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Best Shy Anime Girls (Dandere Girl Characters)

You might have seen those cute anime girls who have a shy nature. You would see them as having low confidence. They might speak less.

But, don’t go on their dandere skills as their actions and loving gestures can win anybody’s heart. Even you would find many of them doing heroic acts.

But, how come dandere girls can be so powerful? I am sure your mind would be tackling this question. You might have heard, “Actions speak louder than words.” The same is the case with our dandere anime girls.

And today, you will meet such powerful, shy anime girls who will steal your hearts. So, fasten your seat belts to go on a remarkable journey.

21. Ritsu Kawai

Ritsu Kawai

Ritsu is one of those shy girls whose actions used to speak more than her words. She was very much passionate about reading books. We can think of her as having a viral infection for reading.

Once she started reading books, she would get completely immersed in them. She would never know the outside world while reading. So, you can think of the extent to which she loved reading.

And this is the one quality of Ritsu that made my heart fall for her. Being the reading parasite, Ritsu had a shy nature. However, her cute face and adorable innocence were perfect for attracting anybody.

Though Ritsu is a dandere character, her dedication to her work and reading makes her perfectly eligible to hold a position on this list.

20. SerasĀ 


Have you ever seen any vampire girl with a shy personality? If not yet, then you should meet Seras from the anime Hellsing. Seras is initially seen as a lady cop in the series. She lives in London. Everything goes well in her life until a dreadful tragedy takes place.

Seras’s entire team gets destroyed in it. Moreover, Seras gets injured during this incident and cannot continue working as a cop. She loses all her hopes. However, when all the doors are closed, Seras meets Alucard, unaware he is a vampire.

It is where Seras’s life takes a drastic change. With time, Seras falls in love with Alucard, who influences her to become a vampire. After this incident, Seras develops a confusing personality where she sometimes becomes happy for becoming a vampire while, at some point, the same fact saddens her.

With such a confusing personality, Seras has made it to this list.

19. Kosaki Onodera

Kosaki Onodera

All the teenage boys and girls might remember the anime Nisekoi. Of course, who can forget such a wonderful anime? This anime mainly portrays the life of high-school-going teenagers. You will find a shy and beautiful girl, Kosaki, in the series.

You might remember how shy she used to be. She even ran away from situations where she would sense any trouble. She could not even describe her feelings to her crush, Raku.

He was the most handsome personality in the entire high school. However, the boy, for whom every girl was crazy, had feelings for Kosaki.

However, because of her dandere nature, Kosaki’s hesitant nature never allows her to describe her feelings. At some points in the series, I feel bad for Kosaki.

18. Miku Nakano

Miku Nakano

If you have seen 5 Toubun No Hanayome, you might remember that blue-eyed third sister from the quintuplets, Miku. And whenever I think about shy anime girl characters, Miku will immediately strike my head.

In the series, you would find Miku having a less-confident personality. However, despite being shy, she was crazy about reading books. Of course, the second anime-shy girl after Ritsu is on our list.

However, many of you might be confused about Miku’s nature. And this is obvious as in the series; you would find Miku less confident and shy.

But as the story progresses, Miku develops into a confident personality. And all these changes occur when a guy named Fuutarou enters Miku’s life.

17. Grey


Do you remember a young girl with purple hair from Black Clover? Of course, we can never forget Grey, a shy girl with the supernatural talent of transmutation. She had the power to transform all forms of different objects. She was even able to change her shape.

However, sometimes your talent makes you feel a bit nervous. It is the exact thing that happened with Grey. Due to her powers, Grey used to feel conscious, so she hid her talent from everybody.

But can the truth remain hidden for a long time? Not. It has to come out someday. Grey’s secret is revealed to everybody one day. And Grey is not at all happy about her secret revelation. It is when you find Grey fighting with herself, which is a very exciting and emotional part of the anime.

16. Lisa Mishima

Lisa Mishima

Lisa Mishima used to be a very shy and innocent girl. Her innocence used to add a beautiful charm to her face. However, because of her dander nature, she was an introverted girl who used to enjoy her space.

And that’s the only reason you would find Lisa getting bullied most of the time. Of course, there would be most times in the anime Zankyou No Terror where you would feel a bit emotional seeing Lisa harassed by the bullies. I also didn’t like that part of the anime.

In the anime, you would always find Lisa dropping things accidentally because of her nervousness. So, many of you might get irritated seeing that.

However, there is one part of the series that is my favorite. And that is when Lisa, due to her nervousness, accidentally sets off the detonators and saves everyone from a fatal bomb accident.

I just love this part. Of course, you would also like something about Lisa. Do let me know in the comment section.

15. Inori Yuzuriha

Inori Yuzuriha

Inori, from Guilty Crown, is a girl whose character has multiple shades in the series. Of course, you cannot consider Inori shy as she is a combatant who can single-handedly lay down her numerous enemies.

Moreover, young girls would highly admire Inori’s personality as she is a good gun shooter from her resistance guerilla group, Funeral Parlor.

Then what is Inori doing in this list of dander girls? Well, let me tell you. Although Inori is fearless, her quiet nature makes her fall into the dandere personality. You would never find her speaking much. Nor would you find her expressing her feelings to anyone.

But hold on. You would find Inori as a dangerous girl for a limited period in the series until she comes in contact with an online musical band named Egoist. Now, this is the point in the series where Inori’s personality takes a flipping side.

After this, you would find Inori singing. Just like ordinary girls, she would start showing her feelings and becoming an emotional soul.

14. Nezuko


Regarding Dandere girls, Nezuko from the anime Demon Slayer steals my heart. Even the anime Demon Slayer itself showcases an emotional story that would touch anybody’s heart.

Demon Slayer highlights the story of a girl who has the curse of becoming a blood-sucking demon. She often suffers a lot in the anime because of her curse.

There is a high chance that your mind might get disturbed seeing Nezuko’s suffering. But you might be touched by the love and affection Nezuko receives from her brother, Tanjiro, during her suffering. Whenever Nezuko got tangled up in trouble, Tanjiro would always help her, just like any protective brother would.

And this is the best part: I love watching Demon Slayer.

13. Shoko Nishimiya

Shoko Nishimiya

It is always interesting to watch an anime that covers different colors. Silent Voice is one such great anime. What is not there in this anime?

Say it the colors of friendship, forgiveness, and much more. You just name it, and you will find that thing in this anime. It’s an anime that gives you a bucket full of life lessons through its story.

It’s about a girl named Shoko who is deaf and cannot communicate well. It gives the reason for bullying her to Shoya, the male protagonist in the series. You would find Shoya always harassing Shoko.

And Shoko, because of her deafness, would tolerate all the harassment silently. She was that kind of dandere personality who would never fight back for herself.

Not because she was fearful but because she would always see the positive side of Shoya. Somewhere in her heart, she knew that Shoya was a good man. That’s why she never wished bad for him.

Further in the series, there comes a time when Shoko and Shoya’s lives take different turns, and they get separated. However, destiny has some other plans for both of them.

That’s why both of them meet each other again. But, this time, you would be surprised to know that Shoya has changed completely.

The person who once bullied Shoko now develops a soft corner for her and becomes her good friend, always ready to help her no matter what.

So, you can imagine how much power Shoko’s innocence would have that melted Shoya’s heart.

12. Hitori Gotou

Hitori Gotou

What would happen if an introverted person had to face a huge crowd altogether? It is not at all possible. But you will find this unique concept in the anime Bochi The Rock.

Bochi The Rock has always been one of the most aspiring anime for shy and introverted personalities. Through its unique concept, this anime guides introverted people on how they can lead a confident life.

This anime showcases a shy girl, Hitori Gotou, who lands into a musical band. The band recognizes Hitori’s singing talent and demands her to perform in front of a huge crowd. Hitori, of course, goes into a huge dilemma as she becomes nervous even in front of 2-3 people.

But, despite being shy, Hitori doesn’t like to disappoint her friends. So, for the sake of her friends, she agrees to the performance. Further in the story, you would find how Hitori outcomes her fears of facing the crowd and transforms herself into a confident personality.

That’s why Hitori has become one of my most inspiring characters. What are your thoughts on it?

11. Shouko Komi

Shouko Komi

Can you imagine any Dandere personality being everyone’s favorite? Slightly unbelievable, right? But I have come up with one such personality for you all. It is none other than Shoko Komi from Komi Can’t Communicate. This anime girl’s nervousness restricts her from even speaking properly.

You might think that because of such improper communication skills, nobody would like Shouko. You would be shocked to know that the exact opposite happens. Yes, everybody, including her classmates, loves Shouko.

The twist in the tale is that Shouko falls in love with the boy who is dandere. Can you believe it? I was not able to believe it when I first saw it.

So, you can think Shouko is one of the greatest dandere personalities everyone loves. Excited to meet Shouko? Then you should watch Komi Can’t Communicate.

10. Hinata


Hinata is one of those dandere girls whose nervousness does not allow her to even describe her love. Yes, you read that right. Hinata is madly in love with Naruto, but her shyness restricts her from telling him.

But why is Hinata so shy? What is stopping her from doing so? I am sure right now, numerous questions might be tangling up your mind.

Well, don’t worry. I’ll answer all of them. Hinata has a lot of complexities in her life that stop her from doing so. The sole reason behind this is Hinata’s clan, Hyuga. At one time, Hinata was this clan’s princess, and suddenly, one day, the same clan abandoned her.

This abandonment turns Hinata into a dandere personality. However, you would get to see Hinata’s dander nature briefly. After some time, Hinata turns into a fearless personality and defeats the same Hyuga clan to save her love, Naruto.

So, we can say that Naruto’s love ultimately helps Hinata fight back.

9. Anri Sonohara

Anri Sonohara

Many times, bad circumstances force people to change. The same thing happens with Anri Sonohara.

Anri is a girl who doesn’t like any sort of attention. You might wonder why. Well, it’s merely because, during her childhood, Anri saw her parents die in front of her, and she could not do anything about it. This regret made Anri turn into a dandere personality.

However, this is God’s fate, and the things you don’t want to happen surely occur. The same thing holds for Anri. Despite being dander, her sleek physical appearance always becomes a reason for catching anybody’s attention.

Besides having an amazing figure, Anri also possesses one thing that has been kept hidden from everybody. Wondering what?

Well, let me tell you. It’s her straight sword, Saika. This sword is not like normal swords, which are used to cut people to death. Instead, it’s more than that. Besides cutting, it creates bonus damage to the living personas. Through this sword, Anri can destroy many of her enemies.

So, you can imagine how an introverted Anri can protect herself secretively yet powerfully.

8. Hina Kubota

Hina Kubota

Usually, different people show their shyness in different ways. Some people might not be able to convey their feelings, or some might always get nervous.

But Hina was a different kind of dandere girl. This girl would start crying even if she got happy. Can you believe it?

Being extremely polite and shy, Hina had few friends out of Naru, and Sei was close to her. She would share all her happiness and problems with her close friends.

And her close friends would always be ready to help her out by all means. So, you can think of Naru and Sei as Hina’s helping hands.

Although Hina had nervousness like other dandere girls, her politeness and unique dandere nature made her to this list.

7. Sumi Sakurasawa

Sumi Sakurasawa

Every man likes to have a girlfriend who speaks less and is a bit shy. Isn’t it? But finding such shy girls is not that easy.

However, you can get such shy and adorable girls on rent. And Sumi is one such quintessential girlfriend available on rent.

Sumi is a shy girl. So she cannot speak much in public. However, she has an attractive physique. Kudos to Sumi, who turned her weakness into strength by becoming a reserved, shy girlfriend. The best thing to learn from Sumi is that being shy is not your weakness.

Her innocence and politeness always make Sumi successful in adoring her client boyfriends. So, for those girls sitting idle, thinking being shy is their biggest inability, Sumi becomes an inspiring anime character for them.

6. Historia


Historia’s character adds a lot of excitement and thrill while watching the anime Attack On Titan. Historia has some connection with her past life, though she hardly remembers anything about it. That’s why you would get to see Historia’s mixed personality.

Initially, you would see Historia as Krista, her present life name. You would see Krista as a fearful girl who never has the guts to fight back.

Despite being a dandere personality, Krista never falls back in taking a stand for herself. And this is the one thing that makes her everyone’s favorite in her group.

But, you will not see Historia permanently like a dandere girl. As the story progresses, you will find Historia learning about her past life.

And this point changes Historia completely. From a shy and fearful girl, she now becomes the one who never resists fighting back. Moreover, you would also start seeing a charm of confidence getting added to her personality.

So, due to her initial stage shyness and cuteness, I have added Historia to my list of best dandere anime girls.

5. Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi Ichinose

You all might remember Kotomi from Clannad. Kotomi is a cute dandere girl who loves reading. Her hobby is not limited to reading her national language books. She can read books in foreign languages, too. Wow! That’s amazing.

Because of her reading habits, Kotomi is a smart girl. And her cute physique with purple hair can attract anybody. So, you can see there is so much to love about Kotomi. The only issue is that she is very shy. She cannot communicate effectively in public.

However, Kotomi does not want to live as a dandere girl for her life. She wants to become confident. And this is the thing that I like about Kotomi.

To improve herself, she seeks help from her friend, Tomoya, who has impressive communication skills.

So, for me, Kotomi became one of the most aspiring anime girls for those shy girls with poor social skills.

4. Eucliwood Hellscythe

Eucliwood Hellscythe

Have you ever seen a person who speaks less but still manages to be the cutest? If not, don’t worry; I have seen one such girl. She is none other than Eucliwood. You can call her Eu or Yuu if you struggle remembering her name.

Eu was a girl who had to communicate via Notepad. Now, you might mistakenly think her to be dumb. But that was not the case. She wanted to speak a lot but had to lose all her powers the moment she did that.

That’s why you would find Eu telling her thoughts via Notepad. However, some things about Eu would make you fall in love with her.

Firstly, she is too cute. Secondly, despite speaking less, she brings Ayumu, her housemate, back to life through her adorable behavior.

I am sure after knowing Eu, many of you might have fallen for her.

3. Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell

Shy people are always short of confidence. And Wendy Marvell, in Fairy Tail, is a very good example of this. Despite being a sky dragon slayer, Wendy always doubted her capabilities. That’s the reason she would always outperform.

But, thanks to her support system, Carla was always ready to boost her confidence no matter what. And this is one of the best things to watch in the Fairy Tail series.

The bonding between Wendy and her friend Carla will surely give you some emotional moments.

Though initially, you would see Wendy as a less-confident girl, in the further storyline, you would find the same dangerous girl becoming a more confident girl who would be proving herself capable of being a perfect guildmate.

2. Sawako Kuronuma

Sawako Kuronuma

Sawako is a girl who is not dangerous, but some unusual circumstances make her the one. Confused reading this, right? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how it was.

Sawako was a kind-hearted girl who always put her 100% in any task. So, you can imagine how much hard-working she was. The problem was that her name rhymed with one horror movie character, Sadako. Although Sawako’s personality was opposite to Sadako’s, her classmates avoided her.

And Sawako, because of her slightly shy nature, never tried to correct her friends and classmates. Because of such confusion, Sawako was left alone in the school with no friends.

As time passed, confusion prevailed until Kazehaya entered Sawako’s school. Kazehaya was the person who removed all the confusion, and Sawako got her friends and a happy school life back.

1. Futaba


You all might remember the game Persona 5. Every character in it was amazing. Because of its huge fanbase, the game was converted into an anime series, which also got the same love and affection from the fans.

Persona 5 has numerous lovely characters, one of whom is Futaba. Futaba is a dandere girl who has seen many unusual things in childhood.

She was tortured to the extent that even after growing up, she could not get out of the trauma. She cannot even trust anyone, not even her guardian.

However, Futaba changes her thoughts once she meets the Phantom Thieves, who help her escape the trauma. After meeting them, Futaba starts having a normal life where she freely meets strangers with trust and confidence.


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