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14 Best Fire Pokemon Violet Which I Personally Listed

Some people just love Fire-type Pokemon, no matter which generation it is. We grew up with Charizard in Pokemon Red & Blue. Now, many would be looking for a fire-type ally to start their journey. So, today, we will look at some of the best Fire Type Pokemon to start your journey in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

1. Arcanine


Arcanine and Growlithe have been a part of the show for a long time. While they are not as popular as Charizard or Moltres to be remembered by children today. Arcanine is a menace for the opponents as it can intimidate them and reduce their attack powers. 

However, having a Clear Amulet can change the game. By holding this item, one can decrease the damage from abilities and moves. But, this can be bypassed by using Will-O-Wisp. Arcanine has the ability to dominate all fire-type lists with ease. 

2. Fuecoco


Are you looking for a fire-type Pokemon who is not just powerful but looks cute, too? Fuecoco is a cute fire-type Pokemon that appears during the 9th Generation Generation. At the start of the game, it puts an orange on fire, so it’s a goofball who loves to have fun. 

As a starter Pokemon, it comes with some decent stats, such as high special attack, defense, and HP. You can unlock many useful moves, including Flamethrower and Incinerate. 

Fuecoco has an ability called Blaze, which can be shared with all your fire-type Pokemons, and whenever Fuecoco has low HP, it will power up all the Fire-type Moves. Great, Isn’t it? 

Fuecoco has two evolutions: one is at level 16, where you can evolve it into a Crocalor, and the second one is at level 36, where it can be evolved further into Skeledirge. Fucoco’s evolutions are not as popular as his, but it is a good choice if you are looking for a good fire-type starter Pokemon. 

3. Crocalor


Crocalor is the first evolution of Fuecoco. For a mid-stage starter Pokemon, it comes with good stats, which are high in Attack, Defence, and Sp. Attack. This Pokemon can also learn Flamethrower and Incinerate, which are pretty solid fire-type moves, in my opinion. 

Crocator’s ensign doesn’t compare to Fucoco, so those who evolved from it will be disappointed. While it does look a bit awkward, it’s still a great choice if you only care about the stats and performance. 

Moreover, if you don’t like the design, don’t worry; it is not the end of its evolution. You can evolve it into a Skeledirge after reaching level 36. So, start grinding to evolve it into the next stage and get new and powerful moves. 

4. Armarouge


Based on the visual appearance, Armarouge seems to be a champion-tier Pokemon. While that’s a bit far-fetched, it’s still a good Pokemon with some advantages. Regarding base stats, Armarouge nails it with a total of 525. 

While it has some weaknesses when fighting against Water, Ground, Rock, Ghost, and Dark type Pokemon, it also has good resistance to the other seven types, balancing its weaknesses. The special attack stat of Armarouge is matched with a paltry attack, Which leaves other Fire-based attacks on the side.  

However, with a big enough move pool, you will be fine even without it. However, you need to be cautious when using Overheat because it can considerably lower Armarogue’s offensive stats if you are not switching it afterward. 

5. Volcarona


Volcarona becomes your prime choice with its 550 total base stat. It also comes with a special attack of 135 to thrash your opponents. So, if you’re looking for something with beefed-up stats, this is a good choice for your Pokemon Scarlet & Violet team. 

This fire-type bug also comes equipped with abilities such as Overheat, Bug Buzz, and Fiery Dance that boost your Special Attack. 

While it’s not a grass-type Pokemon, including Leech Seed is a good additional point. However, if your opponent uses a rock-type Pokemon, you need to be extremely cautious, or he can instantly take you out.

6. Charcadet


Now, you might argue that Charcadet is too slow and weak and doesn’t even have any powerful special attack. But, I put this one solely for its evolutionary potential. You can evolve it into Ceruledge or Armarouge, and whichever you choose from them is a dashing choice. 

Charcadet is small and cute; you can catch it in Medagoza in the east. Depending on what you have chosen, Scarlet or Violet, you need to find Bronzor Fragments or Sinister Chips to trade in for the evolution later in the game. 

Charcadet will start evolving after you receive Malicious or Auspicious Armour. So, if you can stick with this little guy for now and spend some effort on its evolution, then the results are well worth the wait, as you will have a powerful ally on your side. 

7. Scovillain


Scovillain is a plant-type Pokemon with dual attributes of Grass and Fire Type. Appearance-wise, it’s a sentient pepper plant with a fiery disposition. Stats-wise, it has a powerful Special Attack and Attack of 108. 

However, it is weak in defense, with only 65 in HP, Defense, and Sp. Defense. However, Scorvillain can balance its low defense by resisting Fire, Ice, Water, and Ground Type attacks. So, depending on who your opponent is, it can be a good choice to go with. 

8. Coalossal 


Colossal is a good pick if you are looking for a sturdy Pokemon as a tank with its good chunk of HP of 110. It has a dual attribute of Rock and Fire Type. While it only has a special defense of 90. It makes up for this with its high HP and defense of 120. 

While it only has a speed stat of 30, it can get a good speed boost using its Steam Engine ability when a fire-type or water-type attack hits it. If you can develop a wise strategy, you can use these skills to build an advantage in battle. 

9. Skeledirge


Skeledirge is the second and final evolution of Fuecoco, a fire-type starter Pokemon. After getting Fuecoco, you can evolve it from level 16 into Crocalor, and after getting your Crocelor to level 36, you can evolve it into Skeledirge. It has a dual attribute of Ghost and Fire Type. This combo is good for any type of Pokemon. 

Skeledirge is the newest entry in the generation 9. It has a pretty good base stat of 530. Moreover, these stats are divided evenly, so they are not too strong in any single area or weak in any particular area. It is a good attacker with a Sp. Attack of 110. It can deal additional damage over time whenever it uses its special move torch song. 

The biggest advantage of having a Skeledirge is that you can get Fuecoco as your starter Pokemon, which is also a good option to grind level faster, so you will be ahead of your peers in Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet.

10. Iron Moth

Iron Moth

Iron Moth is an improved version of Volcarona. It is an exclusive Pokemon, which is only available in Pokemon Violet. It has a dual attribute of poison and fire type. It is resistant to 8 different types and has single and double weaknesses, which makes it one of the most resistant Pokemon in the game.

Moreover, poison attacks are also very effective in dealing with additional damage over time. 

Iron Moth has a very high base state of 570, the second highest in any fire-type Pokemon. It also has a decent stat of 140 in Special Attack, high speed, and high defense. So, overall, Iron Moth is a better version of Volcarona, who was already a good fire-type Pokemon. 

Iron Moth is equipped with many of those attacks, making it a powerful weapon for attackers. So, Iron Moth is one of the best fire-type Pokemon you get in the 9th generation of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

11. Chandelure 


Chandelure has a dual attribute of Ghost and Fire Type. Chandelure is a preferred choice of top-tier teams due to its unique type and evenly distributed stats. It first appeared in the Teal Mask DLC of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. 

To get a chandelier, you must first get a Litwick and grind it to evolve into a lament. After that, you can get a Dusk Stone to further evolve it into a Chandelure.

Chandelure has a massive Sp. Attack stat of 145, and speed of 80, Defence and Sp. Defense is 90, and HP and Attack stats are 60 and 55, respectively. So, while it is not good as a tank due to low HP and Defence, it is a wonderful attacker with such massive sp attack stats, which is the highest (not considering the legendaries). 

12. Eevee-Evolved Flareon

Eevee-Evolved Flareon

Flareon ranks top in attack stats, with an attack stat of 130, the highest in any fire-type Pokemon. So, if you are just looking for a pure damage dealer, Flareon is your best bet. Furthermore, it also has a good sp. Defense while being a fire-type. 

To get a Flareon, you must get an Eevee first; you can get it in the Second area of Southern Province. The best thing about evolving Eevee is that you don’t need to reach any particular level; you can directly go to the Delibird shop and get a Fire Stone to evolve your Eevee.

When your opponents have fire-type attackers, you can use the ability of Flash Fire to counter any Fire-Type attacks and also deal some damage to them. 

13. Ceruledge


Ceruledge was just recently announced with Armarouge. They were supposed to be a fixture of Meta but didn’t perform as expected. 

However, they are still great picks with high base stats of 525. Ceruledge and Aemarouge are both options available to evolve Charcadet. Ceruledge is a good option with its Ghost and Fire-type dual attributes. 

In terms of attack, it is the second highest fire type attacker with base attack stats of 125. Moreover, it has some decent fire-type moves, such as Shadow Claw and Flare Blitz.

14. Chi-Yu


Chi-Yu is another new edition introduced in the 9th generation of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It has one of the highest base stats in the game at 580. In terms of special attacks, it stands at the top at 145. It also has the highest sp. Defense in any fire-type Pokemon at 120.

Moreover, it also has an ability called Beads of Ruin, which can reduce the defensive stats of all Pokemon on the field by 25% and boost its powers. 

If you want to add Chi-Yu to your team, you must first pass Raifort’s history exam in the Academy. After this, you must find the eight blue stakes and open the shrine. Now, you may be able to catch Chi-Yu inside but don’t forget that it’s your only chance to do it unless you reload a save. 


While these Fire-Type Pokemon are among some of the best choices for now, they will not stay that way forever; many new strategies and updates can affect the performance of these Pokemon, and what works now may not work in the future. So, keeping up-to-date with changing meta and developing new strategies is important. 

Therefore, even if you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, these Fire-Type Pokemons are waiting for someone to catch them. 



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