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Best Artist Anime Characters That Represents Art on Another Level

Anime can cover wide aspects of life. It is normal to see artists appear in different anime series. These artists come from various professions like painters, sculptors and even performers.

Some anime characters are talented in drawing comics; others can even film a movie. Some characters are the stars of their show, and a few work behind the scenes.

Art has something special and unique which attracts people to it. With every new type of creative media anime comes a new creative artist.

Not every artist or their art gets equivalent respect like the others. Sometimes, the artist even has to face criticism for their art. People even start calling names by outright disrespecting the artist and calling them untalented.

22. Michiru


The alter ego of Sailor Neptune, Michiru Kaioh, is a multi-talented artist in various fields. Art and music are Michiru’s favorite classes, although she has many subjects that she is good at. Just like the way we don’t like all the flowers but like any one. Our inclination drives our interest.

We pay more interest in the things we like, Michiru and Michelle attend the art class along with Chibusa and Rini. They want to live the life of an artist. Let’s see where their interests take them.

21. Ursula


Kiki and Ursula are besties. Ursula lives in the middle of a forest alone in a small log cabin. She has multiple talents ranging from sewing to cooking and even the talent of handling animals.

Artist Ursula decides to mentor Kiki and bring out her artistic talent. She also explains to Kiki that sometimes it is essential to just feel instead of doing all the thinking. I truly resonate with that.

20. Hifumi TAKIMOTO


Artist Hifumi is an artist who can represent art on a whole new level. She has dark purple hair tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon clipped on.

She always works from inside her room, getting very littlelittle exposure to sunlight,, which makes her skin very pale. I love seeing her mesmerizing whenever the screen focuses on her eyes.

Being very shy, she feels awkward when speaking to people. She even avoids making eye contact with the people around her.

She gets to work from an office where the other employees do not wish to disturb her peace. They talk with her via the computer messaging system to make her feel less awkward.

Getting this healthy work environment where the office colleagues are so caring towards her, she becomes more lively. Her personality completely changes from her previous self.

She starts communicating with the employees in an outgoing manner and being cheerful. She starts texting and messaging them using emoticons in her chats with them. I love how people around her help her to open up with them.

19. Yayoi


No viewer will be able to deny that Yayoi is talented as soon as they look at her at the beginning of the song. She can be seen drawing in a sketchbook.

The more shy she is outside, the more expressive she is on her artistic front. Her manga character from “Miracle Peace” has an alter-ego. She represents her dreams through art. She got more creative and made a Bishonen version of the Cure’s enemy, Akaoni.

Even though people won’t expect her to be a talented manga artist, we still can’t hide her shining artistic abilities from shining. The time skip reveals that she will become a successful manga artist.

With its great success, “Miracle Peace” has become a household name in Japan. We can compare her with Lily from the Glitter Force, who creatively produces comics.

18. Hagumi Hanamoto

Hagumi Hanamoto

“Hagumi Hanamoto” is an anime that focuses on different types of artists. These artists include architects and pottery makers who are mysteriously late to their night shifts.

There may be many artists, but the only one to stand out the most is Hanaamoto Hagumi. However, she acted like a child and had trouble making friends before.

But the good thing is, things don’t stay the same for her. People around her start opening up to her as time goes on. It gets annoying for her when she is sent to work and also burdened with giving her presence at the exhibitions so frequently.

Maintaining a work-life balance is not very easy. But in the sea-saws of life, we all need to stay put and just survive.

17. Kotaro Tatsumi

Kotaro Tatsumi

A manager of the Zombie idol group, Kotaro Tatsumi, is a human with an eccentric nature. The zombie idol group is named Franchouchou. Kotaro is talented and skillful at creating music composition, makeup artistry, and choreography.

He even manages to reanimate corpses. He can also do Kabuki acting and yodeling. He just has one weakness, graphic designing.

He is amazingly talented at necromancy, a type of dark art. In total, he can be called the master of talents.

16. Miyabi Omichi

Miyabi Omichi

Omichi is an artist who could make anyone an artist to some extent. She can teach people to paint and turn them into at least an average painter.

She also got nicknamed as “The Professor”. She got this name because of the reason she knows something about everything. She knows 3 D Modeling, Photography and it won’t come as a surprise if we discover her other talents. She has the answers to all your queries.

She truly takes after the title her people gave her, “The Professor”. She only uses her grandfather’s language by adding suffixes- as if she is some sort of samurai. She has the talent of a true artist.

15. Reedus JONAH

Reedus JONAH

Reedus may be brave, but he is still scared of Laxus Dreyar. I even saw Reedus hiding from Laxus like a scared little cat in one episode!

He may be a bit of a scaredy cat, but this doesn’t mean he can’t do other jobs either. He can run errands for you or find help for saving Lucy during her fight with the Phantom lord.

He even found help during the Battle of Fairy Tail. He enjoys drawing happy scenes because happiness inside needs a way of expression.

Redus is a pretty interesting anime artist. He can portray people like “Mirajane and Freed” just to enjoy their looks. Let me tell you one thing: he isn’t some pervert, he just likes to draw pictures of beautiful women.

14. Kanjuro


After eating a Devil Fruit, Kanjuro can draw anything and bring it to life. There is only one drawback: he is rather a mediocre artist. He may show that he is a mediocre artist to others, but in reality, he is an extremely talented.

His work of art is indistinguishable from others. He even makes his paintbrushes for special drawing efficiency.

His drawing pieces are so full of life that they appear artistic and lively. Let me tell you one secret about Kojuro’s talents: his drawings can withstand heavy rain.

13. Uta


Uta is a tall and skinny anime artist with very attractive black hair styled with an undercut. Uta can surprise you with his talents. He has many types of tattoos over her body, which cover her arms. His left pectoral region is covered with the sun tattoo.

When his kakugan gets activated, he calls them his tattoos in response to Haise Sasaki’s inquiry about his body spots. He likes tattoos so much that he even injected ink into his eyes.

His speaking tone is very friendly, just like his nature. His expressions keep on changing style while teasing people. He is good at it.

12. Shinobu MORITA

Shinobu MORITA

An eight-year-old artist, Shinobu Morita, belonged to the Sculptor department before he enrolled in the painting department.

His voice is like honey, the same as the Clover anime, which is from the English language adaptation. Yuji Ueda’s voice is loved by many! He is a mysterious person, and you can see him doing a lot of fishy things. However, these things make this character and anime pretty interesting.

11. Umetaro Nozaki

Umetaro Nozaki

Umetaro Nozaki, a high school student, is good at writing and has good artistry skills with popular manga series. He even won some awards for making popular manga. His love for manga is so deep that he even takes Sakura’s love confession for her autograph request.

It is a joke running about the artists that they are not good at one aspect of the series. But when Nozoki is in the picture, he is not too good with the background.

This causes him to get Hori to create amazing drawings for him in exchange for giving them written scripts. He also doesn’t enjoy drawing shoes.

10. Reiji Fujita

Reiji Fujita

Fujita seems to hold multiple facets of art in him. Unlike other entries, his entry was the most amazing one.

He is the owner of a painting gallery. He’s got extreme knowledge about paintings and the painters who painted them. He has very keen eyes; nothing stays hidden from them, and he can easily determine if the painting is real or fake.

We can call Reiji Fujita a knower of art with the hands of a pure artist.

9. Hiderigami


Hiderigami is a cyclops ape-like Yokai. He can produce enough heat to create a drought-like situation. He has a scary appearance in many of his incarnations. He is a friendly ghost who enjoys drawing manga.

But because of being a Yokai, his looks are kinda scary for other people. His looks come in his way of being a publisher. Due to this reason he faces rejection after rejection until he meets an editor named Sumitomi.

8. Nobuhiro MASHIRO

Nobuhiro MASHIRO

“Nobuhiro Mashiro” is a scruffy-looking artist. He has long hair, which is tied into a ponytail. His eyes are covered with round glasses, and he carries a cigarette with him. He looks as if he doesn’t care about his appearance. We can see him going to his studio in a T-shirt.

Nobuhiro has a very laid-back personality. His nature is also very friendly. He is extremely hard-working. His hard-working style got him overworked and killed as a mangaka. He was a very young and popular kid from his class. You find him always joking around.

7. Toshino Kyoko

Toshino Kyoko

Toshino Kyoko is a little tomato who is full of positive feelings. He is full of energy. He carries a microphone with him. You can throw in some talent in him, and there you have our talented artist, Toshino Kyoko.

Before you ask, let us tell you she also likes to draw manga. She is just like many of us in real life. It’s just that she lives the anime life.

She gives off the impression that she is not that boring or intelligent. But if you see her one-night cramming skills, you will surely be amazed.

6. Sai


When Sai was first introduced to the anime world, he was a highly distinguishable artist and a spy. You can see him having no facial expressions, and he went around faking expressions.

He wasn’t like this from his childhood but was trained to be so. He was conditioned to be a spy.

The intensive training suppressed his emotions. He became so obedient to his higher-up that he thoughtlessly gave away his loyalty to whoever was in command.

In doing so, he even got used to carrying out unethical, dangerous, and unpleasant missions under his superior’s orders.

Due to his lack of social exposure and no personal initiative taken to make friends, Sai had completely forgotten to feel anything until Naruto came in.

5. Yumi


A magical girl who got rewarded by the Flower World, Yumi got awarded for saving a flower with a wang she had. Everything she draws comes back to life.

Although her drawings are somewhat childish, she does have the talent to draw nice things! She is easily able to impress other local children by accepting their drawing requests.

She is also very talented at designing costumes. She may forget to add the details to her drawings, but fortunately, her magical wand turns them realistic when it brings them to life.

4. Seishuu Handa

Seishuu Handa

Seishuu Handa is an amazing Calligraphy artist. You can see him through the show and judge him for his progress. His creative expressions leave no doubt in our heads; all his expressions are up to the mark.

His most amazing works got the title “Stars”. His beautiful calligraphy is general, and his works are beautiful art pieces.

Seeing Kanji will tear you up, but just wait until you see Seishuu Honda.

3. Tracey


We all know who Brock is – he is a close-packed friend with Ash Ketchum. Since Broke had other responsibilities to attend to, Kenji took his place. Tracey and Kenji are both buddies.

Tracey’s specialty is Pokemon sketching and watching. It’s funny to know that one has a talent for drawing anything.

Tracey, too, can draw Pokemon and human subjects, but mostly he draws women. To learn more about the Pokemon, Tracey even offers to become Professor Oak’s assistant.

2. Rill Boismortier

Rill Boismortier

The anime artist Rill has spiky hair with aqua colors. His hair may look messy on the top of his head. His dark blue vest is closely fitted with a bronze belt. His dark blue pants go halfway down his shins, offering Rill a great rugged look.

He wears a long white coat with two large pairs of turquoise diamonds, along with Bronze pants. His looks portray the artist in him.

1. Moritaka Mashiro

Moritaka Mashiro

Mashiro is a great artist with commendable talents. Even before he decided to become a mangaka, he was still extremely talented. His standards are extremely high whenever he draws; he never refuses his urge to stop redoing them until he feels satisfied.

His high competitive spirit got him a great rival like Niizuma. He also has one friendly rival, Fukuda, and other rivals include Aoki and Hiramaru. Mashiro and Takagi have deep spiritual respect for each other.


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