’t have an official designation. 

While Iron Leaves is very strong, there are some weaknesses that you need to keep in mind. Dark, Flying, Ghost, Bug, Poison, Fire and Ice-type attacks can easily put Iron Leaves in a tough spot, so always be mindful of that. 

4. Gogoat


Gogoat is one of the most powerful Grass-type Pokemon, if not counting legendary Pokemon. You can also get Gogoat from evolving Skiddo at level 32. Moreover, both of them can be easily found in Paldea pretty easily. 

Gogoat has a special ability called Sap Sapper, which can prove to be very useful when facing against grass-pokemon, this ability allows it to absorb any grass-type attack and boost its attack power. So, it’s an excellent choice when fighting against the same attribute, Pokemon. 

Gogoat has a very high Attack and Sp. Attack sats, which allows it to land powerful hits using both Sp. Attacks and physical attacks. It also serves as a good Tank with its high enough HP and recovering moves such as Horn Leech and Leech Seed. So, even if it takes a few hits, you won’t have to worry about anything. 

5. Wo-Chien


There is a group of legendary Pokemon called Treasures of Ruins, which can be found in the Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and Wo-Chin is a member of this quartet. It has a dual attribute of dark type and grass type.

While it’s not as good as its counterparts, it can still crush most non-legendary Pokemon without breaking a sweat. 

Wo-Chien is not good at defending attacks as it has seven weaknesses, but it can survive some hits with its base defence of 100 and special defence of 135. After taking the damage, it’s your turn to fight back with Ruination. Ruination can slash Target’s HP in half. 

6. Lurantis


Lurantis is an evolution of Formantis, which was introduced in generation 7. When designing this Pokemon, the creators probably wanted to keep things simple. Therefore, fighting with this Pokemon does not require you to form complex strategies and easily counterattack. 

Lumatis has an excellent hidden ability called Contrary, which is useful for reversing stat-changing moves. It is also good in defence and dealing with heavy damage with physical-type attacks. So, if you are looking for only Grass-type Pokemon, Lurantis is one of the best options in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

7. Lilligant


While Lilligant doesn’t have raw stats to compete with other powerhouses on this list, it can still become a game changer if you are patient enough to learn more about it and develop a good strategy. It has some powerful special attacks, such as Petal Dance and Leaf Storm. 

Moreover, teaching Quiver Dance to your Lilligant can be very useful as it can boost the Special Attack, Speed and Special Defence. This further improves your chances of successfully conducting it; then you can use Sleep Powder to put your Opponent to Sleep. 

Lilligants can also use abilities like Chlorophyll and Leaf Guard to improve their speed during sunlight and become immune to status ailments. So, on a sunny day, you can use harsh sunlight to get a bonus for your abilities. 

8. Toedscruel


While Toedscruel may look like a regional form of Tentacruel, they are entirely different species. It has a dual attribute of Ground and Grass-type. To get a Toedscruel, you’ll have to catch a Toedscool, and then after reaching level 30, you can evolve it into a Toedscruel. 

Toedscruel is immune to Electric attacks. Moreover, some moves could be quite useful when fighting against the Pokemon it’s weak against. It also has a good speed stat. So, if you didn’t select a Grass-type starter, adding it to your team is a good choice. 

9. Brambleghast


Brambleghast has dual attributes of Grass and Ghost type. If you want to get your hands on this Pokemon, you’ll have to catch a Bramblin first and then evolve it into a Brambleghast. 

However, evolving is not easy as it requires you to use the Let’s Go feature and walk with your Bramblin for 1,000 steps out of its Pokeball. After doing all of this, you will have a powerful ally on your side who has powerful base stats and good speed. 

Furthermore, It can also use a unique ability called Wind Rider, which allows it to boost the attack when opponents are hit with a wind-type attack or tailwind. 

10. Abomasnow


Those who have played previous Pokemon games would recognize this one. Abomasnow has dual attributes of Ice-type and Grass-type. This makes it a unique Pokemon, which is useful for certain strategies. 

The ice-type moves will be useful in many situations if you are going for an all-grass-type build. Furthermore, It also has a good amount of HP and defensive stats, so it could also work as a good tank for your party. However, Remember that it also has a lot of weaknesses that you need to keep in mind. 

11. Arboliva


Arboliva is a tree-like Pokemon; it is a dual-type Pokemon with a type that is rarely seen. It is a Grass and Normal Type pokemon. Now, with the addition of the normal type, it becomes immune to ghost-type attacks. 

However, some weaknesses are also attached to it, which you’ll have to remember. For one, it’s not very good regarding physical attacks. But, it does make up for it with its sp. Attack stat of 125 and sp. Defence stat of 109. In addition, It handles the special categories like a charm. 

So, If you plan to get Arboliva, you’ll have to start with Smoliv and then evolve it into Dolliv, and after it reaches level 35, you can finally evolve it into Arboliva. 

12. Scovillain


Scovillain is the first Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet to get the first grass-type and fire-type Pokemon. When you put Capsakid to the exposure of a firestone it will evolve into a Scovillain. This Pokemon has the appearance of a spicy chilly, which has come to life. 

Honestly, I think adding a fire element to a grass-type Pokemon is very creative. Moreover, its name is also derived from the famous Scoville ranking, which measures the spiciness of chillies. It has an attack and sp. An attack stat of 108 allows you to use many moves. 

Moreover, the unique blend of grass and fire types gives it an upper hand against many opponents, and its only weaknesses are Poison, Rock and Flying types. 

13. Breloom


Breloom has been a part of the Pokemon franchise for a long time and has proven reliable most of the time.

It is a grass and fighting type Pokemon with a wide range of resistances. It comes with solid stats, amazing typing, and a comprehensive choice of move pool, which gives a lot of flexibility to the players. It also comes with a lot of resistance, which makes it a great pick against some unexpected opponents. 

While it has many useful abilities, two of them caught my eye; one of them is Poison Heal, which heals your Pokemon instead of damaging it when it’s attacked by poison. The second ability is Technician, which increases the damage of any move by 50% for a base power of lower than 60.

14. Brute Bonnet

Brute Bonnet

First of all, this Pokemon is only available in Pokemon Scarlet, so Violet owners will have to find someone who wants to trade their Brute Bonnet. It is an endgame paradox Pokemon usually found in Area Zero. It is a dual-type Pokemon with a Grass and Dark type. 

In terms of appearance, it looks similar to the mushroom-type Pokemon Amoonguss. However, don’t judge it based on looks; it can also go toe to toe with the legendary Wo-Chien in stats and type. It has high HP, attack, and sp. Defence, which makes it useful in many different scenarios. 

It comes with numerous status and recovery moves like Spore, Ingrain, Stun, Synthesis and Spore. It is also a good straight attacker. You can use it as a tanky status inflictor and use it to hit your opponents and regenerate health to clear difficult challenges.  

15. Meowscarada


Meowscarada is a dual attribute Pokemon with grass and dark type, which gives it some unique benefits. It is the fastest Pokemon of all time and even leaves behind the Greninja by a single point. 

The reason it has an edge over the other two starter Pokemon is because of its amazing speed stats. It is the third evolution of Sprigatito.


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