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Did Tanjiro Get Yoriichi’s Sword?

Tanjiro did not get Yoriichi’s sword. He instead wields a nichirin sword that turns black, upon coming in contact with him, which is different from Yoriichi’s legendary sword.

Even though Tanjiro is greatly influenced by the techniques that Yoriichi possessed and his legacy, especially after learning more about his fighting style, he does not physically possess the sword.

Tanjiro’s Nichirin Sword: Origins and Significance

Tanjiro possesses a nichirin sword which is more than just a weapon to him. It is a badge of his commitment to the Demon Slayer Corps and the battles that he had fought against demons. The sword’s color changes upon first being held by him, which signifies that it accepts him as its wielder.

This phenomenon is deeply rooted in the legacy of Yoriichi, the Osmodian Demon Slayer, whose swordsmanship ideals are truly cemented in the Nichiren blades.

And these swords are created from a unique kind of ore that constantly absorbs sunlight. This makes them effective against demons, a technique pioneered and perfected by the Yorichi.

Influence of Yoriichi on Tanjiro’s Combat Techniques

  • Introduction of Breath Styles: Yoriichi originated with the Breathing of the Sun technique, the first and most powerful of all breathing styles that formed the basis of the current Demon Slayer combat tactics. Tanjiro, upon learning about these techniques and his unmatched prowess, actually tried to adapt them to his unique abilities and situations.
  • Spiritual Connection: Beyond these physical techniques, Yoriichi’s serious influence on Tanjiro extends to the spiritual level. Tangiro’s ability to be able to feel empathy with his fellow peers and even with demons radiates Yoriichi’s own conflicted emotions about his brother turning into a demon.
  • Pursuit of Mastery: Tanjiro’s relentless pursuit to become a master in swordsmanship developed his style, much like Yoriichi. This signifies that his swordsman’s legacy deeply influenced Tanjiro.

How Tanjiro Embodies Yoriichi’s Spirit Without His Sword

  • Moral Compass: Tanjiro’s intrinsic moral compass, much like Yorichi’s, actually protects him through his toughest decisions and his commitment to protect his innocence and his mercy towards demons. This eventually reflects Yorichi’s fighting feelings about his brother and the nature of demons.
  • Innovative Techniques: Even without yielding the Yorichi’s actual sword, Tanjiro emanates the spirit of Yoriichi through his innovative ways of approaching combat. You even get to see Tanjiro adapting numerous breathing techniques. This is a testament to Yoriichi’s influence on Tanjiro.
  • Legacy Carrying Forward: Tanjiro’s journey is not just about being able to fight and defeat demons, but it is also about moving forward and carrying the legacy of Yoriichi forward, which was once left behind. And this legacy is confined to the physical sword, the ideas, and the spirits that the swords represent.


Tanjiro’s connection to Yoriichi surpasses time and history because it is deeply cemented in their shared ideas and the relentless pursuit of trying to master the evil that surrounds them.

Yorichi’s sword, while it is an important artifact, actually shows the legacy of the power of integrity that Tanjiro embodies in every battle that he faces.


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