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Best Anime Wolf Girls With Both Cuteness & Strength

Do canine traits only represent cuteness and strength? Does it have nothing to do with the functionality of the brain? Definitely, it does! Think of wolves, and guess what comes to your mind first.

Their appearance is reflective of their strength and might. Their herd behavior symbolizes agreeableness and cooperation.

You would be surprised to know, they are immense loyal partners! They have only one mating partner in their entire lifetime. Extreme loyal ones! Apart from these, they are also revered for their family bond and caring nature!

Got you now, why the anime world is so much influenced by the wolves and portrays feminism in various canine forms. Sometimes, they mystic our eyes with their werewolf traits, with instant shape-shift from human to wolf form, or with their permanent wolf-like physical traits.

Let’s uncover step by step each female anime character to unravel the unique peculiarities behind their engrossing stories. Here is the list of the top 20 Best Anime Wolf Girls for your reference.

These anime girls are a beast beneath their beauty! Watch them for their marvelous strength, too!

20. Bianca from Doubutsu no Mori

Bianca from Doubutsu no Mori

She is a girl. She is stylish. She is known for her expensive taste. She loves to dress differently. She is fond of make-up. She cherishes attention. She has a tamed attitude. And above all, She is a Wolf!

Omg! There are so many adjectives to inscribe a chic Biance from the Doubutsu no Mori anime movie.

Shh! Don’t tell anyone; she is a voguish wolf with a flirting nature, too! She is known for her multiple relationships in the movie. She has got almost every G-talk in her head to educate their feminine friends.

She is simply a beauty wrapped up in an elegant stance to blow your mind.

19. Liru From Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

Liru From Renkin San-kyuu Magical_ Pokaan

Watch out for this werewolf, Liru, from Renkin San-kyuu Magical. Pokaan is a Japanese animated series. She is not just a normal Werewolf. She changes her form even on seeing moon-like objects. She also nurtures strength to resist the shape-shift on seeing the real full moon.

Undeniably daring personality, isn’t it? Wait, she has more to baffle you with her eccentric outfits. She has an earthly skin tone and light hair and is seen in daring attire. She is one of the main four characters of the manga series.

Watch her for her wolf-come yellow doggy look in the Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan series.

18. Eruruu From Utawarerumono

Eruruu From Utawarerumono

This character has visible Wolf ears in the human form. Eruruu is a wolverine girl from the anime fantasy named Utawarerumono novel.

Just like the wolves’ traits, she resembles a tender and caring nature. She takes very good care of kind-hearted people. She shows determination and utter diligence in her pursuits.

Her wolf-like ears and tails personify her canine traits. Do read her for her adorableness and cuteness in the fantasy epic of all-time anime fans.

17. Lupusregina Beta

Lupusregina Beta

Werewolf in disguise of a warrior maid! Meet Lupusregina Beta from the “Pleiades Six Stars”. She is one of the leading warriors created by King Mekongawa to serve the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Her black attire, golden eyes, and long red hair, usually clutched in two braids, resemble her maid appearance. She is fierce and intelligent. She wears an amiable mask to hide her cunning and cruel nature. Behind her caring attitude, she is always vigilant of human actions on the Earth.

A combination of alien warrior maid and werewolf, she has everything stored in “Overlord” anime to serve her precious fans.

16. Ai 


We have a wolf-girl who has two different colored eyeballs. The right reflects the golden color, and the left is silver.

Meet AI, dearly named Love Age15, from an anime named Dragon Crisis. She is a thief, a smart one! She doesn’t care about her looks. Her eyes are all set on stealing and self-grooming seems an odd job to her to indulge.

Her brown hair, brown wolf-like ears and tail gives a picture of a complete furry wolf in her human form. Interestingly, her tail and ear elongate when she is excited and up to something.

Watch Dragon Crisis for her cuteness combined with theft to mitigate your mundane routine.

15. Minna-Dietlinde “Fürstin” Wilcke

Minna-Dietlinde “Fürstin” Wilcke

We have a witch on the wolf-girl list!

How obnoxious does it sound to give prime importance to a witch in a human-dominated society? Well, it does happen in the fantasy world.

In the Strike Witches Japanese anime, war happens during the second world war era, where aliens from the sky replace nazis from the Earth.

When humans are shown incapacitated to combat the mysterious aliens, this is when the witches come into the picture and take charge of saving humanity from extinction.

Meet Minna from Strike Witches anime, a female soldier from a wolf family. She is a cute girl with wolf-like ears and a tail. Her transformation happens only during battles, rest she is seen in her human form.

14. Riza Wildman

Riza Wildman

Imagine an offspring of a werewolf and a human. Exceptionally brilliant and humane. Isn’t it?

We have one such cross-breed wolf-girl named Riza Wildman, nicknamed Liza in the list. She appears in the ‘Kaibutsu Oujo Anime series. Her father is a strong werewolf, and her mother is a compassionate human being.

Her ombre eyes, short red hair, sharp nose, and dressing sense speak for her tomboy appearance. Fierceness can be easily spotted in her eyes.

She sets out on a royal expedition to avenge his brother’s loss. She thought Hime, the monster king’s daughter, was responsible for his brother’s death. So she became her servant and wished to kill her. Soon, her doubts were cleared, and the story took a different turn.

Watch her for her special hand-to-elbow wolf-hand transformation, powerful head-on battles, and ferocious nature in the Princess Resurrection series.

13. Blue


Nobody knows your true self better than you do.

Blue is a story of one such wolf-girl who never realized her true self. She always thought of herself as a dog and lived as a Quent Yaiden canine pet.

She even went after the wolves with the Quent. Things changed after she met Chesa. She realized her true self of being a wolf and left Quent in search of her true existence.

She is a beautiful wolf with dark-toned skin, blue eyes, and dark hair. Her loyalty and determination calls for her canine nature. She embarks on a journey alongside her Wolverine friends in a quest to find the heavenly door especially allocated to their kind.

12. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Does the name “Millhiore Firianno Biscotti” sound like an Italian confectionery item? Don’t go by the colloquial sound; her name actually means a thousand flowers.

Meet Princess Biscotti from the Dog Days Anime series. She is a pinky little girl who is adored by the whole nation. Her pink hair, tail, attire, and purplish eyes truly call for her girlish attitude.

Don’t be mistaken for her strength; she excels at the fights and is trusted with the responsibility of guard-saving the “Holy Sword” in the series.

11. Ayame


Picture a lady from the cold- mountain terrain. Animal fur, as her obvious attire and immense strength, her only shield to live in tough terrain, is the prime thought that strikes our mind.

We have one such wolf-girl from “Inuyasha” Anime to represent the alpine world. She is the granddaughter of a Northern Wolf Demon Tribe leader and a fiancee of Koga, the hero of the series.

Like the combatants, Ayame carries a sword and is a skilled warrior. She has powerful strengths to create a whirlwind even from the heap of leaves. She is agile, vigilant and has a powerful sensory smell. Coming from a demon clan, she naturally dislikes humans.

Her saga of heartbreak, adventures, and battle against evil spirits to protect the hidden gem in her body is picturesque and engrossing in the anime world.

10. Arf


A Wolf puppy contracting a deadly disease and is destined to die at a young age is heart-trembling. This is the destiny of none other than Arf, a wolf-girl in the anime world.

Fate also shared similar feelings and saved Arf from her destined death. Fate magically transferred Arf’s soul to a healthy body, giving her a new life. In return, Arf chose to stay loyal and vowed to protect Fate.

Beware, she is not something to be taken for granted, or else you may witness a ferocious red wolf

beneath her humane form.

9. Yuki


A teenager who is still a learner when it comes to managing her wolverine nature. Meet Yuki from the anime world, a charming little adolescent who still finds it hard to deal with her shape-shift. A little mockery or joke is enough to drive her mad and turn herself into a wolf-girl.

During her childhood, she loved being in various wolf forms, but as she grew up, she realized that humans maintain distance from the werewolf. She started having fewer friends, which affected her normal human life.

She is a very special girl with canine skills, yet she is in a learning phase to control her wolf instincts.

8. Mashiro Mito

Mashiro Mito

This wolf-girl desires peace!

Meet Mashiro Mito from Tayutama-Kiss in my Deity anime series.

Like other werewolves, she has furry ears, tails, and large eyes to impart the canine look. She seems in love with Izumi Yuri and even discloses her marital status with him.

She is a cute little wolf-girl with adoring features and sharp instincts when it comes to being a wolf.

7. Luna Tsukuyomi

Luna Tsukuyomi

We have an enchantress on the wolf-girl list who can unveil the magical power of the Moon Tarot Card to defy opponents. She has got healing powers, too!

Meet Luna Tsukuyomi from the Day Break Illusion manga series. She is a cute little girl with a sheepish attitude. She seems to have feelings for Akari, one of the main characters of the series.

Her wolf-like ears appear as she indulges in serious fights, which are the sole physical traits of her being a wolf-girl in the series.

6. Holo


Wheat Goddess dwelling in the form of Wolf is an enchanting story.

Holo is one such Wheat Goddess in the Spice and Wolf anime series. She is responsible for harvesting ample quantities of wheat in the village.

She was the most respected and looked upon deity in the village until the circumstances changed, and soon, she became a fable for the villagers.

Her long wheatish hair, pointed ears, and charming persona reflect her appearance of being a wheat deity. She is a giant wolf with brown-to-white fur on her body and deep red eyes. I must say she tops the enormous criteria when it comes to the wolf size!

5. Nozomu Ezomori

Nozomu Ezomori

We have a cute little high-school girl with big bluish eyes, silver hair and wolf-like ears in the werewolf list. She appears in the Japanese novel based on Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox manga series.

Unlike other wolf-girls, she has the most adorable wolf tail in the entire anime world. She is an introvert with so much to hide in her little heart. She is in love with Kouta and extremely jealous of Chizuru.

Her boy-like attitude makes her more visually attractive. Her aggression solely represents her wolf-like nature, especially when she fights with Chizuru. Watch her for her cuteness and charismatic appeal in the Kanokon anime series.

4. Zakuro Fujiwara

Zakuro Fujiwara

Tokyo Mew Mew is a fantasy manga series that portrays Zakuro Fujiwara as the 5th lead character.

Her story is fascinating. Anonymously, her DNA got mixed with the Gray wolf, and she became a mysterious being. Like her feline friends, she can communicate with her canine creatures.

She is a purplish beauty with a beast tied underneath. Her long purple hair, brown ears, and tail call for distinct appeal. She is a confident, shy girl who can be fierce when provoked.

3. Moro 


Watch out for this Mommy Wolf, who nurtures her puppies and raises a baby human girl.

This wolf family lives in the forest. San is an adopted human girl of Moro. Moro possesses celestial powers and is a wolf deity. Besides being 300 years old, she is also the most senior and eldest wolf-girl on the list.

Talking about her appearance, she is a white wolf. She is very furry and has tiny yellow eyes.

Her adopted daughter, San, also behaves like a wolf. Her wolf-like learned instincts, along with her white attire, red horn-like headpiece, ivory necklace, and earrings, along with the red marks on her face, reflect her immense love and respect for her wolf-mother, Moro.

She is the epitome of a foster mother, a divine wolf-lady who simply excels in her celestial being. It is a must-watch for anime lovers.

2. Yonaga


We have European wolf traits in the wolf-girl anime list. Watch Yonaga from the Luger Code 1951 anime series.

Yonaga has gray European wolf-life ears and a tail. Her brown shoulder-length hair, which is almost untied and turned outward, complements her wolf-girl look. Despite her inability to transform fully into a wolf, she is rated one of the most cute werewolves on the list.

Unlike other werewolves in the anime world, she dislikes humans and other werewolves, too!

1. Inukai


You will be amazed to see Inkaui, who resembles a dog, still appears in the wolf- girl list.

Well, dogs and wolves both belong to the canine family and share more or less similar traits. Here, our wolf- girl even though she looks more like a dog, has Wolverine characteristics.

Her wolf-like appearance is due to her accidental eating of a magical chocolate in the series. After that, she is human during the evening and a werewolf during the morning. Interesting, isn’t it?

Watch Flying Witch to unravel more mysteries about this werewolf, Inukai of the anime world.


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