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Why Didn’t Tanjiro Become a Hashira?

Tanjiro did not become a Hashira within the Slay Corps mainly because, in the series, it concluded before he could reach that rank.

Reaching the Hashira status requires not only being able to fight and defeat a number of demons but also passing stringent criteria, which are set by the corpse itself, including showcasing an extraordinary skill and a set of commitment.

While Tanjiro displayed significant growth and significant power, the series mainly focused on his goals, which were immediate, rather than his ascension in rank.

Requirements for Becoming a Hashira in ‘Demon Slayer’

1. Exceptional Combat Skills: 

The first thing an aspiring demon slayer needs to do to become Hashira is possess combat superiority skills.

And this includes mastery over their breathing techniques, which is very important for boosting physical abilities and executing powerful forms.

2. Significant Demon Kill Count: 

The candidate aspiring to be a Hashira must have a high number of kills, including being able to fight and win against at least one of the 12 most powerful demons directly under the command of the demon Lord, Muzan Kibutsuji.

This criterion ensures that not only the most capable and battle-tested slayers are considered for Hashira.

3. Leadership Qualities: 

Hashiras are known for their fighting skills and for being able to lead the slayers. They are responsible for training other slayers, leading them into important missions that they are tasked with by the Hashiras.

They always need to come up with better strategies against certain demons. Moreover, their ability to inspire and guide others are also important traits to become a Hashira.

Tanjiro’s Path: Why He Did Not Reach Hashira Status

While Tanjiro was undoubtedly one of the most self-esteemed and highly dedicated members of the Demon Slayer Corps, he did not reach Hashira status during the anime’s timeline. And here are some of the reasons why he did not reach that level.

1. Youth and Experience: Though Tanjiro’s journey is as impressive as it comes, it is relatively not that long compared to the demon slayers that were present who activated the Hashira status because Hashiras typically have a lifespan of four years, having both mastered the skills through countless battles and missions.

2. Focus on a Singular Goal: Tanjiro’s primary focus throughout the series was to find the cure for his sister rather than rising through the ranks. His goal aligns with personal commitment rather than just the ambitions of typically becoming a Hashira.

3. The Series’ Timeline: The narrative of the Demon Slayer ends before Tanjiro reaches that age where he can experience the status of the Hashira, which wasn’t feasible. His potential and his growth suggested that he could eventually meet that criteria. But the series was cut short before he could realize his potential.

The Challenges and Criteria to Become a Hashira Explained

  1. Survival of Rigorous Testing: The prospective members aspiring to be Hashiras have to pass through physical training and a lot of mental tests that assess the ability of their strength and the way they endure certain attacks. This test was created to ensure that not only the most careful resilience slayers are considered for the role but also those who are hardened in rigorous physical and mental tests.
  2. Demon Slaying Accomplishments: A demon slayer has to accomplish an important achievement, such as single-handedly defeating multiple high-ranking demons or even overcoming the exceptional ones and testing their limits.
  3. Approval from Current Hashira: The aspiring Hashiras need to be endorsed by current members of the Hashiras. And this approval makes sure that a new Hashira not only possesses power, but also fits well within the team of dynamics that upholds the corpse values.
  4. Continuous Contribution: Even after the initial criteria, the Hashiras must continue contributing importantly to the corpse effort in the fight against demons and showcase ongoing commitment to their assigned roles.

How Tanjiro’s Journey Differed From Other Demon Slayers

  • Personal Mission: Unlike many of his counterparts, Tanjiro’s journey is personal in nature because he’s driven by the desire to save his sister. He wasn’t interested or deeply rooted in becoming a Hashira because his sister was not feeling okay. And the need to unravel the mystery surrounding the demons also added to this personal mission.
  • Rapid Growth: Tanjiro’s growth is much more mature than other slayers because of the progress he made by mastering diverse breathing styles and combo techniques within a short time. This was a rapid advancement because he had unique and intense circumstances.

What Does It Take to Become a Hashira? Tanjiro’s Potential Examined

  • Innate Abilities and Growth: The ability for one to become a Hashira is to have an empathetic nature and to have speedy growth, and to have strong abilities.
  • Leadership and Sacrifice: Tanjiro’s leadership skills and willingness to sacrifice for others make him a key member of Demon Slayer and show that he has the potential to become a future member of the Hashira.


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