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What Did Sukuna Do to Choso?

Sukuna was able to manipulate Choso’s memories during their encounter. He used his curse technique to implant false memories about Choso, making him believe that Sukuna was his brother.

This psychological manipulation was part of Sukuna’s strategy to gain new allies and manipulate situations to his advantage. This demonstrates how Sukuna is a cunning person in nature who deeply understands cursed energy and psychological warfare.

Sukuna’s Mind Games: How He Manipulated Choso’s Memories

Sukuna, known for being cunning and ruthless, extends his manipulation beyond just physical confrontations. This is because he adeptly plays the mind games that seriously affect his adversaries, particularly noticeable in how he deals with Choso.

  • Initiating Doubt: Initially, Sukuna planted the seeds of doubt in the mind of Choso, which inevitably started making him question his past experiences and current alliances. And this confusion is Sukuna’s first step in breaking down Choso’s mental defences.
  • Altering Perceptions: Sukuna started exploiting his deep understanding of cursed energy to subtly alter the perception of Choso, making him see and believe things that will serve Sukuna’s end agenda.
  • Reinforcing False Memories: Sukuna used the cursed energy to reinforce false memories through a very well-curated manipulation skill, making them seem more real and convincing to Choso. And thus Choso was at the steering wheel of Sukuna’s desired outcomes.

Choso’s Reaction to Sukuna’s Memory Manipulation Explained

Choso’s reactions to discovering Sukuna’s manipulation are complex and layered, showcasing a battle between his inherent instincts and manipulated mind.

  • Denial and Confusion: Choso’s initial reaction to Sukuna was denying to believe the false memories to be true. This led him into a spiral of confusion and denial where he tried to put everything together as a sort of puzzle.
  • Anger and Betrayal: Once Choso realized this was a setup. Now, that’s when everything started to sink in and he started to feel a deeper sense of betrayal not just by Sukuna but by the other people he knew had a hand in manipulation.
  • Seeking the Truth: Chozo’s reaction was self-centred towards a determination to uncover the truth. He aimed at trying to comprehend the amount of the manipulation and reclaim his autonomy.

The Consequences of Sukuna’s Actions on Choso’s Loyalties

The consequences of Sukuna’s manipulative strategies are significant, affecting Choso’s loyalties and role in the broader narrative. In this, let’s try to understand better the consequences of how far Sukuna took it.

  • The shift in Allegiances: feeling betrayed and manipulated, Choso might be trying to reconsider his loyalties and even turn against some of his allies that he once trusted. Most importantly, trust had been rooted out of him by Sukuna, and he might try to align with new figures who offer him clarity and a sense of success.
  • Internal Conflict: the struggle between his natural loyalty to his brothers and the newly imperialized doubts caused some internal Conflict. This might have led him to unexpected decisions or actions, even in the wide moments of confrontation.
  • Reevaluation of Goals: Choso might re-evaluate his goals and strategies in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. He had to choose one path either to get vengeance against Sakuna or make attempts to neutralize his influence around the Jujutsu world.
  • New Alliances Formed: as a direct consequence of Sukuna’s psychological warfare, Choso could form new alliances, particularly with those who go directly against Sukuna. As the other option, he could strengthen the existing bonds through the shared experience of deceit and manipulation that Sukuna is well known for.


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