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Best Muscular Anime Girl Characters With Hot Bodies

Why is feminist beauty always associated with slenderness? Has it nothing to do with the brain with chivalry or with kindness? Consider it: men, especially women, let this jargon be the dominating and defining parameter for their virtuous existence.

The Anime world is definitely a step ahead and seems to revolutionize the feminine face of hotness.

Debarring the stereotype, the anime world has seen ample feminine characters receiving accolades for their real body type. Be it bulky or obese or power-packed muscles, and these anime girls have ruled the hearts of anime fans for years.

In fact, they have been trendsetters and mind-shifters for those who consider only slim and trim body types to be accepted thumb rule for being hot!

So friends! Here, I proudly present the top 20 Best Muscular Anime Girl Characters with Hot Bodies.

19. Nikuma “Big Mom”

Nikuma Big Mom

She is tall, has muscles, wears a nun uniform, and is a skilled combatant. Hand-to-hand fighting is her mastery. Guess who this bold lady is?

Friends! I am talking about Nikuma from “The Qwaser of Stigmata”, a Japanese manga series.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you before; her blackie nun look and exceptional martial art skills will almost shake you in the middle of the night.

18. Yukina


Being kind-hearted and being a caretaker are the perfect attributes that fit Yukina’s personality.

Her short red hair, exercise freak body, and commanding nature perfectly supplement her love for machines in the anime series. Most of the time, she is portrayed as a diligent mechanic working tirelessly on fixing machines. Her mechanic attire speaks for her dutiful nature.

A must-watch for her strength and machine love in “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” Japanese manga series.

17. Mizuki


I have seen egoistic girls, but for braggarts, I came across them for the first time.

Thanks to Mizuki from the “Hero Association” manga series, who brags about her athletic glories by showcasing her medals around her neck.

Her thin body, orange hair, and purple eyes will resonate with her girly attributes, along with her unmatching combating strength. She is a perfect picture of the beauty of slenderness and muscle mass in a single person.

16. Tsunade


Golden hair, ombre eyes, muscular physique, and dominating charisma are what come to novice minds when he sees Tsunade.

Truly an epic, bold beauty of the famous manga series “Naruto” captivates millions of hearts with her aggressive personality. She is capable enough to activate her chakras and derive strength from them.

Even combating behemoths like Orochimaru and Raikage don’t dare to instigate Tsunade in the series.

Watch this beautiful and bold lady bewildering the audience with her spiritual tactics in Naruto.

15. Amazoness


Who has not heard the folklore of Amazonian women warriors of ancient Greece? These women possess immense strength to outcast men in combat.

Amazoness is a character renowned for her muscular strength and confidence in the manga series. Don’t be deceived by her royal look; this muscular blonde with a tiara may prove to be deadly when it comes to battles.

Arakawa Under the Bridge is a must-watch for Anime fans looking for some serious fights, and that too with the women’s muscles in action!

14. Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger

We have a bold girl from the “Hunter x Hunter” manga series named Biscuit Krueger.

Her dressing style resembles the girly traits, but her body tells a different story. She is truly muscular and masculine when it comes to body toning and combating aspects.

On the contrary, her pink colored dress and her yellow hairstyle describe her Barbie form, maybe to deceive her opponents or to suppress her mammothness.

Don’t mess with her intentionally or unintentionally, or she will definitely churn you in a single snap!

13. Charlotte Smoothie

Charlotte Smoothie

Watch out for this tall lady with white wavy hair, a pinky outfit, and an aggressive attitude; she can almost squeeze anyone into an edible appetizer!

I am talking about Charlotte Smoothie from the “One Piece” anime series.

Don’t go by her slender waist; her cruel combating tactics and powerful legs will not think about stashing cash anyone under her feet.

12. Miss Monday

Miss Monday

This lady grabs the title of Best Muscular Anime Girl of the anime world.

Just look at her physique: she is tall, her skin is dark, and her muscles are the only visible part of her entire body.

Truly iconic and exemplary when it comes to building and toning muscle mass!

I guess Miss Monday is the only lady with a really muscular body built in One-piece anime. Rest appears to be a slim and trim girl struggling to make her way in the combatant list.

I wouldn’t say, though, but she definitely looks like a man at first sight!

11. Tsubame Kamoi

Tsubame Kamoi

Imagine a girl pilot switching her carrier to caretaker. Out-of-the-box plot, right?

Well, a Japanese manga series named “Uzamaid” does a fine job of knitting this storyline and picturing Tsubame Kamoi as a maid.

Her power-packed ribs, cute face, and iconic eye cover will immerse you in Tsubame’s beauty. Her motherly nature flourishing amidst the defensive mindset serves as a conundrum to her assigned kid.

10. Korra


I have spotted an American Anime muscular girl in the cult. She is dusty and muscular, and ponytails are her favorite hairstyle, and above all, she loves to play with water and fire! Who is she?

She is none other than “Korra” from the “Legend of Korra- Avatar” American anime series.

Needless to say, her spiritual enlightenment has paved her way to be the renowned bender of the time. Her well-toned body merged with ethereal tactics, will not fail to mesmerize her viewers and turn them into her crazy fans!

9. Tsuchiya


Look at this yellow girl; what form and what muscles! Simply admiring, just like her fighting skills! On top of that, her black hair oscillating in rhythm, forming a chime, is just eye-catching.

Who needs more introduction or more screen time with these iconic distinguishing characteristics?

I am talking about none other than “Tsuchiya” from the Mob Psycho 100 manga series.

I am sure you will not forget her looks or combat if you have witnessed her once in a manga series.

8. Ayaka Uehara

Ayaka Uehara

Father is always the daughter’s hero and sought-after idol.

The same can be said for Ayaka Uehara from the “How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?” Japanese manga series.

Ayaka’s love for muscular bodies can be inferred from her father’s boxing profession. She has grown up watching his father being an exercise-freak person.

Now, she has a perfect place to be a trainee and a trainer at her father’s gym. No doubt, the gym becomes the center point of the story, with Akaya and her friends’ story revolving around it.

Her brown eyes, brown bun hairstyle, pretty face, and well-toned body complement her muscular beauty. Only two words come out on seeing Akaya, a muscular cutie!

7. Zorin Blitz

Zorin Blitz

This lady will definitely give you shivers to your timid brain!

Heard of Hellsing? Well, she belongs to that anime cult where ruthless killing is the only norm; Brutality is revered, and forgiveness is mocked.

Meet a lady with orange spiky hair, usually seen in a bottle green outfit, with scary eyes and a heinous smile. She is the most feared muscular girl in the anime world, named “Zorin Blitz” of the Hellsing series.

Oops! Did I forget to mention that she is a blood-thirsty vampire too?

She will not leave a single chance to portray her maliciousness. She traumatizes her opponents with illusions to show a living hell before giving them a brutal death.

I would say she is a queen of viciousness with illusory prowess!

6. Maki Oze

Maki Oze

We have a firefighter and a former commando in the Best Muscular Anime Girl list.

She is Maki Oze from the Fire Fandom manga series.

Her raised eyebrows, black front-cut hairstyle, and triangular face reflect her Japanese traits. Her exposed muscles talk about her real strength when she wears a black sleeveless dress. With aggression in the eyes, one will not dare to provoke her athletic instincts.

Her down-to-earth nature and her responsible character make her one of the most revered anime muscular girls in the anime world.

5. Matrona


Who is this blonde girl making a mark in the muscular feminine list? Is her long golden hair and fair skin not enough to grab her fan’s attention?

Well, Friends! Meet Matrona from the “Nanatsu No Taizai” Japanese manga series.

In the series, she is a fighter and a trainer too! She believes the only way to succeed is to be strong and to prepare for the worst. That’s the reason she doesn’t let her students settle down for the optimum.

Her spirit and muscular body reveal her warrior traits and respectable position as the commander-in-chief of the revered Clan.

She is a true combatant when it comes to battles and serving humanity. Well, friends, this service has a price attached to it!

4. Mirko


Who is this bunny girl showing her muscular strength in the anime world?

Friends! She is Mirko from the “My Hero Academia” anime series. She has become the next spotlight to fill the void of All Might’s presence. Her dark complexion, long bunny ears, and long white hair swirling with every move make her a strong visual appeal.

Her body speaks about her strength, and her body language validates her quirk. Watch out for her speed; she may dismay the sharpest vigilant. No doubt, she is looked upon as the next savior in the anime series.

3. Mikage Sharaku

Mikage Sharaku

What is so special about this muscular girl from the “Durarara” manga series?

Her “abs” man! Her sturdy abdominal muscles will make you think twice about her gender.

Apart from her abs, what makes her more interesting is her dedication to remaining fit. Nothing breaks her willpower, and nothing mends her routine to compromise her everyday fitness resolution.

Even in the series, she is portrayed as a martial arts mentor of her counterparts.

Her short brown hair and boyish dressing style will make her the most powerful and strong tomboy in the anime world.

2. Sakura Ogami 

Sakura Ogami

What was your first reaction when you saw Sakura Ogami? Is it the same as mine? “Speechless and dumbstruck!”

The dark lady in hues of ivory with snow-white hair, protruding white eyes, and milky white teeth ready to chew anything crossing her way is not just trembling but horrifying, too!

Her muscular biceps and scars on her face are reflective of her immense love for combat. What a visual mockery! Her body talks about her strength, whereas her school attire tries to communicate her girlish traits!

If you haven’t seen “Danganronpa” anime, I would say hit this anime, not for the story, but at least for this bold high school girl character, whose writer has taken immense headaches to craft her persona.

1. Michelle K. Davis

Michelle K. Davis

Friends! We have a fit girl from Mars! Not so apparently muscular, but lean and slim, yet fond of the gym, she is none other than Michelle K Davis of the anime world.

She appears in the anime named “Terra Formars” anime series. This time, it’s not a Japanese but an American anime series.

She is powerful, she is pretty, and she is intelligent! A rare combination of needed attributes to survive on extraterritorial surfaces. Watch her might be mixed with leanness as you traverse across the land of Mars in the Terra Formars series.

Oops! Did I mention that she is the only bold beauty with a pair of rimless glasses on her face? This does not compromise her beauty. In fact, it elevates her persona to the next level, making her diligent, too!


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