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Best Female Samurai Characters in Anime Known For Their Daring Aura

What hits your mind when you hear the word “Samurai”? Does a gigantic masculine human figure, with swords and shields dominating the battlefield, come to your mind? Definitely, Yes! This is the first thing that flashes in front of the eyes.

Going back to the ancient era of Japan, women were not considered at par with men in attaining the Samurai title. She was forbidden to practice combating skills. Only men could participate in war and gain the title of Samurai.

Samurai were the mighty warriors in the Japanese army who remained true to their word and showed utmost loyalty towards the leader. The Samurai have gone, but their saga still prevails in modern times.

History never fades and modernization reflects its essence in one or the other way. Even the anime world does not remain behind in portraying the courage and battles witnessed by the Japanese tribe.

Well, friends, here we are, not celebrating masculinity but the powerful feminism that rules the anime world.

The Anime world escapes the forbidden laws of the ancient Japanese culture of women becoming “Samurai” and brings back the feminine figure to relive the Samurai Dreams.

Don’t be amazed to witness the beauty and might featured together in the anime series. Here is a list of top anime Female Samurai Characters that relieve the Samurai Saga.

16. Chizuru Yukimura

Chizuru Yukimura

Chizuru Yukimura is a sweet, caring girl in the Hakuoki anime series. She lives with her father, who is a doctor by profession.

Soon after his father’s departure, in the quest to find better opportunities in another city, she is left alone in the house. Her only source of hope is to dwell on the letters she receives from her father.

Anxiety engulfs her as she stops to receive her father’s letters. Now, she sets out as a man to find her father, and on the journey to Kyoto, she ends up fighting with the samurais and an inhumane figure.

Soon she is rescued by one of the members of the Shinsengumi clan and is taken safely back to the headquarters.

Here comes the end of the Female Samurais who keep on astonishing their fans with exceptional combating skills in the intricate battles following their life journeys.

We are sure that if you are a novice and want to witness some fantastic female anime combatants ruling the realm, this list is gonna help you in your viewing journey.

15. Kyuubei Yagyuu-chan

Kyuubei Yagyuu-chan

Kyuubei Yagyuu-chan appears in Gintama, the most dominating manga series in the anime world. Gintama’s story revolves around the life of Sakata, who nurtures the Samurai Skills and finds odd jobs to make a living.

But the time has changed for Japan and the residing Samurai. Aliens have invaded the earth, and swords are banned in Japan, making Samurai a helpless figure in society.

Amidst this upheaval, Sakata meets one of the extraordinary, highly talented Female Samurai named Kyuubei Yagyuu-chan. Together, they set out to fight every odds, making the entire sequel an interesting epic.

14. Nobuna Oda

Nobuna Oda

Have you come across the plot of time travel and the reign of all the female Samurai dominating the realm? Well, Oda Nobuna no Yabou is the manga series that comes to our mind.

We have one exceptional combatant who falls on the Samurai list. She is none other than Nobuna Oda, popularly known as Daimyo of Owari of the Sengoku era of the anime world.

Sagara Yoshiharu, a lead character of the series, travels back to the historical Sengoku era where he finds all the samurai are females. Sagara Yoshiharu comes across Nobuna Oda, and as the story unfolds, both tend to nurture close relations.

Nobuna Oda is portrayed as an ambitious swordswoman who wishes to capture the entire Japan and make it at par with the European religion. Her ambition, combined with her fabulous swordsman skill, truly puts her on the best female Samurai anime list.

13. Chiba Erika

Chiba Erika

Chiba Erika appears in Phantom Sword Princess of Chiba Epithet. She is the youngest member of the Chiba family, who has a legacy of 100 years. She is a high school student and appears to have a charming personality.

She is a magician, though she only excels at combat magic. She is fond of practicing convergent and speed-type magic. She uses her magic tricks in excelling her fighting skills. She is portrayed as having a powerful instinct to predict the opponent’s next move.

Chiba Erika will truly baffle her fans with her extraordinary combating skills backed by her magical charm.

12. Juubei Yagyuu

Jubei Yagyuu

Jubei Yagyuu appears in the Hyakka Ryouran manga series. She is a leading combatant whom Muneakira Yagyu, a famous master of the Japanese Samurai Era, trained.

Muneakira Yagyu has the natural gift to impart extensive training to the combatants to turn them into exceptional Samurai. He is the master of many girls who are colleagues of the Juubei Yagyu.

The story reveals that for Juubei Yagyu to become a powerful swordswomen Samurai, his master has to unlock her hidden power with a kiss. Along with the other girls’ combatants, Muneakira sets out to fight against the supreme student’s school council.

11. Imai Nobume

Imai Nobume

We have an ambidextrous swordswoman on the list! Who uses two swords to perplex his enemies. Meet Imai Nobume from the Gintama Series.

Her looks speak for her exceptional combating skills. She uses the two swords flawlessly to attack the opponent, creating a jaw-dropping picturesque scene to captivate the viewers with her Samurai title.

Talking about her story, she was trained by one of the best assassins and has served as Vice Captain of the Mimawarigumi Assassins group. At present, she heads the police department and shows immense gratitude and devotion towards Sasaki.

10. Etou Kanami

Etou Kanami

Etou Kanami is a main character in the Series named Toji no Miko. She is a happy-go-lucky girl with optimism at heart and loves to make many friends. She enjoys the intricate sword plots and combating styles and thoroughly practices them once she gets a chance.

She is so obsessed with Kenjutsu that merely pronouncing his name will glitter her eyes.

9. Jiyu Nanohana

Jiyu Nanohana

Rebirth stories are often enchanting, swinging back and forth in the era and revealing the hidden mysteries. Jiyu Nanohana is a lead character who experiences the rebirth of the former outstanding male combatant in the manga series.

Her reincarnation mystery resolves as she comes across an ancient samurai of her clan. She realizes her inherent power is a gift from Yagyu Jubei. Kind at heart, even loved by her enemies, she is a masterpiece in the Female Samurai list.

8. Sakura Shinguji

Sakura Shinguji

Sakura Shinguji appears in the Sakura War series. She is a daughter of Kazuma Shinguji and an heir to her dynasty. She is a beautiful swordswoman and is a member of Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division.

Her story, combating skills, and flawless beauty lay a perfect stage for her to be on the list of Best Female Samurai in the anime world.

7. Ouka Sayama

Ouka Sayama

Once again, a powerful Samurai named Ouka Sayama emerges from the Series “Manyu Hiken-cho” or “Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll”. Owing to her exceptional swordsman skills and hawkeye for her target, she emerges as a lead character in the Series, surpassing the Chifusa Manyuu.

Don’t miss to see her fight with the Chifusa, both exhibiting the glorious fights in the manga series.

6. Kikunojo


Men considering themselves as women fight two battles, one with themselves and one with the outer world, both meant to gain acceptance and respect for their ambiguous feelings. The Anime World does not fail to portray a saga of trans women samurai in the manga series named “One Piece.”

Kikunojo is one such genderqueer swordswoman from Wano country and a member of the Koziku family. She is widely known as Kiku in the country. She has become one of the Nine Red Scabbards of Kozuki Oden. She also serves as a Poster Girl at the Tea house.

Despite being transgender, you will not be surprised by her beauty. Kikunojo is a perfect picture of beauty with muscularity to gain fame in the list of Female Samurai.

5. Tsukikage Ran

Tsukikage Ran

Tsukikage Ran is a female Samurai from the manga series Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran. She is a Ronini, meaning a swordswoman without any master. She is accompanied by her friend Lady Meow of the Iron Cat Fist.

She showcases exceptional swordsman skills, making her sword glide through the body, piercing every part of it. She is shown as a free-flowing spirit who follows the wind and traverses across the entire Japan.

4. Chifusa Manyuu

Chifusa Manyuu

If you know the mission of the Chifusa Manyuu, it will just light up our eyes. A woman Samurai fighting to eradicate the beauty notion of a woman set by society will bring immense respect for her character.

Chifusa Manyuu is a lead character in the Series named “Manyu Hiken-cho” or “Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll”. She is a descendant of the Manyuu Clan, who esteems the woman’s presence based on her bust size.

Chifusa Manyuu fights this intolerable notion against her family and steals the Families Scrolls of Secrets, which consists of the technique called Breast Flow.

3. Mitsuri


Sweet as her name sounds, Mitsuri is a soft-spoken and kind-hearted demon slayer in the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Her frank nature is clearly revealed when she finds it hard to suppress her emotions and bursts out laughter despite the other members of her clan remaining silent.

Despite being an introvert, she is a caring and loving sister of her siblings.

She is one of the marvelous fighting characters of the Demon Slayer who possesses an iconic sword to slay the demons. Her special “Love Sword” is very thin, light and sharp. She rotates flawlessly along with her tender body and is pictured as a sweet yet Strong Samurai in the anime series.

2. Akame


If you are a fan of watching brutal killings and merciless acts, then Akame from the Akame Ga Kill series perfectly tops the Women Samurai list.

Known for her martial arts skills and intriguing combats, Akame is a lead assassin in the series. She uses her lethal sword coated with poison to give instant death to her opponents. Her motto lies in “No mercy, only deaths” for killing her enemies.

We are pretty sure you will enjoy her dark looks, martial arts skills, and ruthless assassinating tricks in the anime world.

1. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho appears in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime series. Her role is one of the leading supporting demon slayers, particularly known as Insect Hashira.

She uses the Insect Breathing style to slash the mightiest demons. Her special sword, Stringer Nichirin Katana, is made from Techinn material.

She is a forceful, courageous, and beautiful demon slayer who never fails to mesmerize the viewers with her unique Samurai Style.


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