What Does Inosuke Call Nezuko?

Inosuke is one of the most funny characters in the Demonic Slayer series. He is known for his eccentric nature. He calls Nezuko impersonally as “Demon” in person now and sometimes by other generic terms.

However, as he grows into accepting her more, he acknowledges her by name and shows his acceptance towards her as a part of his team. Their relationship or their growth is deeper within the demonic slayer team.

Inosuke and Nezuko: From Strangers to Comrades

Inosuke eventually begins to unfold the real meaning behind Nezuko’s emotional stability and why she acts this way. This change is easily recognizable as his way of addressing Nezuko changes from derogatory to affectionate.

How Inosuke’s Terms for Nezuko Reflect Their Changing Relationship

This plot reflects how Inosuke’s addressing terms for Nezuko changes their relationship in the show.

  • Initial Hostility: At first, Inosuke addressed Nezuko as a demon. He gave this label to Nezuko to show her inability in her past demonic form.
  • Gradual Recognition: Nezuko’s protective nature instigates Inosuke to change from calling her a regular demon to considering her one of his teammates, as well as acknowledging her powers.

Character Development Through Dialogue

  • Dialogue as Development: Inosuke’s dialogue with Nezuko becomes less aggressive and more protective, showing his personality and emotional state maturing over time.
  • Reflecting Trust and Respect: Inosuke’s respect for Nezuko’s abilities, as well as her nature, allows him to build trust, and this is evident in the way he discusses plans and strategies with her during the series.

Inosuke’s Unique Naming Conventions and Their Meaning in ‘Demon Slayer’

Inosuke’s unique naming conventions, especially for Nezuko, reflect his unique way of building relations with people around him.

  • Unique Names as Bonds: Inosuke more often gives nicknames to Nezuko, which shows their unique friendship and bond.
  • Cultural and Personal Insights: This shows Inosuke’s background and character development from being a wild and socialist introvert to a key member of the Demon Slayer Corp who values his friends.


The nicknames given by Inosuke to Nezuko prove that Inosuke and Nezuko are really good friends and comrades. They share a common goal of exterminating demons and growing within the seas.


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