Does Muichiro Have a Crush on Nezuko?

Now, when we look at the few characters in our favorite series, Demon Slayer, we look at Muichiro Tokito, and someone would ask if Muichiro has a crush on Nezuko.

The answer is No, or rather, no real evidence shows us that he had any interactions with Nezuko. The storyline was mainly focused on his role and duties as a demon slayer rather than how he formed romantic relationships or his personal life.

Therefore, we are safe to believe that he has no romantic crush or has fewer feelings towards Nezuko Kamado.

Muichiro Tokito’s Relationships with Fellow Characters

Mr. Ashura of the Demon Slayer core Muichiro Tokito was one of the most talented characters in the Demon Slayer series. We are provided with insights into his complex Personality and how he attained responsibilities to become a Hashira.

His relationships in the series were very few but were significant in revealing much about his development as a character throughout the series. Let’s look at the relationships he shared with other characters. For example

  • With Other Hashira: Moichiro’s relationship with the other Hashira was all based on respect, and his interactions were professional rather than friendlier and close bondage. It was all about mutual respect and some distance. We always allow them to respect each other in terms of abilities and how Talented they were as demon slayers.
  • Mentorship Role: He teaches the group’s new members and guides them through practical and survival skills. When hunting demons, rather than connecting with them emotionally, he guides them to enhance their survival abilities.
  • Sibling Connection: Muichiro’s deepest personal connection that we have seen along the series was the connection he had with his brother Rachel. he lost him in the early stages of life, and this loss of his brother affected him even though he doesn’t show much of it, but impacted the duties he has to take and the risks involved in taking up these demon slayer duties.

Muichiro’s Focus: Duty Over Personal Connections

Muichiro is one of the most committed asuras who normally overshadow their relationships with their responsibilities and duties, influencing his interactions with people.

  • Sense of Responsibility: He can save many lives by focusing mainly on his duties rather than interactions and personal Feelings. This shows us from the backstory when he had lost his brother and this shaped his world.
  • Impact on Relationships: There are normally misunderstandings between him and his peers. However, he is more dedicated to his duty than attaching to others, making it difficult for other people to get close to him, especially in personal relationships.

Muichiro’s Emotional Detachment

Muichiro’s Personality is not much based on him trying to emotionally attach himself, but it’s a form of defense mechanism that allows him to become a demon slayer and face the harsh realities of life.

  • Coping with Loss: His emotions will have gotten in the way, therefore, he decided to emotionally detach himself from a moment of vulnerability.
  • Moments of Vulnerability: Normally, we know that as a demon slayer when he encounters demons. If he is a vulnerable person, that tiny moment of vulnerability can risk not just the lives of the people he’s protecting but also his life. Therefore, A few moments show the vulnerability of Moichiro at a certain time when he is reminded of the times of his brother.


Therefore, when we look at it all in general, we usually take it as one of the few Hashiras who decide to emotionally detach themselves from their family.

Personal connections and prioritize their duties first. Because they believe that being emotionally attached improves their strength and Reduces their vulnerability when facing Demons that may manipulate or find ways of digging deep into their Vulnerabilities or memories.

Therefore, this shows or proves that Moichiro Tokito’s Interactions with others were more about the professional side than Any relationships; therefore, we are safe to assume that he did not have any crush or any form of feelings that deal with love.


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