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Is Ichigo stronger than Naruto? My unbiased answer

What do you think of these two formidable key players, Naruto and Ichigo? Do you think Ichigo can defeat Naruto? Or would it be the other way around instead? As we all know, consecutively, Ichigo Kurosaki and Naruto Uzumaki are the most dominant characters of the well-known anime Bleach and Naruto series.

Yeah, both of them are indeed so resilient, but the question is, who is more likely to emerge victorious if we face one another in a battle? 

People say a lot. Yeah, personal beliefs that the fans create about the fictional universe are not unexpected in anime. This is what happens when these two central figures meet from two divergent worlds. It wasn’t hard for the fans to come to a conclusion and to give their views on who would come out on top if they were to engage in a fight.

Numerous fan-written stories exist about the fusion of these two divergent worlds (Bleach and Naruto). We haven’t answered the question yet. Is Ichigo capable of subduing Naruto?

It seems like the fans from both universes strongly believe they can win the fight. In Naruto’s world, supporters stick to the idea that Nurato is the only one to be perceived as a dominant and significant force within the anime realm.

While we have the same ideology from the Ichigo world too, the fans insist that no one is tough enough to boost Ichigo’s ability when it comes to strength.

Although the probability of crossing over these two universes is almost zero, which makes the war unrealistic, fans still keep imagining what would happen if they fought against each other based on their abilities.

Now let’s make it easy to answer the question: “Who would win the battle?”. We have evaluated both mightiness and competency, making it one step closer to drawing unbiased predictions. Who can conquer who? If there was a fight between Ichigo Kurosaki, the main figure of Bleach, and Naruto Uzumaki, the central character of the Naruto series. 

There are some features that they have in common, and there are some features that one surpasses the other, too. Regarding Naruto, we can say it has a great deal of variety in knowledge and potential. Talking about Ichigo Kurasaki wouldn’t be complete without speaking of its everlasting vigor and alleviating ability.

Now, let’s see their capabilities individually before drawing a conclusion.

Who is faster?

Who is faster

Regarding speed, Ichigo is better, and that’s unquestionable. We have seen that clearly in an episode of Bleach, a character deflected a beam of light effortlessly when Aizen outbreak from Gotei 13. Ichigo has a special superpower called banking, which makes it five times faster.

Even when attacks come from Byakuya, which are decently challenging, Ichigo can still sidestep them. In addition to that, he has a unique feature that makes him step up his velocity.

On the other hand, we have Naruto; we can say he was able to avoid light assault as well. But for him, it wasn’t as easy as Ichigo. On making a rough estimation, we can say that Naruto is 1.5 times speedier than light. However, we haven’t considered the upgraded form of Naurtos.

It is not yet confirmed whether it could add value to his speed. As of now, Ichigo is in first place

Skills and Strengths of Naruto

Skills and Strengths of Naruto

You might have heard of the term “practice makes perfect.” Sometimes, it may sound unrealistic and can’t be applicable in real life. But here we have it worked for Naruto. Naruto was able to be the most powerful Ninja in the globe.

The restless training he took contributed to sharpening his techniques and making him use his utmost capability. His competency can destroy even the strongest antagonist so effortlessly.

When we say Naruto is skillful, it’s for a reason. He can use a variety of techniques to deceive his opponent. One way he does that is by using his Shadow Clone, Jutsu. Not only that but also he uses additional methods such as remodeling Jutsu, invoking Jutsu as well as Resengan for an assault.

Naruto’s ability to deal with hardships is inherited from his Kurama Chakra Mode. Besides that, he has Sage Mode, which enables him to boost his bodily power, makes him move through the air, and plenty of chakras capable enough to demolish the entire ninjutsu.

In the initial days of school, Naruto was not good enough. He didn’t have any strength. But through time, he started showing significant improvements. He learned various techniques and expertise, which later made him a mighty foe both physically and mentally. 

 With an absolute temper of his high potential, Naruto is almost unbeatable. The Nine_Tail Chakra Mode highly contributes to his power along with the other modes, Tailor Beast and Jinchuuriki alterations.

Skills and Strengths of Ichigo Kurasaki

Skills and Strengths of Ichigo Kurasaki

The meaning of his name (Ichigo), translated to “protect,” has influenced how Ichigo behaves. We can say that Ichigo has a right-minded personality, which is believed to emerge from his name. Ever since he was a teenager, Ichigo was highly dedicated to safeguarding mankind.

From his academic achievement, we can understand that Ichigo has mastered martial arts and critical thinking abilities.

 Ichigo holds Shinigami energy that matches those at a mastery level. The Shinigami grants him an exceptional might and pace. Now again, the question is: with his considerable abilities, would Ichigo be able to conquer Naruto in a hypothetical battle?

In addition to the powers mentioned above, Ichigo has the Hollow capability, though it is just to a certain degree. At the start, he wasn’t able to have his mastery for a considerable time. But as time passed, he was able to bring great strength to his supervision.

His muscular power is extraordinary. Irrespective of the number of assaults he faces and how intense they are, Ichigo can bear them with no body damage and energy loss. 

Besides the physical power, Ichigo’s intangible abilities, such as Reiatsu, add great value when he fights against Shinigami. He won’t get exhausted with the presence of Reiatsu. Moreover, Ichigo’s ability to swing a blade is another beneficial skill.


Here, we are at the point where we get an answer to the question raised several times in this article. Who has a high probability of winning? 

From the comparisons we made, it seems like both are equally powerful. From my point of view, Ichigo is quite vigorous and has enormous privileges, and Naruto has more weapons than Ichigo. However, evaluating Ichigo’s win-and-lose situation, it’s possible to say he can defeat Naruto multiple times, and then Naruto could beat him.

Ichigo is still at the top, and with sufficient preparation time, he would overwhelmingly outdo Naruto. His pace of development is believed to be his most significant asset. With just preparation of not more than a year, He could beat the most resilient people in his world.

On the other hand, Naruto has never demonstrated such quick growth unless he was given a helping hand. With that said, we can conclude that Ichigo would conquer at a much higher rate than Naruto.

Despite the beginning, he was not that strong; how things turned out was impressive. His ability to protect himself and the mechanisms he uses to restore his health are the key factors that help him sustain himself. It’s fascinating that his ability remained the same after months of nonstop contest.

He has a couple of powerful mechanisms, one of which allows him to bear any attack and the second one related to his recovery and maintaining his health. He uses the most frightening assaults as a means of fortifying himself. 

To conclude, despite having comparable energy levels, Ichigo’s abilities, which can be mentioned as unique recovery features, self-protection mechanisms, and a high-speed rate, make him conquer Naruto. Ichigo is way stronger than Naruto couldn’t able to face.



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