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 How Many Demons Did Tanjiro Kill?

So Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist in the Demon Slayer series and has killed several demons throughout the series.

Although the actual number is not specified in the anime or even in the manga, his journey involved several battles against various demons who ranked from lower level hard to upper level harder demons, as he seeks to avenge his family and cure his father, Nezuko.

Each battle is different in its complication and danger, reflecting his growth as a demon slayer.

Tracking Tanjiro’s Demon Kill Count Throughout’ Demon Slayer’

Tanjiro Kamado’s journey in The Demon Slayer is signaled by a lot of battles against some gruesome demons, each putting a hand in the way that he changed in terms of experience and reputation as a demon slayer.

This storyline exposes Tanjiro’s movements from being a lower-level demon slayer to one of the most feared demon slayers. And besides this, tracking demons that Tanjiro killed provides. Zoomed in picture of his growth and the challenges that he had to overcome as a demon slayer

1. Early Kills and Initial Growth: 

His first significant demon kill occurred early in the series when he was attacked by a temple demon, which signified his first real test as a demon slayer.

Let me tell you, this early experience is very important for Tanjiro in setting out the tone in the way that he managed to resolve this issue and his actual commitment to the new way that he had chosen for himself.

2. Mid-Series Challenges: 

As Tanjiro progressed through his career, he faced a lot of demons. And they became increasingly challenged as he went through them.

This includes Tanjiro’s battles against Drama’s demon, where he used his water-breathing technique to maneuver and ultimately beat a demon with a special manipulation technique.

3. Later Stages and Upper Moon Encounters: 

In the later stages of the series, Tanjiro faces Upper moon demons, known to be more powerful. Each of these encounters tested his skills and how he managed to deal with these demons by implementing all the lessons he had learned throughout his journey.

Key Battles and Demon Kills in Tanjiro’s Journey

Tanjiro’s path is punctuated by many key battles that not only shed limelight on his growth as a demon slayer but also add to his kill count. Let’s explore this further.

  • Hand Demon at Final Selection: His early pivot of battles against the hand demon during the final selection proved a critical point in his early demon slayer career.
  • Fight with Rui, Lower Moon Five: Another important battle against Rui, who was a member of the lower moon five, made Tanjiro push harder against his limits, leading him to a deep-rooted understanding and mastery of his breathing technique.
  • Confrontation with Akaza, Upper Moon Three: The intense battle showed Tanjiro’s growth, which was not only incredible but also showed his ability to stand out as one of the most powerful demons in the series.

Tanjiro Kamado: His Most Significant Demon Conquests

  • Rui: The battle against this formidable foe, whose name was Rui, was not only known for its brutal nature but also for the emotional weight that it carried on both of them. So, it is during this fight that Tanjiro resolves and can apply the ability to protect humans from demons that are pushed to an ultimate test.
  • Akaza: Facing Akaza represented many challenges that Tanjiro had to face. These important fights pushed him to change his limits and showcase his potential to even confront a tough opponent.
  • Enmu, Lower Moon One: The fight against Enmu, which happened on the Mugen train is another important battle in Tanjiro’s career, which involved a complex of strategies that he had to employ with the cooperation of his other teammates. This victory is very important to Tanjiro because it boosted his confidence in working as part of a team against high-ranking demons.

Major Demons Defeated by Tanjiro in ‘Demon Slayer’

  • Kyogai (Drum Demon): The battle with Kyogai, also known as the Drum Demon, is notable to see how Tanjiro uses the environment that surrounds him and the absolute concentration of his breathing technique to overcome the demon’s special manipulation.
  • Yahaba and Susamaru: These two demons presented a one-of-a-kind challenge to defeat as they combined their abilities, testing Tanjiro’s tactical ability and adaptability in battle.
  • Spider Demon Family: Battles on Mount Nagumo against the spider demon family tested every aspect of Tanjiro’s skill and ability to cooperate with fellow demon slayers.
  • Hantengu: Defeating the demon Hantegu, another upper moon demon, required Tanjiro to use his physical and psychological skills to overcome the multiple forms of demons that were deceptive in nature.


Each of these battles earmarked important points in Tanjiro’s career as a demon slayer, showing how he has progressed from just a novice demon slayer to one capable of acquiring the title of hero.


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