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Best NTR Anime (Most Rough Picks by Otakus in 2024)

Let’s be honest: how many of you have never cheated in a relationship? Or even the thought of cheating has not slashed your mind? Zero percent!

By the way, folks, I am not talking about business ethics or friendships but about the love ships of all fairy tale wishes and the sparkling twilight.

Once in a blue moon, this perfect relationship hits the rough terrain, and if the sailors are not sturdy, it marches towards doomsday. Heart-breaking, isn’t it?

Such rough breakups may sound normal, but they become the top-most sensation when it is revealed and make up for best-selling stories. The Anime world is not far from inculcating this reality and portraying such a disturbing downfall in their love sagas.

Breakup stories, particularly if they involve “cheating,” are notoriously termed “NTR or Netorare” in the anime world. It’s a new word if you are not into anime.

For anime lovers, it will trigger an uncontrollable chain of thoughts, and soon, the characters will start to pop up in their minds.

Here is the list of the top 22 Best NTR Anime (Most Rough Picks by Otakus in 2024).

22. Snow White With The Red Hair

Snow White With The Red Hair

How come snow white has red hair? Isn’t it Little Red Riding Hood’s favorite color?

Just kidding!

Here, the story is about a diligent girl named “Shirayuki” who has deep knowledge about plants. She exercises her know-how to prepare the finest herbal medicines and desires to be one of the valuable persons in the king’s court.

It’s then she meets her prince charming named “Zen” and, together, sets out on a journey of eternal Love and affection and, maybe, with ups and downs along the path.

To know more about their love story, watch “Akagami no Shirayuki-hime” or “Snow White with the Red Hair.”

21. School Days

School Days

Do you want to go by the name? Are you expecting a lot of novice high school love dramas, multiple affairs, and shallow emotions? Friends, You have hit the right anime, then!

“School Days” will remind you of your School days and first Love, I guess! If my prediction is correct and you have not grown up before that!

Makoto Itou, Kotonoha Katsura and Sekai Saionji are the main characters of the story. They are all high school students. Makoto Itou seems to be a victim of the notion of Love at first sight.

He goes to school via train, and during the journey, he sees a beautiful girl named Kotonoha Katsura and daydreams about her. Love’s reality turns out to be different when he gets to meet Sekai Saionji.

“School Days” is a perfect visual of Love, what we perceive, what it actually is and when it really happens!

Don’t miss out on reliving your fun-filled “don’t tell anyone” moments!

20. Koi to Uso

Koi to Uso

Can anyone explain how Love happens? Is it a pact by coercion or an agreement? No, it happens naturally, and that too with the right person!

One more question: does anyone have the right to decide who is right for you? No, right?

In “Koi to Uso,” the government decides the bride or groom for you! Furious and instigating!

In Fact, nobody dares to challenge the government’s decision nor dares to oppose its interference.

What more to say, there will be a lot of cheating and heartbreaks, and trust will stand out to be an illusion. Go for the series; the end may baffle you with twists and turns in Nejima’s Life.

19. Scum’s Wish

Scum's Wish

A fake relationship to find contention and then move away in search of true love can be forecasted. What if, after departing, you realize you had real feelings for that person? Can your breakup decision be reversed? And even if a patch-up happens, it comes with a huge mental stress, isn’t it?

Hanabi and Mugi in “Scum’s Wish” have become the victim of fake relationships. Distance has brought inner realization and has stretched their tangled wires to accept the truth and live in reality.

Scum’s Wish storyline is not limited to Hanabi and Mugi; you will find craziness and pretended love of high-school kids who dares to cross the limits and even doesn’t repent their decisions.

If you have found time for this series, do expect a lot of heartbreaks, downfall, and multiple affairs. I don’t know what these guys are in search of, but they definitely land up with remorse and guilt at the end.

18. Code: Realize ~Guardian Of Rebirth~ 

Code_ Realize ~Guardian Of Rebirth~

We have a Sci-fi love story here!

Cardia and Arsene Lupin are the love birds here. Like the fairy tales, Cardia is a captive in a mysterious tall tower. Her blessed skin turns out to be a curse to anything she lays her hand on, making it invisible!

On the other hand, his lover Lupin, determined to set her girlfriend free from the tower, calls for adventure, action, and Love, too! Truly romantic and dramatic when shedding barriers and coming out with flying colors!

A must-watch love epic for adventurous and fun-filled lovers, oops, anime lovers!

17. Nozoki Ana

Nozoki Ana

Is it the “Peekaboo” Game being portrayed in the series? I would definitely say Yes to this anime!

Speechless to say any word on this storyline! I don’t know what to say. Is it ridiculous or fantasy or intentionally written to throw light on personal, in fact extremely personal life?

Two high-school students live in an apartment. One is a boy, and one is a girl. “Hole” becomes the connecting point between their crazy affair and a peekaboo point for each other’s desires.

The high-school story takes a lot of turns, and both the students, Kido and Emuru, end up being genuine love-life partners.

Must watch if you don’t hesitate to witness the obscene affair depicted in the story.

16. Convenience Store Boy Friends 

Convenience Store Boy Friends

What a name! Are Boy Friends available for sale at the convenience store? Hysterical, isn’t it? Sorry for the interruption; the title actually indicates the meeting place of the lovely couples and not the boyfriends to put on sale.

The story picks up on the high-school boys’ emotions and love affairs and stretches on their cheesy- fuzzy journey to convince their beloved girls.

What draws more attention is the Honda Tawa’s plight. No matter what he does, his district personality makes him a loser in front of his heart-skipping girl, Mihashi Mami. What a poor boy!

Aren’t you curious why Mihashi Mami is ignoring Honda Tawa and not trusting him for his genuineness? I would say, just hit the “Convenience Store Boyfriends” anime and deny the “Opposite Attracts Each Other” concept!

Newton was right with his physicist theorem, but when the chemistry between two people comes into the picture, it takes a hard time to prove this aspect.

15. White Album 2

White Album 2

When music is in the air, love follows the wind!

The same can be said for the White Album 2 anime series. Love triangles are common, but what makes it uncommon is the way it is characterized and portrayed.

In White Album 2, it’s the music that sets the love story of 3 people and bangs on the band’s brightness. It is interesting and melodious to watch Kazusa Touma and Setuna Osigo playing together and Setuna opening her heart to Haruki at the grand musical concert.

Do you know White Album has debuted in the NTR anime fan world? Nevertheless, to say, it became popular the moment it was released.

You must watch it if you are looking for one of the ancient NTR anime series.

14. Inu X Boku Secret Service 

Inu X Boku Secret Service

It’s a Japanese anime world, and witnessing supernatural entities is common in the plot. Do they fall in Love with humans? Doubtful and astounding, isn’t it?

Friends! We are about to witness a spy love story in the “Inu X Boku Secret Service” manga series.

The story starts in a secret city named “Maison de Ayakashi,” where supernatural humans dwell. The Ririchiyo Shirakiin, in search of the true self, ends up in that mysterious land, where he meets a Secret agent named Soushi Miketsukami and falls in Love with him.

The love story is enchanting owing to its half-human, half-Yokai entities and the nurturing relationships among them.

13. DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed By The Sexiest Man Of The Year – ENFJ

DAKAICHI - I'm Being Harassed By The Sexiest Man Of The Year - ENFJ

Seriously man! Are you talking about harassment, and that too from a handsome guy? Possible, literally possible! Don’t complain that I didn’t mention it; the actual story may differ from the gist of the title!

The main characters have something else to say in the story! They are amidst the growing and supporting phase in their life. Be it career or love relations, they seek growth and success. Let me introduce Azumaya and Kohai, the business cum romantic birds of the series.

“Daikichi – I am Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of The Year” showcases the intervening business and personal life, eventually turning into a serious office romance!

12. Love Is Like A Cocktail

Love Is Like A Cocktail

True, Love is definitely like a Cocktail! It is a mix of affection, anticipation, and some hiccups!

Let’s find out what this NTR anime has to say about “Love”.

The story sounds grown-up- a type of Love! We have a cute and romantic couple who embark on a long-term journey to live the sweetest aspects of the beautiful relationship we call Love.

Sora and Chisato are husband and wife. Sora runs the bar, and Chisato is a normal lady with decency. Only her husband knows her devilish side, and here, the alcohol grabs the devil’s title.

If you are watching this anime, expect a mature love that grows with time and tastes the different aspects of life.

11. Rumbling Hearts

Rumbling Hearts

We have a slow-mo romance here! Including it in the NTR list is quite controversial, but fans still enjoy the ongoing intimate comradeship between the two characters.

In the “Rumbling Hearts” anime, Suzumiya and Hayase’s relationship is at the core of NTR fans. They both are friends, very good ones! Almost both of them share everything, just like couples do. A big change follows their friendship, and life takes a turn.

There is not much to say about its NTR qualities; expect little to fewer breakups, as the story focuses on long-term relationship goals.

10. Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora

Who are the best buddies to mitigate your pain? Your crazy, silly friends, right?

They have the power to make you forget the worst of the worst nightmares and bring you back from hell!

“Yosuga no Sora” undoubtedly has a lot of love affairs, breakups, and patch-ups, but the plot to appease the dearest friend Kasugano Haruka just draws my heart away!

Kasugano Haruka lost her parents in childhood and is still mourning her loss. Her twin sister seems incapable of making her feel normal, but once she finds a bunch of fun-loving people, she moves ahead in her life.

Don’t forget, this anime falls in the NTR category, so expect a lot of mellow drama and indecent scenes, too!

9. Peach Girl

Peach Girl

Peach or pink, just beware, they are girls! What they say and what they act is sometimes quite the opposite!

“Peach Girl” reflects the story of one such high-school girl named Momo. She is a very pretty and fair girl. She secretly nurtures a love interest in Toji.

The twist occurs when Momo declares to Shae, her jealous friend, that she likes Kairi and not Toji. It is more interesting when she finds Kairi has feelings for Momo, too!

Intervened and extreme in NTR content! It should fall at the top of the list if you are an NTR anime fan!

8. Watakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Watakoi_ Love is Hard for Otaku

Love is really that hard for Otaku? I disagree!

We have a solid love story here. “Watakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku” portrays multiple love stories. The love story of Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura catches the eye.

Both of them happen to be quite serious when it comes to Love and strengthening relationships. Mutual Trust and respect seem to be the foundational pillars for them.

Anime is full of liveliness, showcasing the couple’s cute, teasing, and caring nature. Must watch if you are seeking a mild yet melodious romance in the NTR anime world.

7. Netsuzou Trap

Netsuzou Trap

We have girls sharing feelings for each other! Feelings, aka romantic ones!

No comments on this! Let’s go straight to the plot of “Netsuzou Trap” anime series.

There are two childhood bosom friends named Hotaru and Yuma. Both are girls and share secrets. Once they get involved with the boys, one of them realizes she is missing the real Love she felt before! What follows next in their life is nothing less than a hurricane.

Must watch for the NTR fans, who expect a lot of love dramas, multiple affairs, and love tips, too!

6. Recovery Of An MMO Junkie

Recovery Of An MMO Junkie

When you are in dire need of Love, real life, or virtual gaming, the connection becomes a true connection!

At such times, fate becomes a mere excuse, and ultimately, you take charge of your life.

The same story can be quoted for Moriko and Lily. Both are into gaming and have their own crafted characters. Just like their gaming characters, both find a perfect chemistry between them.

What happens next is nothing less than a romance and fairytale story.

Watch Recovery Of An MMO Junkie for more updates on their love life!

5. Kotoura-san


This anime is a perfect example of how bitterness can prevail in the parents’ relationship if the new roles are not addressed properly.

In Kotoura-san anime, the parents become the victim of kids’ mind-reading ability, and their married life comes to an end.

Hilarious and empathetic, too! Do watch to receive learnings and avoid mistakes in your happy-go-lucky married life!

4. Servant X Service

Servant X Service

There is one playboy and one vengeful girl in the civil servants’ tribe.

You guys are smart enough to judge what happens when this playboy named Yutaka falls for Yamagami. Personality transformation is what strikes Yutuka in his quest for belovedness! Dramatic and engrossing!

Must watch for the NTR fans who resemble similar love stories in real life!

3. Nana


What is your reaction when you encounter someone with a similar name? Definitely a series of dialogues follows between you two and ends up being friends.

Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu met coincidentally on the train. Both share the same name, yet they have different life goals. Osaki is a career enthusiast, and Komatsu is in search of Love. Coincidences don’t stop there; they happen to be roommates, and their love life story starts.

“Nana” is the right anime to tell you what happens next in their lives. Do watch it!

2. Berserk


Does the picture of cruelty come to your mind on hearing Berserk?

Griffith has shown no mercy on the fetus of Casca and has held her captive. Needless to say, Guts will even turn to the devil to avenge Griffith for his heinous crime.

Berserk is a true example of Love, action and revenge in the anime world.

1. Hen Zemi

Hen Zemi

Last but not least, NTR anime is on our list.

Hen Zemi is a fun-filled NTR series. Here, relationships and even breakups are mocked for fun. Light-hearted yet engaging, a must-watch NTR for anime fans!


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