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15 Cutest Hentais That Wake up the Devil in You

Now that you are here, you shouldn’t worry about finding any dope hentai series. The list below is home to nothing but the best of the hentai genre. Even the oldies on the list have proved their excellence by capturing the hearts of many, even today.

No trends have been viral enough to get them off the list of best hentai anime. The trendy ones are also just as good, and you’ll love every minute you spend here as l take you to the best places your imagination can get you.

Be it the captivating narratives, perfect animation style, or a nostalgic feeling that will last you a lifetime. All is there on our list today. I have tried to keep this list as short as possible, but there is more.

After taking your precious time just to sit back and watch all the series, l will suggest that you won’t regret it. Let me not talk too much and give you time to focus on what matters. Here you go!

1. Boku ni Sefure ga Dekita Riyuu

Boku ni Sefure ga Dekita Riyuu

This series is worth opening the list of the best hentai anime, which surely deserves to be number one. You will not complain about anything because whatever amount of pleasure you expect from this genre is what you will get.

Just when you think it doesn’t get better, it’s also a MILF series. If this is your vibe, then you know you’re in for luck. The plot centers around a young boy who has moved to a new area.

There, he meets a very attractive older woman who lives next door, for whom he is going crazy. He is turned on when he sees this woman. One day, he empties his bowels, and his mummy crush sees him.

Haven’t you guessed already what they got down to? If you think that they fucked, yes, you’re right, but I don’t want to spoil the fun of finding out why it happened so soon. You can’t just afford to pass this one without watching.

2. Aibeya The Animation

Aibeya The Animation

There has been a very common perspective about hentai anime, the first thought is about the horny flexible girls, but there are exceptions. Sometimes, you can get a good, relatable storyline like this one. Let’s get into it.

Aki and Kouta are childhood friends, and this is their cute story. For some time, Kouta had been staying at Aki’s house while his house was being renovated and his parents were abroad.

Aki was struggling to share the same bed with her guy best friend. I don’t know if it was because she is shy or maybe her feelings are confronting her now.

They had a moment in the bathroom the other day, and with time, they became honest about their feelings. This leads to engaging in sex for the first time.

As people took each other’s innocence for the first time, they took their time. They were not pros in bed, but they patiently taught each other their fantasies and how their bodies work. You might relate to this, and most people do. That’s why the audience loved it.

3. Zettai JunshuKyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou! !

Zettai JunshuKyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou! !

Continuing the list with hits only, here is another one. This series has quite an unusual but interesting storyline. The balance between men and women is widening, becoming a problem.

Women outnumber men by far, and the gap is too big. It’s like one man is to 10 721 women in ratio. The government is desperate to solve it, and they end up authorizing each man to have sex with the girls they want. It was done with the hope that more male children could be born.

There is a whole city with just one man, Takumi Ibuki, so likewise, the government authorizes him to fill his role. If you look at it, it’s basically like men don’t even exist.

But Takumi takes this personally and does the best he can. He didn’t select or care if you were related to him, a friend, or whatever position you have. He was just fucking.

4. Renseijutsushi Collet no H na Shibo Shirage Monogatari

Renseijutsushi Collet no H na Shibo Shirage Monogatari

It’s good that anime isn’t a genre from which you would expect a lot of reality. Some of the most bizarre plots will leave you wondering how that could be in real life.

Imagine two beautiful girls setting out on a journey to collect sperm. Crazy right? They put themselves in danger, traveling in a world with giants, weird creatures, and ancient knights only for that sole purpose.

Everything about it sounds insane, but I promise you it’s a good one to open up this hentai anime list. It’s full of life and will keep you engaged throughout, with a bonus of some hilarious scenes.

5. Saishuu Chikan Densha (Midnight Sleazy Train)

Saishuu Chikan Densha (Midnight Sleazy Train)

Let me tell you a short story about men who had come together to form a group called the Last Molester Train. They were commonly known to be dubious sex vampires, but they were about to be stopped.

Raven Guard, a group of brave feminist women, forced and cast them to go underground around 2010. The Last Molester Train had been humbled for three years, and they couldn’t do anything. However, they were not willing to give up.

They only wanted to go back to their good old days; it was just a man who would get them up. And they did find him, and you can only imagine what it is going to be like when they were brought back to power.

6. Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain dakedo Mi ni Konai?

Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain dakedo Mi ni Konai

If you are a hentai die-hard fan, you should have probably heard of the Shotas. I’m here to put you on the gurus when it comes to having gigantic dicks.

No one beats them when it comes to the size of their ding-dongs. What everyone else complains about is just easy peasy to them. This series will give you a young boy who can simultaneously make three girls have the most fun.

It didn’t matter that these girls had boyfriends; they would completely forget about their boyfriends in just one round. The way everything happens will make you forget about the plot.

As you can see, I haven’t said anything about it either because I was too focused on the big dicks that will get you rubbing your clit. One thing that is surely gonna get you wet is the animation style and how perfectly the sounds went well with everything.

The sounds were the most fitting ones for the characters and the narrative. Their chemistry was top-tier, and it just suits their roles in a way you would want it to. The cherry on top is that it is not just arousing but a hilarious series. Hey, what more would you ask for? You cannot afford to miss these shots with the biggest dicks you’ve ever seen.

7. Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai

Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai

Not only is this anime enticing and arousing, but it also has amazing animation work. The story is about Tomoya, a guy who joins a group of girls who are only graphic novel producers.

You will not believe what his actual role is in the group. He was just there to have sex with all the girls so they could start making better visual games. At least they would have an idea of what a good dick feels and looks like in real life.

Kisara and Momoka are the ones who appear mostly getting fucked by Tomoya, especially Kisara. It was just for work purposes, but they ended up fighting for his attention.

Each of them wanted to personalize him; maybe Tomoya’s dick was too good to let go. But he doesn’t care about any of their drama as he goes on to have a good time with other girls.

Kisara was the most outstanding, and you would feel pity for the other girls. However, if you see how stunning and sexy she is, everything will make sense.

8. Delivery Chinko o Tanomitai Onee-san

Delivery Chinko o Tanomitai Onee-san

The lack of control that comes after being sexually turned on is unreal. In this series, you will see a woman who has been sex-starved and can’t help herself enough.

She goes on the internet to find a man who will satisfy her needs to get what she wants. Funny enough, it didn’t take long for her order to come to her, and obviously, you know what happened after that. But would you blame her, though? You will have to watch this series and thank me later.

9. Imaizumin Chi wa Douyara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii

Imaizumin Chi wa Douyara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii

One thing I can assure you is that there is no disappointment here. It is exactly what you expect when discussing quality, entertainment, and that sensational feeling. As smooth as it is, the anime is just a masterpiece you should check out.

The plot centers around Imaizumin, a shy boy usually alone at home because his parents aren’t really into his business that much. These girls invade his house, bully him, and just chill there while playing games. They gradually start to have a soft spot for him. But one day, they saw how huge his dick was, and they all instantly wanted to have him.

This was Imai’s jackpot, and he fucks all the attitude out of these girls’ lives. The dick was so good that they all mend their friendships. The connection was getting stronger, and they all went on a vacation where they engaged in more sex. You guessed it right.

It’s not only the sex that is amazing but also how each character was perfectly developed for their role. I wished Imai and Reina would get more time together, but, still there, there isn’t anything to complain about. Most viewers weren’t expecting much from this show, but everyone was shocked. No broken hearts, no forced sex or raping, just a unique animated story you shouldn’t miss.

10. Euphoria


As much as l would love for you to get the best of hentai, I wouldn’t suggest this if you don’t have the guts to sit for a violent, hard-core type of content. That’s just a suggestion, not a solid advice you are obligated to follow. Who knows if it’s your vibe? The story is about six high-school girls and one teacher, and Keisuke is among them.

These people found themselves trapped in the middle of nowhere. No idea how to escape, no window and no way out, and no one else would find them because the place was hidden.

In order to get out, you had to follow all the instructions given by a female voice and have the most horrifying sex you have ever seen, It’s either this or death, and that meant death for all of them. It started off simple as Keisuke was to cum twice in the vagina of one of the six girls.

In no time, the game was getting scarier and tense, and one girl had to be raped while hanging from a rope as she pants for air. The gruesome sex in this anime is quite horrid, but other than that, you might end up asking yourself some questions. If it were you, would you rape someone for survival, given you are in a compromised situation?

11. Jashin Shoukan

Jashin Shoukan

If you are used to skipping parts of other hentai series that have no sex, then it’s gonna stop today. The plot here will make you want to consume every part of the series.

The story is about a man named Ichiro Tani, an extrovert who loves clubbing. He would waste his life away and spend a lot of money there. It reached a point where he spent all the profits from the company, and he had to run away. He had nothing to pay back those debts.

He ran away into the deep forest where no one would find him. In the middle of nowhere, his car failed due to a heavy snowstorm. He abandoned his car and tried to look for help around the area. He found shelter at Ishikan Inn when encountering a woman named Ryuri Munakata.

She lived with her maid, Ron, and daughter, Nakoto. Ryuri persuades him to sleep with her daughter for unclear reasons. After lying together, Ichiro sees that Nakoro has a virginity belt on her.

He turned her on, left, and went ahead to ask the mother if there was a way to remove the belt. Ryuri explains to him that there were keys the deceased husband left, and each had a purpose.

She only knows that one was for unlocking all the doors in the mansion but is unsure of the other one. She is just guessing that maybe that’s the key to the belt. That night, he was looking for Nokoto, and upon searching around, he found himself in the study room.

He stumbles upon a journal that the late father and husband had left. Shockingly, he sees that the whole family is full of darkness and evil. The father had written in the journal that the day Nakoto loses her virginity, their sacrifices will be effective and start working. It is undoubtedly a good story with incredible animation featuring great sex that you should watch.

12. Waver (Behind Closed Doors)

Waver (Behind Closed Doors)

I cannot do justice in explaining the wild sexual urges and moments in this anime. You will fully get it only when you see it for yourself. There is a mansion that hides a lot of sin behind closed doors.

Some sex-hungry hot women are waiting from inside to find a man to caress their bodies. Will Kenichi be able to handle what these women want? The tough and passionately painful sex. Because he does not seem fulfilled by his only girlfriend, I don’t want to spoil it for you; just put it on your bucket list.

13. Enzai (Falsely Accused)

Enzai (Falsely Accused)

This is one the series that make you emotional and horny at the same time. The plot centers around a young boy,Guys, who was born in a poor family. One day, he gets unlucky after stealing some candy in one of the Paris stores.

He gets arrested for this reason only but things escalate quickly for him and it did in a bad way. Guildias, a city detective, frames him of murder which wasn’t even true. He didn’t even know of the person he was being accused of killing.

He is thrown into a filthy prison and because it’s murder he is to be there for life. The prison basically became the setting for most part of this series. For the hentai part of it, a lot of rape, torture and humiliating sex takes place. If you are into forced and rough sex then this should be on your bucket list.

14. Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni

Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni

You would not notice that this anime is censored if l had not mentioned it. The production team did exceptionally well, forcing you to focus only on the good.

The plot unveils the life of a girl named Shinomiya. Yuuta had been her boyfriend and friend since childhood, and they met again later in life. He didn’t want to waste time but quickly reconciled with her. Their relationship is now fixed, and they start having sex.

The way Shinomiya is now sexually experienced shocks Yuuta. He begins to wonder where she had learned all that from. She lied to him that she only picked some skills and tricks when they talked about sex with her friends. She added that she had not done the actual deed; it was just theoretical knowledge. She had a man on the side with whom she had been getting intimate.

Even after mending things together, part of her heart was still with that man. Their sex is phenomenal, and there is a part where she is getting fucked with the other guy, and it’s way better than Yuuta’s moments. You cannot even compare the two.

15. Garden: Takamine-ke no Nirinka The Animation

Garden_ Takamine-ke no Nirinka The Animation

This one episode has left the fans asking for more because this was so good that they felt like they had been teased. When you watch it, you will understand too.

The story revolves around a boy with a very high sex drive. His auntie, who had big boobs and was very attractive, adopted him, and they now stay together along with her two daughters. The girls were two completely different people with different aesthetics.

One day, he was drinking with his busty aunt and ended up having sex. You also expected this to happen, but it didn’t end there. She invited her daughters too so that they could also have sex with the horny boy. He dived into the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give us this masterpiece. It is a pleasure to watch, and you should try it.


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