What Was Giyuu’s Punishment for Letting Nezuko Live?

Giyuu Tomioka did not receive a formal punishment for letting Nezuko leave.

Despite initially facing a lot of flashbacks and skepticism from the Demon Slayer Corps for his decision, Giyuu’s actions were eventually justified and were accepted, particularly after Nezuko proved her capability of resisting human blood and fighting against demons.

Giyuu Tomioka: Facing the Demon Slayer Corps’ Judgment

Giyuu Tomioka is one of the key figures in the series, and he sometimes finds himself against the corps’ views that they have especially regarding the choices about Nezuko Kamado.

His decision leads to a pathway that is importantly scrutinized by the Corps. This highlights the complications of maintaining the moral compass of a slayer under institutional pressure.

And to understand this,

  • Initial Skepticism: Giyuu’s choice to protect Nezuko, who was a demon, immediately puts him under a lot of pressure because it challenges the foundational belief of the organization that all the demons must be exterminated.
  • Giyuu’s Defense: Even though Giyuu faced a lot of opposition, he stood firmly on his decision because he believed in the humanity side of Nezuko and the potential that she had the coexistence with humans. I would say this showcased his integrity and commitment to what he felt was right and necessary.
  • Corps’ Response: the judgment that Giyuu faced from the Corps tests his resolve but also forces the Corps to confront their judgment rigidly and the possibility of actually putting exceptions in the way that they rule things.

How Giyuu’s Decision Impacted His Standing Within the Corps

Giyuu’s decision to leave Nezuko impacted his relationship with the Demon Slayer Corps, affecting his professional and personal interactions.

  • Isolation: Giyuu’s decision to protect Nezuko led to a sense of isolation within the corpse as many of his peers questioned his judgment. because they were in the business of slaying demons, but Giyuu had a certain belief in Nezuko, and this affected his social standing and interaction between him and his peers.
  • Respect from Peers: despite the controversy, some corps members actually began to respect Giyuu’s way of thinking and the courage to stand by his decision. This sat subtly in a silent way and started to change the people’s perspective within the organization.
  • Leadership Challenges: Giyuu’s decision also impacted his leadership role because he maneuvered the fine line between following orders and doing things he believed were morally correct.
  • Personal Doubt and Growth: facing such judgment from the corpse forced Giyuu to reassess his own values and how he makes his own decisions. This led him to grow personally and reaffirm his commitment to his principles.

Nezuko’s Demon Nature: Testing Giyuu’s Resolution

Nezuko’s uniqueness as a demon to protect humans puts Giyuu’s resolution to the test, as he must continuously advocate for exception in the face of widespread skepticism.

  • Consistent Advocacy: Giyuu did not just stand beside Nezuko but consistently stood by her throughout the way, arguing her case in front of everyone who was higher than him within the Corps. This shows the importance of her never having harmed a human being.
  • Evidence of Humanity: Giyuu’s resolution is strengthened by how Nezuko carried herself, demonstrating how he managed to control and embrace human-like tendencies. This further justified the stance that he had to make in protecting her.
  • Impact on Regulations: Giyuu’s defense was so steadfast on Nezuko that it led to considering some of the rules the Corps were putting in place. This influenced how other human interactions were viewed.


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