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14 Best Fantasy Romance Anime That Give Goosebumps

From series like Spice and Wolf to the newest, like The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent, people have a vast selection of Anime with love and fantasy. Hence, this is a list of the top-ranked love animes that you guys cannot afford to miss. This includes making an anime to be ranked as one of these.

Someone could be asking what could make them know that this Anime is romantic. To start with, one is obliged to consider the way things are set in this series. Most of these Anime include a setting of royalty that includes kingship, villains, and survivors.

This includes stories like snow white and the Red Hair, set in Clarines, which could make it one of the options if you are aiming to select love Anime. The enchantment in an Anime makes it qualify to be a love anime.

This could come with a recommendation of series like The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague, which happen to be in a very old place in Japan, and every character present possesses powers. 

14. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Starting on a sad note, the Anime does its best to give excitement in fooling the minds of the viewers. However, I will not let you be fooled ….

The main character in this Anime is a young female looking for a family. In her search she decides to get herself auctioned so that the family that buys her has to take care of her. Interesting! I know.

She manages to go on with her plan and gets taken by an unusual man, embodied with a tall structure but covered by a hood.

It’s how the writer makes the plot seem as if it’s a dangerous or scary story due to the man’s appearance. However, as the series unfolds, the girl, together with us, the viewers, comes to the point of realization that he has a heart of gold and has the ambition to make this lady his wife as well as give her a job.

Just like any fairy tale, the job he wants to give her is in magic.

13. Hotarubi no Mori e

This is a very emotional series, quite beautiful and for those who like to cry please don’t miss this one. It is a combination of emotions, love and art. 

Very spontaneous, a young, beautiful lady fails to find her way out of the woods and in the process of finding her way out, she bumps into a very weird man wearing a cover.

Some enchantment is involved as the boy vanishes and helps her find her way back. More so, the magical boy and the young lady find themselves getting close to each other as the young lady keeps returning to the woods to spend time with him. 

It becomes sad when the lady can not be in contact with the guy because he vanishes since he is a spirit, with a very sad song, “You will be king again”, which evokes emotions that would make a person cry.

12. Record Of Grancrest War

A very interesting movie which puts together the art of love, heroic fiction, harsh wars, emotions and beautiful friendships or family ties. Record of Grancrest War shows how two people who do not like each other can turn into the greatest lovers ever.

However, some people do not support the idea of the movie writer mixing battles creation, but as you proceed, you realize that the burning wars are the ones that actually steer up the love between the two. The guy, Theo, is a very vigorous fighter, a champion with romantic interests, amongst other things.

11. Sword Art Online

 Sword Art Online has privileged the anime city with a tremendous affection-enmity type of friendship. 

It would be of great pleasure for me to bring out the beauty of this Anime that has not been outlined by many. There is a very unusual emotion evoked by the way Isekai’s grandfather, the stature of the Anime, and the war settings.

Most of us have been greatly gathered here by the love created between Kirito and Asuna.

It’s how the couple develops towards each other and even spends time with each other. It even goes to the point that, at some point, I don’t even know if I can say almost or kinda had a child. I know it feels awkward, but it will all make sense if you watch. 

10. Yona of the Dawn

A beautiful, ancient, royal Anime with romance and enchantment.

The anime’s main character is the one with the name printed on the title Yona. She represents royal elegance, characterized by a fantasy mindset and covered by people’s problems in her kingdom.

However, a turn is made in the movie when, out of the blue, her father is murdered by her relative, forcing her to flee the place.

What will glue our eyes on the screen is the gist of the movie, when romance evolves in the meeting of her long-time friend Hak, who decides to run away with her. I know “happily ever after” when I see one. 

9. The World Is Still Beautiful

A very beautiful and magical anime with many contrasts between the two kingdoms.

These contracts begin to even show in the appearance of the names of the two Kingdoms. Sun Kingdom is characterized by a lot of heat and an inability to receive rainfall, and in contrast, the Rain Dukedom is a rainy Kingdom to the extent that the residents in that kingdom can make rain through vocals.

It is funny how the two kingdoms will be forced to come together when the crowned king Livius Ifrikia of Sun kingdom decides to wife Nike Remercier, the princess of the Rain dukedom, with lovely strawberry blonde hair. 

Having heard a lot of gossip concerning the opposite kingdom, the princess prepares to suffer what comes her way. However, it’s pretty cool how she figures out that the guy is different from what has been said. They develop love in togetherness to the point that they grow together and overcome all the challenges they face.

An artistic space is created by how the keep getting closer and understand each other when things do not look alright.

The anime’s progression is grown in a quite tricky, truthful, and beautiful nature with continuous love. There is a lot to learn, and the process is not complex, bringing out an easy flow of emotion.  

8. Fruits Basket

Classical with an unexpected turnout is a beautiful story, Fruits Basket. Progressing from a sad start, the movie’s main character finds herself with nowhere to stay, which is beyond her control. Luckily for her, Tooru has a friendship tie with the Soumas, to whom one of their family members offers her a place to stay. 

Because her situation was beyond her control, she took the invitation from Yuki Souma(the hotshot of her school) to find shelter in their home.

In that process of residing with them, she comes to a realization that there is an evil eye that found its way into the family and seems to be torturing them; it comes in the form that once one of them is embraced by a person of a different gender, they transform into a zodiac creature. Weird !! I know, right?

When it comes to the movie’s love scenes, the most dangerous in the family is Kyou, who transforms into a Zodiac cat and is shunned by the whole family.   

7. Yona of the Dawn

 I believe you would enjoy embarking on a very captivating journey whereby life turns from luxury to quite something unexpected to Prince Yona. The turn occurs when her father and cousin are murdered out of the blue, and it puts her in a great dilemma. 

Fortunately, she gets therapy from her old friend Son Hak, also her defender. A lot of things seem to change in her life as she sees Kouka as a peaceful place, but after her father’s death, she starts realizing that not all that glitter is gold.

Things take a drastic change in which the economy becomes poor, people become corrupt and people are losing hope.

The only solution the princess found was to go head in head with the drastic changes. The good part is how a unique ancient guide ordered her steps. Her mind was greatly focused on bringing back the peace of her kingdom also not provoking the new king. 

Romance evolves as Yak and Yona seem to have problems covered in a mysterious advantage. They develop their love slowly in a very calm motion with the writer’s aim to also build character. If you are an anime lover you cannot miss this one.

6. Kamisama Kiss

I would start by appreciating the great ending of this unstable story. The way the writer brings the end satisfies.

Very unfortunate for a young lady to find herself dying in pain for the mistakes she did not make. Wondering what the mistakes are? Due to the unwavering desire for her father to keep gambling, he gets her in trouble with a debt that he fails to pay.

The movie brings out a scene of a man running away from a dog while the dog follows heavily, and she takes the courage to help him however she can. In return, the man generously offered her Shelter to show his gratitude.

Sike was the man’s name; he even gave her an altar that he was a God of, and she is now left with the duty to save. It has a very strategic nature. 

5. My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom!!

We could all tell that the title is quite interesting and energetic if possible. I felt so, too. It is a very fantastic series filled with a lot of enchantment and kingship. Each of the series’ plots brings out a different type of enchantment that they use to protect the protagonist, Catarina Claes. 

Her story is a capture of how there can be the existence of love stories without tradition involved in it. It is a series where Catarina can make friends with anyone at any time with her charms, which brings a lot of interest to the series.

She can make friends using her caring heart and beauty.

4. My Dress-Up Darling

As weird as it sounds, it’s funny how I realized that a male character mainly characterizes My Dress-Up Darling. It revolves around a boy studying in Wakana Gojou who seems to be hiding a secret from everyone. The funny secret is that he is interested in creating and styling doll clothes.

He seems to have found the ability from his grandfather. In as much as Wakana is passionate about it, he even does all he can to make it swift and professional. He never allows the information to reach his friends as he avoids criticism.

There seems to be a different plot in the appearance of Marin Kitangwa, whom he manages to befriend, and she manages to detect his secret.

It takes a seemingly interesting turn when Marin has a hobby of her own but starts having sewin classes from Wakana as she helps him to professionalize his part. Aromantic flaw develops as the movie unfolds its characters.

3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

The beautiful series on the two students studying at Shuchiin Academy is known as the best in the school. They even represent all students in the school. However, one seems more perfect than the other students, and that is Miyuki. He receives honour from all his friends and holds the post of the council leader,

On the other hand, there is the second one who is the vice of Miyuki. She has a very expensive background as she is the eldest female child in a very rich family. She is among the best students and tries to be top in any way possible. They are actually what every student wants to be.

The movie turns more beautiful when we all realize that the two are in love, but they are not ready to tell each other how they feel.

With the fear of what comes after that, which includes losing honour and self-respect, will the two come to a point where they express their feelings for each other? You better figure it out. You would enjoy the better expression of this movie with a fulfilling suspense.

2. Golden Time

An amazing anime following the tragic accident that leads the character of the series to study as a justice or law student in a college in Tokyo. Due to the accident, Banri Tada seems to have had his whole memory washed away.

However, he puts effort into trying to return to his normal senses, but he fails and later comes to terms with the idea of restarting. He starts with one friend, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, and later on meets Kouko Kaga, who gives him a different perspective on life. It becomes an adventurous movie, including the two friends having to be wedded. 

It involves a love story characterized by sweetness and calmness with brilliant lead characters. It even manages to make a memorable life for the leads and entertain the viewers. It gives an atmosphere that is quite beautiful to follow up and gives out settings of love, humour, action and enchantment. 

1. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

It is a very unique anime that does not only shutter you but also strikes at the core of your heart. Covered in his imaginary world, Haruki thinks about nothing else but that. More of it is attributed to his book-reading culture, which makes him delusional.

The movie brings out a point of interest when Haruki bumps into a bool with the title Living with Dying; he starts going through it thoroughly to the point where he realizes something is wrong with his classmate Sakura. It comes to his knowledge that this goy hiddenly struggles from terminal illness.

His first glance at the realization did not move him, but due to his perseverance in the magic involved, he became interested in her, and the two created a string of bonds.

It is a lovely anime where love begins to develop and is eye-capturing to the audience.

The anime writer uses great visuals, beautiful energy, well-allocated characterization, and aspiring settings, among other things. It’s the way it receives compliments on the way characters are maturely portrayed and the way the story is arranged in a very captivating manner.

The edges of the romance and emotions in this series will leave some of us shattered and delusional. The way the life story is served to the audience is in a way that you would want to keep watching; there is somewhat interesting suspense. 


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