Can Nezuko Heal Kagaya Ubuyashiki?

Kagaya is one of the leaders of the demon who suffers from a curse of explosive tumor-like growth all over his body. And this illness comes down from a long history of this family.

Therefore, Nezuko Kamado cannot heal Kagaya because her powers are mainly focused on her self-repair and defense attacks, not curing other people’s illnesses.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s Curse: Beyond Nezuko’s Healing Powers?

The esteemed demon slayer, Captain Kagaya Ubuyashiki, is cursed to have tumor-like growth all over his body. This curse, ingrained in the Kagaya’s history, possesses difficulties beyond their reach or even Nezuko’s. Extraordinary demonic healing.

  • The Nature of the Curse: The spiritual and existential blight of Kagaya’s curse has been passed down through generations. And this curse manifests physically and is a sanctuary pegged that is rooted, making it very resistant to physical healing, including Nezuko’s powers.
  • Nezuko’s Healing Limitations: Nezuko’s blood technique allows her to heal wounds and become resistant to poisons. And the mystical nature of Kagaya’s curse is beyond these superhuman capabilities. So, despite Nezuko’s profound power being unique, it is only effective against her curse-induced injuries and not for curses woven into the essence of family history.
  • Kagaya’s Acceptance of Fate: Kagaya underscores Nezuko’s abilities in his case and embraces his destiny with a calm acceptance as his approach to being a leader because he does not seek healing capabilities but recognizes the nature of his unalterable affliction.

The Limits of Nezuko’s Demonic Abilities in Healing

Now, let’s see what are the limitations of Nezuko’s demonic powers:

1. Scope of Healing Powers: 

Nezuko’s healing capabilities are more effective against direct physical damages she attains from other demon attacks. And this limits her healing powers.

Her healing abilities reflect her nature of protecting that towards the protection of her brother and her allies from immediate threats.

2. Ineffectiveness Against Curses: 

Curses are often spiritual problems that require spiritual solutions.

Therefore, curses are highly unlikely to be beyond Nezuko’s healing capabilities because spiritual solutions are meant to be endured for these curses throughout a character’s narrative arc, and this highlights the limitations of Nezuko’s power.

3. Emotional and Psychological Healing: 

Nezuko’s healing capabilities could help her heal the physical wounds as well as emotional and psychological scars, which are normally caused when fighting demons.

However, she cannot heal some part of Demon slayer themes. And this highlights the limitation of Nezuko’s abilities. This challenge is being overcome through personal growth and development and these are areas years ago cannot be reached at the moment.

Therefore, we are safe to depict that Nezuko’s healing capabilities cannot cure Kagaya or Bayashiki because the curse passed down in his family is a spiritual intersection that requires spiritual solutions, and that’s something that surpasses Nezuko’s abilities.


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