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Best Motorcycle Anime (Top Rated Riding Anime Series)

Motorcycles bring a lot of thrill, whether you are riding on it, if you are a pillion or even if you see races on your screen. Let me talk about what I feel while watching anime.

I have often found myself thrilled when I see sharp motorcycle turns, beat-skipping races, or roller coaster chases on roads.

So, this brought me to the idea that I need to list some of the best motorcycle anime of all time ranked according to the thrill they offered me. Besides that, I have also considered the reviews and ratings viewers gave to these anime.

Motorcycles cannot be considered a separate genre, but the popularity of these anime has skyrocketed in recent years. Let’s not wait a single minute. Let’s put our bike on gear, and here we go.

19. Rideback


Well, the name itself gives us goosebumps. Rideback, what a fascinating name. This anime is full of bike action, racing thrills and mecha. You see a lot of futuristic bikes, and you start dreaming of having one right between your legs in the future.

This anime shows some extraordinary bikes that can even transform into robots. Yes, you can compare them to transformers.

The story revolves around Rin Otaga who used to be a perfect ballet dancer in college earlier on. However, she gets injured. Later, she joins the Ride Blacks club. With time, she becomes a tremendous rider. However, she has got some sore relations with the government.

18. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Now, when I check this anime, in the beginning, it feels as if it highlights Korean lands. The discrimination you see, the poverty you feel and the difference between the successful and poor. It all gives goosebumps and a feel of North Korea versus South Korea.

You see a new Domino town in which there was a humongous earthquake 17 years back because of a reactor malfunctioning, and this led to the division of the city into two parts. The new Domino City is full of richer people, and it’s a highly urban part, whereas, in comparison, the Satellite is the poverty-stricken part.

The story revolves around Yusei Fudo, a pro-care protagonist from the Satellite part. He seeks freedom for his people, making him flee to the rich city where he finds Jack Atlas, the king of Turbo Duels.

Is the chemistry set perfectly, or are some conflicts waiting? Will there be something that can bridge the gap between these rich and poor parts of the city?

17. Two Car

Two Car

Hey, don’t get confused by the name. You see the word Car in the title of this anime, but let me be clear: this anime is all about thrilling motorbike races.

The story is mostly about two high schoolers, Megumi Meguro and Yuri Miyata, who have six other couples for bike rivalry. This anime is extremely popular among girls, but if you’re a guy who loves to see sizzling girls on sizzling bikes, you’re going to love the “Two Car” anime.

The animation gets full marks from my side. Yes, this anime is also about sidecar racing, but for bike racing lovers, this anime is a watching this anime or while watching this anime.

16. Kino’s Journey

Kino's Journey

This anime kept me on my sofa for a very long time, waiting for the suspense. Let me tell you, I was not, for even a single minute, bored. The thrill, I cannot put in words. In this story, Kino travels with Hernes, his dedicated companion.

They study the culture in various places and try their best to help those who need them. This anime put some thoughts in my mind that I wish one day would come when I also get my bike out of the garage, have a huge backpack, and set myself on a journey to understand cultures.

I dream of meeting new people and writing some nice stories for my life to tell my grandchildren in future after watching this anime.

This anime has many things that can make it your all-time favourite series. And if you have already gone through the pleasure of watching bike animes, this will elevate your experience to a whole new level.

15. Blassreiter


If you don’t want to watch Kenims, full of unwanted and overfilled racing, bullets, gang wars, and unwanted fights that happen occasionally, then Blass Reiter will be a sweet choice for you. The story backup is very strong over here.

The story starts in Germany, where biochemical creatures called Demoniacs rise from the Dead Riders all because of an outbreak of something fishy (I won’t reveal what sort of outbreak). These Demoniacs can easily merge with motorbikes and cars and transform into super machines capable of doing many things.

Yes, Transformers lovers will enjoy BlassReiter a lot. You also see some human-turned-Demo-Niex in this anime who successfully control their mutation. Now, a few use these powers to improve society, whereas, on the other side, a few are evil, too.

So it’s entirely worth watching these Demoniacs’ capabilities and powers and how things go wild in Germany.

14. Akira


If you like to watch anime that blends sci-fi animations along with some nice sizzling sex scenes as well as absurd plots, then Akira is the right anime for you. You have many well-rounded characters, and the storytelling deserves your appreciation.

This anime is full of betrayal, friendship, honour and some outstanding effects of being a God. You see scenes of corruption and gang warfare, and obviously, you see many guys misusing power. You can relate this story to a few incidents of watching the news in real life.

This anime is full of betrayal, friendship, honour and some outstanding effects of being a God. You see scenes of corruption and gang warfare, and obviously, you see many guys misusing power. You can relate this story to a few incidents of watching the news in real life.

13. Durarara!!


I hope you can pronounce that name perfectly because it took me a couple of minutes to pronounce it. I guess there is some problem with my tongue. Well, keeping that aside, let me get back to the anime.

Well, typical Tokyo is not shown in this anime, but you just feel like Tokyo is mixed with Afghanistan. Yes, a lot of bullets, a lot of guns, a lot of gangsters and a lot of fights. You see a weird version of Tokyo full of thugs and looters.

You see Kida Masaomi inviting his childhood buddy Ryugamine Mikado to shift with him. However, he warms him to avoid weird characters roaming around the neighbourhood. However, when he arrives in the city, Mikado gets in touch with Dullahan, a headless biker riding a very big, attractive black motorcycle.

Well, this bike has no headlights or engines, which is weird to see. But let me tell you, this guy is an urban legend and part of a very big gang. So, does Mikado get involved in shitty gang wars, or does he successfully maintain the peace of his mind?

It’s worth watching.

12. Bakuon


Are you a female dreaming of having a bike pretty soon, setting on races, or at least wandering around the city and flaunting your looks? If yes, then Bakuon is a perfect choice for you.

It’s a unique bike racing anime revolving around Hane Sakura, a protagonist who encounters Onsa Amano, another motorcycling enthusiast who introduces her to the bike club one fine morning.

You see a lot of tremendously brilliant characters in this club who do everything to entertain you. This anime is about the joy and the hardships you face while adjusting to a new environment with new people.

11. Michiko & Hatchin

Michiko & Hatchin

Do you like watching South American Spice in a Japanese anime? Have you enjoyed watching some thrilling prison breaks? If yes, then this anime is for you. The story revolves around Michiko Malandro, who escapes from a South American prison and kidnaps her ex-lover’s daughter.

She calls her Hachin; however, her real name is Hana Morinoz. Hachin has very abusive foster parents, and after kidnapping her, they set off on a tremendous journey to find Hachin’s daddy. Yes, this is a kidnapping scene, but you don’t find these folks quarrelling with each other.

A sense of affection is developed, and how they escape police now and then is entirely worth watching. The anime is truly inspirational for any good human and a perfect choice for bike racing enthusiasts. it is a decent choice for those seeking freedom and enthusiasm.

10. Genesis Climber Mospeada

Genesis Climber Mospeada

Shinji Arakami deserves appreciation for developing such a tremendous anime like Genesis Climber Mospeada. The story revolves around saving a planet from harm caused by pollution. Mospeda is a part of military operations with adaptable bike armour that these folks wear while working.

It is a futuristic story highlighting the situation of planet Earth in 2050. Yes, it is going to give you goosebumps. I know you must have watched a few Hollywood movies based on something similar, but the extra spice here is biking.

You see alien attacks trying to take over the planet Earth. Now, these warriors use god-level technology to keep these enemies from troubling the planet, and these fights are also worth watching.

At least they are logical.

9. Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D_ Bonds Beyond Time

Have you watched the film “I Am Legend” starring Will Smith? If yes, you’ll get something similar in this anime, where you see a huge barren wasteland where just a few folks live. The story is about a guy travelling through the past and trying to find the roots of this high-skilled destruction.

He steals dragon-type monsters from the past who have brought destruction in various periods. However, the story doesn’t run that straight. The editing is slightly complex, and you must pay close attention to which scene is linked to what. I even watched it twice.

You see some team battles between various gangs of various periods. You see some nice bonds of friendship and betrayal, and it’s worth watching how time is reversed. I won’t call it a mind-bending anime, but yes, it does need some intelligence to understand the storyline and catch the thrill of the series of actions.

8. Scared Rider Xechs

Scared Rider Xechs

Here, the story shows conflicts between the Red and Blue World. The Red World is full of evil, and you see some creepy creatures known as Nightfly O’Note. They constantly attack the citizens of Blue World.

The 17-year-old protagonist Akira Asagi, a very brave one, is appointed as a saviour at Ryukyu Lag, a military structure on the islands of Iriomote and Ishigaki. Seeing how she combats various units and stays calm during fierce battles is interesting.

You see a tremendous level of struggle in the Blue World, but let me tell you, Akari doesn’t let you lose your hope. She has a team of six horsemen called Scared Rider Xechs to combat fighters from another world, and the relationship between them is worth experiencing.

7. Oban star races

Oban star races

Here comes another sizzling bike-racing anime set in the futuristic world of 2082. Here, you see the great race of Oban who lives on some other planet, inviting planet Earth to compete with them in an intergalactic race. You will be stunned to know the prize.

The winner has one wish fulfilled, no matter what it is. The highlight of this anime is Eva Wei, a student on planet Earth who escapes boarding school in search of Don Wei, her daddy. He is the president of Wei Racing.

It is truly a fascinating anime, not just with the sizzling bike races but also with a very attractive storyline. It is a perfect choice for drama lovers, too.

6. Futari Daka

Futari Daka

You see Isabel and her son Teddy Santareny having a nice dinner at the restaurant, and right after, they face an ambush by a wicked gang of bikers they crossed earlier. A young guy comes in between and helps tackle the attack.

The next day, you find Teddy leaving to train and meeting that young man again. It is Teddy Tojo, a very talented pilot and an integral part of a famous team known as Rayons Bleus. You see some sizzling bike racing between two riders who try to catch up, and the skids skip a beat from your heart during the turns.

Teddy Santareny is highly focused on avenging Teddy Tojo, and he tries his hand and leg to obtain a license to stand against him in a competition. This rivalry is full of thrill.

5. Baribari Densetsu

Baribari Densetsu

Are you seeking some reckless driving on the streets, bikers making fun of rules and regulations, disturbing the peace of the city, and gangs bullying normal people? If yes, then bare, Baribari Densetsu is a perfect old-fashioned story. I would say one can easily make a perfect film out of it.

The animation is very convincing, and you can feel the level of effort the creators have put into making the animation as enticing as possible. You will feel as if you are a person of one of its drivers.

The story is tightly packed, with many happenings occurring now and then. You don’t see any superpowers or any alien envisions, but yes, the thrill is nowhere missing. This anime is close to real life.

4. Venus Wars

Venus Wars

Yes, the name is interesting, and so is the anime. This name is mostly based on action and conflicts and is a great spice of biking. You see a huge ice comet impacting Venus, where colonization started in 2012 and 2017.

However, when the story is fast-forwarded to 2089, the planet gets divided into two parts, Ishtar and Aphroda. The environment is pretty hostile, not just because of environmental issues but mostly because of internal conflicts.

You see a war between these two, and Ishtar deploys high-level tanks. Aphroda, as an answer, counters special assault motorcycles. You see Susan Sontag, a highly talented journalist from Earth, visiting Venus to check what is happening.

In the second part, you mostly experience clashes and power struggles, but let me tell you, the first part is more interesting. If you are a bike lover, both parts will entice you equally.

However, the first part is more interesting if you are more inclined towards the storyline and logic.

3. Robotech 


This is the first bike-centric anime on our list in which you experience a love triangle developing. These are the first officers, Lisa Hayes, the civilian pilot Rick Hunter and Lynn Minmei, a highly talented singer.

The story highlights the year 1999 when an alien ship crashed on Earth. This led to the development of the United Earth government, which tried to defend against extraterrestrial problems. The alien ship becomes Earth’s flagship, and after ten years, a race of giants known as Zentraedi arrives to claim that ship.

You see the rebuild of the city inside the ship and many things for which fights take place. Now, what are these things? What are the conflicts? What is the difference between the two races? Why did that ship crash on Earth?

Everything was already set, or was it just an accident? To watch it, all you need to do is hit this anime.

2. The Legend of Kentauros

The Legend of Kentauros

Well, here you get another love triangle. But don’t be scared; I’m not pulling you in any romantic anime. It is still a bike-centric one. The story is about a racing group called Centuras that comprises 93 talented riders hailing from the city port of Yokohama.

You come across two very enthusiastic and weird characters, Ken and Arthur, who have developed a love for the same woman. Again, it is an anime on which a film can be created. The rivalry is worth watching, and yes, this rivalry gets them on the road for racing as well.

Don’t expect this anime to do a lot for you if you do not like older anime. However, I can assure you won’t dislike any character. The story is fascinating, and I wish someone could remake this one with some greater level of animation.

1. Megazone 23

Megazone 23

Hey, did you read it as Megazone Twenty-Three? Please don’t because it is pronounced as Megazone Two Three. This stunning anime has some signature features, and so many things will soothe you up if you are a true bike lover.

This story highlights 1980s Japan to some cyberpunk-themed convictions, and checking the lives of folks during that time will be interesting. You see a lot of nice music scenes in this anime.

No futuristic bike riding, but yes, the scenes where bike riding is included will give you a level of thrill. After watching this anime, you will feel the importance of having a bike in your life if you don’t own one yet.

Besides bike racing and all, there is a lot more to enjoy, especially the intelligence and common sense of the main characters of this anime.


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