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21 Best Anime Fights Of All Time For Violence Lovers

Mostly, Japanese anime and mangas come in all genres, from goofy comedy to chilling romance all of which keep viewers thrilled and entertained. Now, others feature intense violence, action and fighting, almost similar to Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho, which influenced today’s modern-era anime.

Personally, I have been a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z since I was eight I think.

If we look at today’s era of anime compared to the 2000s, we definitely offer more incredible, unbelievable action scenes. The best part is they feature unique and impressive fighting techniques, from blood demons and devils in Demon Slayer and Chainsaw to black magic in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Not to forget Nichrin swords. All these combined steer the whole anime game to another level of combat as anime heroes and villains battle to be at the top.

21. Yuji Itadori & Aoi Todo vs Hanami

Yuji Itadori & Aoi Todo vs Hanami

In the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen, the lead character, Yuji Itadori, faced his enemy from Kyoto, Aoi Todo. The two got into a menacing battle. Although, while they were fighting The Curses, their common enemy arrived. And that’s where the real fight begins.

Aoi and Yuji set aside their differences and joined forces to battle the plant-based curse Hanami. With the power of Boogie Woogie and Black Flash, they were at an advantage, brutally banging Hanami with their sorcery and fists. If Hanami still survived that beating, it was the most violent, stimulating fight of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1. 

20. Broly vs Everyone

Broly vs Everyone

If we can all recall the legendary Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Z character Broly. We all knew if Broly showed up, all hell would get unleashed. His cruelty and savagery amazed me. As a baby, he was tortured by a crying Goku and was brought up by his manipulative father.

No wonder he turned into an unstable, overpowered monster house capable of tearing down a whole universe. As soon as his legendary super saiyan nature let out, Goku and the other z-Fighters faced his wrath, nearly killing most of them. Even though they won in the first place, I still think it was an unfair fight.

19. Koyomi vs Kiss-Shot

Koyomi vs Kiss-Shot

I always love how unkillable creatures enter into a fight, like how to determine the winner since both can’t die. Koyomi and Kiss-shot even spent a whole, undisturbed scene ripping each other’s heads over and over again since they healed instantly.

The fight is so detailed and graphical, together with remarkable comedy. The amount of blood poured in this one scene is more than the blood lost in their entire film series. Much, much more. But that’s what Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu (2017) is all about; the film’s death counts are endless. Actually, they won’t even die.

18. Roy Mustang vs Envy

Roy Mustang vs Envy

 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood features plenty of heartbreaking, ferocious and brutal battles like Scar ripping stats alchemists’ faces with his bare hands or when Heinkel, the lion, but Kimblee’s neck. There was also this serious, intense fight between tsundere Roy Mustang and the homunculus, Envy. The showdown is barbaric.

In the middle of the promised day, Roy went all out against Envy in a one-sided battle. He kept on blasting Envy with his flame alchemy repeatedly, not holding back one bit. Roy showed his ruthlessness and cruelty indeed. He kept going until he completely drained Envy’s Philosopher’s Stone. 

17. Kenpachi Zaraki vs Nnoitora Gilga

Kenpachi Zaraki vs Nnoitora Gilga

The Bleach anime is loaded with unexpected and surprisingly intense fights. But in the original manga, all this is way more magnified, horrific and graphical. A great example is the fight between Captain Kenpachi and Nnoitora Gilga, his rival among the Espadas. They fought to the death.

Nothing made Kenpachi happier than facing his equal in Noches. He was actually getting more hyped as Nboitora kept slashing him and punching holes into his chest. As a token of his appreciation, Kenpachi beat the shit out of Gilga, removing most of his arms and leaving him no choice but to beg for death, to which Kenpachi responded.

16. Goku vs. King Piccolo

Goku vs. King Piccolo

I think it is hilarious how King Piccolo’s kid ends up as one of Goku’s best partners, especially considering that Goku is answerable for King Piccolo’s death. King Piccolo brought a whole new game of violence to the DragonBall series. Before him, there weren’t any super bad guys who were as violent and savage as him.

King Piccolo and Goku’s final battle was legendary. Even though Goku managed to defeat Piccolo, he was left disabled and on the verge of death. My favourite scene was at the last moments when Goku gave it all he had with just one punch, penetrating through King Piccolo’s chest. That was the punch that did “IT “

15. Giorno Giovanna Vs Cioccolata

Giorno Giovanna Vs Cioccolata

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, most Stand battles are similar to puzzle solving. Each fighter simply uses their clever tactics and stand’s powers to outsmart their opponents. Sometimes, they don’t even have to fight physically for them to win.

But in the Golden Wind part of the story, all odds were defied, with Giorno Giovanna using heavy firepower to win.

Giorno almost died battling Cioccolata (talk about a worthy opponent, right), but as soon as he was given a chance, he went all out on Cioccolata, bashing him with his Stand. I guess he was fed up and just wanted to end the fight once and for all. He even verbally mocked him, calling him “useless” as he continued pounding him.

14. Masataka vs Souichiro

Masataka vs Souichiro

Masataka and Souichiro flight school fight at Toudou Academy from “Tenjho Tenge (2004)”

It started as a simple classroom fight, which turned into a brawl that spiralled out of control. Souchiro wants to prove he’s the strongest guy in Toudou Academy, so when Masataka, a member of the Juken Club, challenges him, things quickly escalate.

Souichiro underrated Masataka’s skills, which were way better than expected, so he decided to fight dirty. But after Souichiro lands his sneaky trick hit, Masataka snaps and goes wild. What comes next is a merciless beating, breaking Souchiro’s spirit, body and mind. And all this was just because of a lunch box.

13. Takemichi Hanagaki & Friends vs Taiju Shiba

Takemichi Hanagaki & Friends vs Taiju Shiba

When we talk about modern-era anime, we are talking about the likes of Tokyo Revengers anime. Its got some of the craziest, most intense and violent fights in modern anime. You got street thugs pounding one another with kicks and fists senseless.

And the main character, Takemichi Hanagaki, has seen it all. However, nothing could have prepared him for Taiju Shiba in Season 2.

You know it’s gonna be a great fight if friends tag team to defeat one person. Takemichi and his crew, Hakkai and Yuzuha, faced Taiju Shiba. It was brutal; that’s one beating they will never forget.

I am shocked how Takemichi survived at all, guess the will to protect his friends was really strong, even if it meant going through hell and back. And to top it off, Yuzuha stabs her own brother. Imagine.

12. Levi Ackerman’s Team vs The Female Titan

Levi Ackerman's Team vs The Female Titan

Now, let’s talk about Attack on Titans. Every battle here is like a bloodbath; as fans, we can’t even decide which fight was the most soul-crushing barbaric fight. But the fight between Captain Levi and his squad VS Annie and her Titans in season 1 was one hell of a fight.

Annie was ruthless. She smashed those scouts one by one. Tossing them around like toys and stomping them like bugs. Most of them died in her hands; she nearly wiped out Levi’s entire team. It was so bad that Levi decided to step in.

He went beast mode, tearing Annie apart limb by limb till the very end, where she was caught in the forest battlefield.

11. Hit vs Vegeta

Hit vs Vegeta

Universe 7 always has to prove that they are better than Universe 6 best fighters. But then there’s Hit, a notorious assassin from Universe 7’s sister realm. His among the most lethal people across the multiverse. His Time-Skip moves to help him quickly finish his missions, leaving everyone speechless, and they make him a stalwart assassin.

 But Goku, on the other hand, is something else; he figured out a way to deal with Hit’s Time-Skip moves. Vegeta, though, isn’t so lucky. He was at Hit’s mercy. Watching Goku take down Hit is pretty awesome, no doubt.

But there’s obvious suspense for real? How can someone as tough and determined as Vegeta get taken out so fast…. a shocker, I know.

10. Yusuke Urameshi vs Younger Toguro

Yusuke Urameshi vs Younger Toguro

I love it when the main character gets involved in a serious brawl. Deep down, I wish they would lose. Yu Yu Hakusho is a 90’s anime with many serious fights, especially when Yusuke Urameshi fought the younger Toguro brother in the Dark Tournament.

The violence displayed there is the reason why the Dark Tournament arc is so popular.

We all saw what happens when two great martial artists, Coolidge. It was an all-out brawl between the two, with Toguro revealing his crazy demon form and pushing Yusuke to the edge. Almost thought he had really died. It was one of those moments where the villain kept getting stronger to keep the stakes high.

9. Saitama vs Boros

Saitama vs Boros

All of One-Punch Man’s fights are wild. It’s like a mix of hilarious comedy and agonizing brutality. Remember the showdown with the Deep Sea King? Already, they were fighting for their lives, then boom! Boros shows up. Saitama went straight for Boros, not his minions. Classic!

These guys performed, exchanging blows that could wipe out city blocks. Boros hit Saitama so hard that he touched the moon. Just imagine the power he has! Saitama came back with his serious punches, and bam bam bam! Boros is wiped out. The force used on him could be felt from miles away.

8. Levi vs Zeke

Levi vs Zeke

We all know Captain Levi to be a clean freak, but in this scene, he doesn’t hesitate to get dirty. Although Zeke brought it upon himself, turning Levi’s buddies against him into titans. Serious backstabbing right there. Levi was left outnumbered.

But one thing about Levi, he never backs off a fight. He was out for blood, ex comrade or not. He blasted Zeke with Thunder Spears, literally burning him to a crisp. To cap it off, he guts out Zeke from his Titan form. Yeah, the scene was gross, but that’s the Levi we all know and love.

7. Denji vs the Eternity Devil

Denji vs the Eternity Devil

 Denji and his crew got trapped in a time-shifted hotel due to a curse. And Denji decides to sort things the only way he knows with his chainsaw. Although he was facing this super tough Devil known to live forever(theoretically speaking), Denji figures out it still can feel pain. So he starts sawing away and doesn’t hold back.

At this point, he was standing in a pool of the Devil’s guts. But he continued, fueled by the bloodbath. Eternity Devil being eternal, his flesh kept regenerating. So it was this continuous gruesome cycle of butchery over and over and over again till the Eternity Devil couldn’t take it anymore. He ended up surrendering.

6. Goku vs Jiren

Goku vs Jiren

Finally, my personal favorite. I don’t know how many times I have repeated this fight scene. Featured by the Tournament of Power, a multiversal competition where many of the most powerful fighters from across the universe are engaged in battle.

Goku never took any competitor lightly , but Jiren from Universe 11 made him look like a joke. His unpredictable power forced Goku to reach Ultra Instinct strength for the very first time. The brawl between Goku and Jiren was like the Tournament’s main event.

5. Lucy Heartfilia vs Minerva

Lucy Heartfilia vs Minerva

What happened in “Fairy Tail” (2009-19) is unbelievable. It was more like a disciplinary hearing. It was just a one-sided fight but a heartless, one-sided beating. The last men standing in the Naval Battle events at the Grand Magic Games were Lucy and Minerva, fighting for first place.

Minerva could have easily knocked Lucy out of the ring, but nope, she wanted to put on a show. Using fists and magic, she crushed Lucy and enjoyed every moment while doing it. Messed up, right?

4. Hanzo vs Gon

Hanzo vs Gon

“Hunter x Hunter”(2011-14). After completing the final stage of the Hunter exam, Gon gets matched up against the ninja Hanzo for his final Hunter exam. Gon is determined to pass, and Hanzo wants to keep his reputation, so the two go at it. But Hanzo is on another level, seriously beating Gon for like three straight hours.

Sticking a knife into his head breaks his arm and even intimidates him by cutting his legs off, too. But Gon, being Gon, still didn’t give up yet. Eventually, Hanzo was impressed by Gon’s determination and surrendered himself leaving Gon with a win. But Hanzo had to give him one last punch to make his point.

3. Slayers vs. Daki & Gyutaro

Slayers vs. Daki & Gyutaro

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” (2019-), it’s no myth when people say heads are chopped off in fights. Heads roll in battle. Because Daki and Gyutaro, demon siblings, can only be killed by slicing off both their heads at once. But the slayers are easy to defeat; they made it look easy when they started picking out heroes like toys.

Inosuke is stabbed in the gut, Tengan loses his hand, and Tanjiro and Zenitsu barely hold on. Sadly, though, it’s the two demons whose heads ended up on the ground after putting on a show. Talk about intense! And believe me, this isn’t even the craziest scene.

2. Monkey D. Luffy vs Charlotte Katakuri

Monkey D. Luffy vs Charlotte Katakuri

 The anime, in general, is filled with epic fights, which kept on intensifying as the series continued. You’ve got Luffy taking down tough opponents like Donquixote Doflamingo and Sir Crocodile. But these are nothing compared to Luffy’s clash with General Charlotte Katakuri.

Both fighters are like equals- both super tough fighters with crazy Devil Fruit powers. Luffy is flexible due to rubber, while Katakuri’s got this mochi thing. Luffy even had Haki and Gear Fourth on his team; he still struggled and took multiple hits. After enduring so much pain, he finally manages to secure a narrow victory.

1. Naruto Uzumaki vs Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto Uzumaki vs Sasuke Uchiha

Finally, the classic and dynamic Naruto. The anime offers several shonen battles with too violent graphics for a kid’s show, like the one where Naruto and Sasuke go head-to-head at the Valley of the End. Now, that fight was no joke.

Naruto and Sasuke, best buds turned into rivals, threw everything they had at each other. I’m talking jutsu, fists and Kuruma’s chakra. The battle went on for some time and man, it was brutal. In the end, Sasuke came out victorious with his insane talent.


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